thoroughfare; to go straight ahead; to rush; to clash

powerful; vigorous; pungent; towards; in view of

strokes 15
strokes after radical 9
边境冲突 邊境衝突 bian1 jing4 chong1 tu1
border clash

冲出 衝出 chong1 chu1
to rush out

冲刺 衝刺 chong1 ci4
to sprint; to spurt; to dash; big effort

冲打 衝打 chong1 da3
(of waves, rain etc) to dash against; to batter

冲动 衝動 chong1 dong4
to have an urge; to be impetuous; impulse; urge

冲断层 衝斷層 chong1 duan4 ceng2
thrust fault (geology); compression fault

冲锋 衝鋒 chong1 feng1
to charge; to assault; assault

冲锋枪 衝鋒槍 chong1 feng1 qiang1
submachine gun

冲锋陷阵 衝鋒陷陣 chong1 feng1 xian4 zhen4
to charge and break through enemy lines

冲昏头脑 衝昏頭腦 chong1 hun1 tou2 nao3
lit. to be muddled in the brain (idiom); fig. excited and unable to act rationally; to go to one's head

冲击 衝擊 chong1 ji1
to attack; to batter; (of waves) to pound against; shock; impact

冲击波 衝擊波 chong1 ji1 bo1
shock wave; blast wave

冲击力 衝擊力 chong1 ji1 li4
force of impact or thrust

冲击钻 衝擊鑽 chong1 ji1 zuan4
impact drill; hammer drill

冲进 衝進 chong1 jin4
to rush in; to charge in

冲决 衝決 chong1 jue2
to burst (e.g. a dam)

冲口而出 衝口而出 chong1 kou3 er2 chu1
to blurt out without thinking (idiom)

冲垮 衝垮 chong1 kua3
to burst; to break through; to topple

冲浪 衝浪 chong1 lang4
to surf; surfing

冲浪板 衝浪板 chong1 lang4 ban3
surfboard; paddleboard

冲浪者 衝浪者 chong1 lang4 zhe3

冲力 衝力 chong1 li4

冲破 衝破 chong1 po4
breakthrough; to overcome an obstacle quickly

冲入 衝入 chong1 ru4
to rush into; to break into

冲杀 衝殺 chong1 sha1
to charge

冲突 衝突 chong1 tu1
conflict; to conflict; clash of opposing forces; collision (of interests); contention

冲向 衝嚮 chong1 xiang4
to charge into

冲撞 衝撞 chong1 zhuang4
to collide; jerking motion; to impinge; to offend; to provoke

冲劲 衝勁 chong4 jin4
dynamism; drive

打冲锋 打衝鋒 da3 chong1 feng1
to lead the charge

地区冲突 地區衝突 di4 qu1 chong1 tu1
local or regional confrontation

电磁脉冲 電磁脈衝 dian4 ci2 mai4 chong1
electromagnetic pulse (EMP)

对冲 對衝 dui4 chong1
hedging (finance)

对冲基金 對衝基金 dui4 chong1 ji1 jin1
hedge fund

反冲 反衝 fan3 chong1
recoil (of a gun); to bounce back; backlash

反冲力 反衝力 fan3 chong1 li4
backlash; recoil; reactive force

俯冲 俯衝 fu3 chong1
to dive down fast; to swoop down

敢打敢冲 敢打敢衝 gan3 da3 gan3 chong1
courageous and daring

高速缓冲存储器 高速緩衝存儲器 gao1 su4 huan3 chong1 cun2 chu3 qi4
cache (computing)

光冲量 光衝量 guang1 chong1 liang4
radiant exposure

核电磁脉冲 核電磁脈衝 he2 dian4 ci2 mai4 chong1
nuclear electro-magnetic pulse

横冲直撞 橫衝直撞 heng2 chong1 zhi2 zhuang4
lit. bashing sideways and colliding straight on (idiom); to push through shoving and bumping; to barge; to charge around violently

缓冲 緩衝 huan3 chong1
buffer; to cushion; to adjust to sharp changes

缓冲器 緩衝器 huan3 chong1 qi4
buffer (computer science)

精虫冲脑 精蟲衝腦 jing1 chong2 chong1 nao3
lit. the spermatozoons have gone to his head; fig. overwhelmed by lust

空气缓冲间 空氣緩衝間 kong1 qi4 huan3 chong1 jian1
air lock

利害冲突 利害衝突 li4 hai4 chong1 tu1
conflict of interest

脉冲 脈衝 mai4 chong1
pulse (physics)

脉冲星 脈衝星 mai4 chong1 xing1
pulsar (astronomy)

艨冲 艨衝 meng2 chong1
ancient leatherclad warship; same as 艨艟

猛冲 猛衝 meng3 chong1
to charge forward

怒发冲冠 怒髮衝冠 nu4 fa4 chong1 guan1
lit. hair stands up in anger and tips off one's hat (idiom); fig. seething in anger; raise one's hackles

气冲牛斗 氣衝牛斗 qi4 chong1 niu2 dou3
extremely angry; infuriated

气冲霄汉 氣衝霄漢 qi4 chong1 xiao1 han4
(idiom) dauntless; courageous; spirited

热脉冲 熱脈衝 re4 mai4 chong1
thermal pulse

首当其冲 首當其衝 shou3 dang1 qi2 chong1
to bear the brunt

文化冲击 文化衝擊 wen2 hua4 chong1 ji1
culture shock

乌兹冲锋枪 烏茲衝鋒槍 wu1 zi1 chong1 feng1 qiang1
Uzi (submachine gun)

武装冲突 武裝衝突 wu3 zhuang1 chong1 tu1
armed conflict

喜冲冲 喜衝衝 xi3 chong1 chong1
to beam with joy; in a happy mood

小冲突 小衝突 xiao3 chong1 tu1
skirmish; clash; dispute; brush

性冲动 性衝動 xing4 chong1 dong4
sex drive

要冲 要衝 yao4 chong1
road hub; major crossroad

折冲樽俎 折衝樽俎 zhe2 chong1 zun1 zu3
lit. to stop the enemy at the banquet table; fig. to get the better of an enemy during diplomatic functions

肢体冲突 肢體衝突 zhi1 ti3 chong1 tu1
physical encounter; fight