variant of 銜|衔

variant of 銜|衔

bit (of a bridle); to hold in the mouth; to harbor (feelings); to link; to accept; rank; title

strokes 11
strokes after radical 5
官衔 官銜 guan1 xian2
title; official rank

结草衔环 結草銜環 jie2 cao3 xian2 huan2
to repay sb's kind acts (idiom)

警衔 警銜 jing3 xian2
police rank

军衔 軍銜 jun1 xian2
army rank; military rank

领衔 領銜 ling3 xian2
leading (role); heading list of signatories; leading actors (in a show); starring

领衔主演 領銜主演 ling3 xian2 zhu3 yan3
leading actors (in a show); starring

马衔 馬銜 ma3 xian2
bit; mouthpiece

名衔 名銜 ming2 xian2
rank; title

钳马衔枚 鉗馬銜枚 qian2 ma3 xian2 mei2
with horses and soldiers gagged (idiom); (of a marching army) in utter silence

授衔 授銜 shou4 xian2
rank of professor; academic title

头衔 頭銜 tou2 xian2
title; rank; appellation

衔接 銜接 xian2 jie1
to join together; to combine

学衔 學銜 xue2 xian2
academic title; rank

燕子衔泥垒大窝 燕子銜泥壘大窩 yan4 zi5 xian2 ni2 lei3 da4 wo1
the swallow's nest is built one beakful of mud at a time (idiom); many a little makes a mickle

职衔 職銜 zhi2 xian2
title (position within an organization)