place; location; spot; point; office; department; bureau; respect; classifier for locations or items of damage: spot, point

to reside; to live; to dwell; to be in; to be situated at; to stay; to get along with; to be in a position of; to deal with; to discipline; to punish

strokes 11
strokes after radical 5
暗处 暗處 an4 chu4
secret place

办事处 辦事處 ban4 shi4 chu4
office; agency

本处 本處 ben3 chu4
here; this place

避风处 避風處 bi4 feng1 chu4
lee; windstop

蔽身处 蔽身處 bi4 shen1 chu4

别处 別處 bie2 chu4

并处 並處 bing4 chu3
to impose an additional penalty

补票处 補票處 bu3 piao4 chu4
additional ticket desk; stand-by counter

裁处 裁處 cai2 chu3
to handle

藏身处 藏身處 cang2 shen1 chu4
hiding place; hideout; shelter

藏身之处 藏身之處 cang2 shen1 zhi1 chu4
hiding place; hideout

查处 查處 cha2 chu3
to investigate and handle (a criminal case)

长处 長處 chang2 chu4
good aspects; strong points

惩处 懲處 cheng2 chu3
to punish; to administer justice

出处 出處 chu1 chu4
source (esp. of quotation or literary allusion); origin; where sth comes from

处变不惊 處變不驚 chu3 bian4 bu4 jing1
to remain calm in the face of events (idiom)

处罚 處罰 chu3 fa2
to penalize; to punish

处方 處方 chu3 fang1
medical prescription; recipe; formula

处分 處分 chu3 fen4
to discipline sb; to punish; disciplinary action; to deal with (a matter)

处境 處境 chu3 jing4
situation (of a person)

处决 處決 chu3 jue2
to execute (a condemned criminal)

处理 處理 chu3 li3
to handle; to treat; to deal with; to process; to deal with a criminal case; to mete out punishment; to offer for sale at a reduced price; to punish

处理能力 處理能力 chu3 li3 neng2 li4
processing capability; throughput

处理器 處理器 chu3 li3 qi4

处理者 處理者 chu3 li3 zhe3
handler (computing)

处男 處男 chu3 nan2
virgin (male)

处女 處女 chu3 nv3
virgin; maiden; inaugural

处女航 處女航 chu3 nv3 hang2
maiden voyage

处女膜 處女膜 chu3 nv3 mo2

处女作 處女作 chu3 nv3 zuo4
first publication; maiden work

处女座 處女座 chu3 nv3 zuo4
Virgo (constellation and sign of the zodiac); popular variant of 室女座

处世 處世 chu3 shi4
to conduct oneself in society

处事 處事 chu3 shi4
to handle affairs; to deal with

处世原则 處世原則 chu3 shi4 yuan2 ze2
a maxim; one's principles

处事原则 處事原則 chu3 shi4 yuan2 ze2
a maxim; one's principles

处世之道 處世之道 chu3 shi4 zhi1 dao4
way of life; attitude; modus operandi

处暑 處暑 chu3 shu3
Chushu or End of Heat, 14th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 23rd August-7th September

处死 處死 chu3 si3
an execution; to put sb to death

处心积虑 處心積慮 chu3 xin1 ji1 lv4
to plot actively (idiom); scheming; calculating

处刑 處刑 chu3 xing2
to sentence; to condemn

处于 處於 chu3 yu2
to be in (some state, position, or condition)

处在 處在 chu3 zai4
to be situated at; to find oneself at

处之泰然 處之泰然 chu3 zhi1 tai4 ran2
see 泰然處之|泰然处之

处置 處置 chu3 zhi4
to handle; to take care of; to punish

处治 處治 chu3 zhi4
to punish; to handle; to deal with (literary)

处子 處子 chu3 zi3
(literary) virgin; maiden

处子秀 處子秀 chu3 zi3 xiu4
first show; maiden appearance

处处 處處 chu4 chu4
everywhere; in all respects

触处 觸處 chu4 chu4

处格 處格 chu4 ge2
locative case

处级 處級 chu4 ji2
(administrative) department-level

处所 處所 chu4 suo3

处堂燕雀 處堂燕雀 chu4 tang2 yan4 que4
lit. a caged bird in a pavilion (idiom); fig. to lose vigilance by comfortable living; unaware of the disasters ahead; a fool's paradise

处长 處長 chu4 zhang3
department head; section chief

串处理 串處理 chuan4 chu3 li3
string processing (computing)

此处 此處 ci3 chu4
this place; here (literary)

从严惩处 從嚴懲處 cong2 yan2 cheng2 chu3
to deal with sb severely (idiom)

存车处 存車處 cun2 che1 chu4
parking lot (for bicycles)

错处 錯處 cuo4 chu5

大处着眼,小处着手 大處著眼,小處著手 da4 chu4 zhuo2 yan3 - xiao3 chu4 zhuo2 shou3
think of the big picture, start with the little things (idiom)

代表处 代表處 dai4 biao3 chu4
representative office

到处 到處 dao4 chu4

到处可见 到處可見 dao4 chu4 ke3 jian4
ubiquitous; commonplace; found everywhere

得饶人处且饶人 得饒人處且饒人 de2 rao2 ren2 chu4 qie3 rao2 ren2
where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them (idiom); anyone can make mistakes, forgive them when possible

地处 地處 di4 chu3
to be located at; to be situated in

独处 獨處 du2 chu3
to live alone; to spend time alone (or with a significant other)

短处 短處 duan3 chu4
shortcoming; defect; fault; one's weak points

非处方药 非處方藥 fei1 chu3 fang1 yao4
over-the-counter drug

分析处理 分析處理 fen1 xi1 chu3 li3
to parse; analysis processing; to analyze and treat

高处 高處 gao1 chu4
high place; elevation

高处不胜寒 高處不勝寒 gao1 chu4 bu4 sheng4 han2
it's lonely at the top (idiom)

各处 各處 ge4 chu4
every place

公证处 公證處 gong1 zheng4 chu4
notary office

共处 共處 gong4 chu3
to coexist; to get along (with others)

拐弯处 拐彎處 guai3 wan1 chu4
corner; bend

海事处 海事處 hai3 shi4 chu4
Marine Department (Hong Kong)

害处 害處 hai4 chu5
damage; harm

好处 好處 hao3 chu5
benefit; advantage; gain; profit; also pr.

何处 何處 he2 chu4
whence; where

和睦相处 和睦相處 he2 mu4 xiang1 chu3
to live in harmony; to get along with each other

和平共处 和平共處 he2 ping2 gong4 chu3
peaceful coexistence of nations, societies etc

和平共处五项原则 和平共處五項原則 he2 ping2 gong4 chu3 wu3 xiang4 yuan2 ze2
Zhou Enlai's Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence; 1954 Panchsheel series of agreements between PRC and India

核燃料后处理 核燃料後處理 he2 ran2 liao4 hou4 chu3 li3
nuclear fuel reprocessing

坏处 壞處 huai4 chu5
harm; troubles

患处 患處 huan4 chu4
afflicted part

会合处 會合處 hui4 he2 chu4

及时处理 及時處理 ji2 shi2 chu3 li3
timely handling; a stitch in time

及时处理,事半功倍 及時處理,事半功倍 ji2 shi2 chu3 li3 - shi4 ban4 gong1 bei4
timely handling doubles the effect and halves the effort; the right approach saves effort and leads to better results; a stitch in time saves nine

寄存处 寄存處 ji4 cun2 chu4
warehouse; temporary store; left-luggage office; cloak-room

交汇处 交匯處 jiao1 hui4 chu4
confluence (of two rivers); junction (of roads); (transport) interchange

街道办事处 街道辦事處 jie1 dao4 ban4 shi4 chu4
sub-district office; neighborhood official; an official who works with local residents to report to higher government authorities

近处 近處 jin4 chu4

居处 居處 ju1 chu4
dwelling place; home

绝处逢生 絕處逢生 jue2 chu3 feng2 sheng1
to come back from death's door (idiom); unexpected rescue from danger; fig. to recover from a seemingly impossible situation; to find a way out of a predicament

军机处 軍機處 jun1 ji1 chu4
Office of Military and Political Affairs (Qing Dynasty)

军情六处 軍情六處 jun1 qing2 liu4 chu4
MI6 (British military intelligence agency)

军情五处 軍情五處 jun1 qing2 wu3 chu4
MI5 (British military counterintelligence office)

可取之处 可取之處 ke3 qu3 zhi1 chu4
positive point; merit; redeeming quality

苦处 苦處 ku3 chu5
suffering; distress

老处女 老處女 lao3 chu3 nv3
unmarried old woman; spinster

立身处世 立身處世 li4 shen1 chu3 shi4
the way of one's conduct and interaction in society (idiom)

联合国秘书处 聯合國秘書處 lian2 he2 guo2 mi4 shu1 chu4
United Nations Secretariat

联合国难民事务高级专员办事处 聯合國難民事務高級專員辦事處 lian2 he2 guo2 nan2 min2 shi4 wu4 gao1 ji2 zhuan1 yuan2 ban4 shi4 chu4
Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

联机分析处理 聯機分析處理 lian2 ji1 fen1 xi1 chu3 li3
online analysis processing OLAP

灵魂深处 靈魂深處 ling2 hun2 shen1 chu4
in the depth of one's soul

满处 滿處 man3 chu4
everywhere; all over the place

每处 每處 mei3 chu4
everywhere; anywhere

妙处 妙處 miao4 chu4
ideal place; suitable location; merit; advantage

明处 明處 ming2 chu4
clear place; out in the open

某处 某處 mou3 chu4

难处 難處 nan2 chu5
trouble; difficulty; problem

内心深处 內心深處 nei4 xin1 shen1 chu4
deep in one's heart

判处 判處 pan4 chu3
to sentence; to condemn

批处理 批處理 pi1 chu3 li3
batch file

破处 破處 po4 chu3
to break the hymen; to lose virginity

憩息处 憩息處 qi4 xi1 chu4
rest area

恰到好处 恰到好處 qia4 dao4 hao3 chu4
it's just perfect; it's just right

情报处 情報處 qing2 bao4 chu4
intelligence office; intelligence section

区处 區處 qu1 chu3
to handle; to treat

去处 去處 qu4 chu4
place; destination

热处理 熱處理 re4 chu3 li3
hot treatment (e.g. of metal)

人生何处不相逢 人生何處不相逢 ren2 sheng1 he2 chu4 bu4 xiang1 feng2
it's a small world (idiom)

人事处 人事處 ren2 shi4 chu4
human resources department

人往高处爬,水往低处流 人往高處爬,水往低處流 ren2 wang3 gao1 chu4 pa2 - shui3 wang3 di1 chu4 liu2
see 人往高處走,水往低處流|人往高处走,水往低处流

人往高处走,水往低处流 人往高處走,水往低處流 ren2 wang3 gao1 chu4 zou3 - shui3 wang3 di1 chu4 liu2
man seeks his way up just as water seeks its way down (idiom); one should constantly strive to make progress

设身处地 設身處地 she4 shen1 chu3 di4
to put oneself in sb else's shoes

身处 身處 shen1 chu3
in (some place); to be in (adversity, a difficult situation, danger, turmoil etc); to find oneself in; placed in; surrounded by

深处 深處 shen1 chu4
abyss; depths; deepest or most distant part

审处 審處 shen3 chu3
to deliberate and decide; to try and punish; trial and execution

售票处 售票處 shou4 piao4 chu4
ticket office

书记处 書記處 shu1 ji5 chu4

数据处理 數據處理 shu4 ju4 chu3 li3
data processing

水处理 水處理 shui3 chu3 li3
water treatment

税捐稽征处 稅捐稽征處 shui4 juan1 ji1 zheng1 chu4
Taipei Revenue Service (tax office)

私处 私處 si1 chu4
private parts; genitalia

四处 四處 si4 chu4
all over the place; everywhere and all directions

宿处 宿處 su4 chu4
lodging house

随处 隨處 sui2 chu4
everywhere; anywhere

所到之处 所到之處 suo3 dao4 zhi1 chu4
wherever one goes

踏破铁鞋无觅处,得来全不费工夫 踏破鐵鞋無覓處,得來全不費工夫 ta4 po4 tie3 xie2 wu2 mi4 chu4 - de2 lai2 quan2 bu4 fei4 gong1 fu5
to travel far and wide looking for sth, only to find it easily

泰然处之 泰然處之 tai4 ran2 chu3 zhi1
to handle the situation calmly (idiom); unruffled; to treat the situation lightly

天涯何处无芳草 天涯何處無芳草 tian1 ya2 he2 chu4 wu2 fang1 cao3
there are plenty more fish in the sea (idiom)

通讯处 通訊處 tong1 xun4 chu4
contact address

痛处 痛處 tong4 chu4
sore spot; place that hurts

图像处理 圖像處理 tu2 xiang4 chu3 li3
image processing

外事处 外事處 wai4 shi4 chu4
Foreign Affairs Office (at a university); Foreign Affairs Department

微处理机 微處理機 wei1 chu3 li3 ji1

微处理器 微處理器 wei1 chu3 li3 qi4

未处理 未處理 wei4 chu3 li3
as yet unprocessed

文书处理 文書處理 wen2 shu1 chu3 li3
dealing with red tape; paperwork; (Tw) word processing

文字处理 文字處理 wen2 zi4 chu3 li3
word processing

污水处理厂 污水處理廠 wu1 shui3 chu3 li3 chang3
water treatment plant

无处 無處 wu2 chu4

无处不在 無處不在 wu2 chu4 bu4 zai4
to be everywhere

无处可寻 無處可尋 wu2 chu4 ke3 xun2
cannot be found anywhere (idiom)

无处容身 無處容身 wu2 chu4 rong2 shen1
nowhere to hide

无论何处 無論何處 wu2 lun4 he2 chu4
anywhere; wherever

无一事而不学,无一时而不学,无一处而不得 無一事而不學,無一時而不學,無一處而不得 wu2 yi1 shi4 er2 bu4 xue2 - wu2 yi1 shi2 er2 bu4 xue2 - wu2 yi1 chu4 er2 bu4 de2
Study everything, at all times, everywhere. (Zhu Xi 朱熹)

献处 獻處 xian4 chu3
to give one's virginity to

相处 相處 xiang1 chu3
to be in contact (with sb); to associate; to interact; to get along (well, poorly)

向何处 向何處 xiang4 he2 chu4

新闻处 新聞處 xin1 wen2 chu4
news service; information agency

信号处理 信號處理 xin4 hao4 chu3 li3
signal processing

训导处 訓導處 xun4 dao3 chu4
dean of students office (Tw)

眼观四处,耳听八方 眼觀四處,耳聽八方 yan3 guan1 si4 chu4 - er3 ting1 ba1 fang1
see 眼觀四面,耳聽八方|眼观四面,耳听八方

燕雀处堂 燕雀處堂 yan4 que4 chu4 tang2
lit. a caged bird in a pavilion (idiom); fig. to lose vigilance by comfortable living; unaware of the disasters ahead; a fool's paradise

养尊处优 養尊處優 yang3 zun1 chu3 you1
to live like a prince (idiom)

一无是处 一無是處 yi1 wu2 shi4 chu4
not one good point; everything about it is wrong

益处 益處 yi4 chu5

阴凉处 陰涼處 yin1 liang2 chu4
shady place

隐藏处 隱藏處 yin3 cang2 chu4
shelter; hiding place

影像处理 影像處理 ying3 xiang4 chu3 li3
image processing

用处 用處 yong4 chu5

有益处 有益處 you3 yi4 chu5

原处 原處 yuan2 chu4
original spot; previous place; where it was before

远处 遠處 yuan3 chu4
distant place

杂处 雜處 za2 chu3
(of disparate elements) to mix in with one another; (of diverse groups of people) to live in the same area; to coexist

再处理 再處理 zai4 chu3 li3

在高处 在高處 zai4 gao1 chu4

在深处 在深處 zai4 shen1 chu4

政府新闻处 政府新聞處 zheng4 fu3 xin1 wen2 chu4
information services department

政教处 政教處 zheng4 jiao4 chu3
political education office (within a school) (PRC)

正确处理 正確處理 zheng4 que4 chu3 li3
to handle correctly

正确处理人民内部矛盾 正確處理人民內部矛盾 zheng4 que4 chu3 li3 ren2 min2 nei4 bu4 mao2 dun4
On the correct handling of internal contradictions among the people, Mao Zedong's tract of 1957

政训处 政訓處 zheng4 xun4 chu4
political training office (during Chinese revolution, since renamed political division 政治部)

中央处理机 中央處理機 zhong1 yang1 chu3 li3 ji1
central processing unit (CPU)

周处 周處 zhou1 chu3
Zhou Chu (236-297), Jin dynasty general

住处 住處 zhu4 chu4
residence; dwelling; dwelling place

贮水处 貯水處 zhu4 shui3 chu4

酌处 酌處 zhuo2 chu3
to use one's own discretion

酌处权 酌處權 zhuo2 chu3 quan2
discretion; discretionary power

着处 著處 zhuo2 chu4

酌情处理 酌情處理 zhuo2 qing2 chu3 li3
see 酌情辦理|酌情办理

自然语言处理 自然語言處理 zi4 ran2 yu3 yan2 chu3 li3
natural language processing, NLP

总管理处 總管理處 zong3 guan3 li3 chu4
headquarters; main administrative office