to divide; to break up; to split; to separate; to dissolve; to solve; to melt; to remove; to untie; to loosen; to open; to emancipate; to explain; to understand; to know; a solution; a dissection

to transport under guard

surname Xie

acrobatic display (esp. on horseback) (old); variant of 懈 and 邂 (old)

strokes 13
strokes after radical 6
巴解 巴解 ba1 jie3
Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO); abbr. for 巴勒斯坦解放組織|巴勒斯坦解放组织

巴解组织 巴解組織 ba1 jie3 zu3 zhi1
Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO); abbr. for 巴勒斯坦解放組織|巴勒斯坦解放组织

巴勒斯坦解放组织 巴勒斯坦解放組織 ba1 le4 si1 tan3 jie3 fang4 zu3 zhi1
Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

百思不得其解 百思不得其解 bai3 si1 bu4 de2 qi2 jie3
see 百思不解

百思不解 百思不解 bai3 si1 bu4 jie3
to remain puzzled after pondering over sth a hundred times (idiom); to remain perplexed despite much thought

百思莫解 百思莫解 bai3 si1 mo4 jie3
see 百思不解

保险解开系统 保險解開系統 bao3 xian3 jie3 kai1 xi4 tong3
arming system

杯酒解怨 杯酒解怨 bei1 jiu3 jie3 yuan4
a wine cup dissolves complaints (idiom); a few drinks can ease social interaction

辩解 辯解 bian4 jie3
to explain; to justify; to defend (a point of view etc); to provide an explanation; to try to defend oneself

冰消瓦解 冰消瓦解 bing1 xiao1 wa3 jie3
to melt like ice and break like tiles; to disintegrate; to dissolve

不解 不解 bu4 jie3
to not understand; to be puzzled by; indissoluble

不解风情 不解風情 bu4 jie3 feng1 qing2
unromantic; insensitive

不可解 不可解 bu4 ke3 jie3
insoluble (i.e. impossible to solve)

不求甚解 不求甚解 bu4 qiu2 shen4 jie3
lit. not requiring a detailed understanding (idiom); only looking for an overview; not bothered with the details; superficial; content with shallow understanding

拆解 拆解 chai1 jie3
to disassemble

潮解 潮解 chao2 jie3
to deliquesce; deliquescence (chemistry)

潮解性 潮解性 chao2 jie3 xing4

词汇分解 詞彙分解 ci2 hui4 fen1 jie3
lexical decomposition

错解 錯解 cuo4 jie3
misinterpretation; mistaken explanation

大惑不解 大惑不解 da4 huo4 bu4 jie3
to be at a loss (idiom)

大解 大解 da4 jie3
to defecate; to empty one's bowels

待解 待解 dai4 jie3
unresolved; awaiting solution

递解 遞解 di4 jie4
to escort a criminal under guard (in former times)

地址解析协议 地址解析協議 di4 zhi3 jie3 xi1 xie2 yi4
address resolution protocol; ARP

电解 電解 dian4 jie3

电解质 電解質 dian4 jie3 zhi4

电缆调制解调器 電纜調制解調器 dian4 lan3 tiao2 zhi4 jie3 tiao2 qi4
cable modem

东突厥斯坦解放组织 東突厥斯坦解放組織 dong1 tu1 jue2 si1 tan3 jie3 fang4 zu3 zhi1
East Turkestan Liberation Organization (ETLO), Xinjiang dissident group

方解石 方解石 fang1 jie3 shi2
calcite (CaCO3 as rock-forming mineral)

费解 費解 fei4 jie3
to be puzzled; hard to understand; unintelligible; incomprehensible

分解 分解 fen1 jie3
to resolve; to decompose; to break down

分解代谢 分解代謝 fen1 jie3 dai4 xie4
catabolism (biology); metabolic breaking down and waste disposal; dissimilation

分解作用 分解作用 fen1 jie3 zuo4 yong4

辐射分解 輻射分解 fu2 she4 fen1 jie3

复分解反应 復分解反應 fu4 fen1 jie3 fan3 ying4
metathesis (chemistry)

告解 告解 gao4 jie3
(Christianity) to confess; confession; penance

格雷氏解剖学 格雷氏解剖學 ge2 lei2 shi4 jie3 pou1 xue2
Gray's Anatomy (medical reference book)

和解 和解 he2 jie3
to settle (a dispute out of court); to reconcile; settlement; conciliation; to become reconciled

和解费 和解費 he2 jie3 fei4
money settlement (fine or payment to end a legal dispute)

和平解决 和平解決 he2 ping2 jie3 jue2
peace settlement; peaceful solution

化解 化解 hua4 jie3
to dissolve; to resolve (contradictions); to dispel (doubts); to iron out (difficulties); to defuse (conflicts); to neutralize (fears)

缓解 緩解 huan3 jie3
to bring relief; to alleviate (a crisis); to dull (a pain)

婚姻调解 婚姻調解 hun1 yin1 tiao2 jie3
marriage counseling

浑身解数 渾身解數 hun2 shen1 xie4 shu4
to give it your all; to go at it with all you've got; to throw your whole weight behind it; also pr.

加深理解 加深理解 jia1 shen1 li3 jie3
to get a better grasp of sth

见解 見解 jian4 jie3
opinion; view; understanding

讲解 講解 jiang3 jie3
to explain

讲解员 講解員 jiang3 jie3 yuan2

降解 降解 jiang4 jie3
(chemistry) degradation; to degrade

酵解作用 酵解作用 jiao4 jie3 zuo4 yong4

解百纳 解百納 jie3 bai3 na4
Cabernet (grape type)

解绑 解綁 jie3 bang3
to unbind (e.g. a phone number from an account)

解包 解包 jie3 bao1
to unpack (computing)

解馋 解饞 jie3 chan2
to eat to one's heart's content

解嘲 解嘲 jie3 chao2
to try to cover up in an embarrassing situation; to justify oneself; to find excuses

解酲 解酲 jie3 cheng2
to sober up; to sleep off the effect of drink

解愁 解愁 jie3 chou2
to relieve melancholy

解除 解除 jie3 chu2
to remove; to sack; to get rid of; to relieve (sb of their duties); to free; to lift (an embargo); to rescind (an agreement)

解答 解答 jie3 da2
answer; explanation; solution (to a math equation)

解大手 解大手 jie3 da4 shou3
(coll.) to defecate

解冻 解凍 jie3 dong4
to melt; to thaw; to defrost; fig. to relax (repression, enmity etc)

解读 解讀 jie3 du2
to decipher; to decode; to interpret

解毒 解毒 jie3 du2
to detoxify; to relieve fever (in Chinese medicine)

解毒剂 解毒劑 jie3 du2 ji4
an antidote

解毒药 解毒藥 jie3 du2 yao4
an antidote

解厄 解厄 jie3 e4
(literary) to save from a calamity

解饿 解餓 jie3 e4
to relieve hunger

解乏 解乏 jie3 fa2
to relieve tiredness; to freshen up

解法 解法 jie3 fa3
solution (to a math problem); method of solving

解放 解放 jie3 fang4
to liberate; to emancipate; liberation; refers to the Communists' victory over the Nationalists in 1949

解放巴勒斯坦人民阵线 解放巴勒斯坦人民陣線 jie3 fang4 ba1 le4 si1 tan3 ren2 min2 zhen4 xian4
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

解放后 解放後 jie3 fang4 hou4
after liberation (i.e. after the Communist's victory); after the establishment of PRC in 1949

解放军 解放軍 jie3 fang4 jun1
People's Liberation Army (PRC armed forces)

解放区 解放區 jie3 fang4 qu1
Liberation city district; Jiefang district of Jiaozuo city 焦作市, Henan

解放日 解放日 jie3 fang4 ri4
Liberation Day; cf Japan's surrender on 15th August 1945, celebrated as Liberation Day in Korea

解放日报 解放日報 jie3 fang4 ri4 bao4
Liberation Daily, www.jfdaily.com

解放运动 解放運動 jie3 fang4 yun4 dong4
liberation movement

解放战争 解放戰爭 jie3 fang4 zhan4 zheng1
War of Liberation (1945-49), after which the Communists 共產黨武裝|共产党武装 under Mao Zedong 毛澤東|毛泽东 took over from the Nationalists 國民政府|国民政府 under Chiang Kai-shek 蔣介石|蒋介石

解放组织 解放組織 jie3 fang4 zu3 zhi1
liberation organization

解纷 解紛 jie3 fen1
to mediate a dispute

解封 解封 jie3 feng1
to lift a ban

解构 解構 jie3 gou4
to deconstruct

解雇 解僱 jie3 gu4
to fire; to sack; to dismiss; to terminate employment

解寒 解寒 jie3 han2
to relieve cold

解和 解和 jie3 he2
to mediate (in a conflict); to pacify

解惑 解惑 jie3 huo4
to dispel doubts; to clear up confusion

解甲 解甲 jie3 jia3
to remove armor; to return to civilian life

解甲归田 解甲歸田 jie3 jia3 gui1 tian2
to remove armor and return to the farm; to return to civilian life

解禁 解禁 jie3 jin4
to lift a prohibition

解酒 解酒 jie3 jiu3
to dissipate the effects of alcohol

解救 解救 jie3 jiu4
to rescue; to help out of difficulties; to save the situation

解决 解決 jie3 jue2
to settle (a dispute); to resolve; to solve; to dispose of; to dispatch

解决办法 解決辦法 jie3 jue2 ban4 fa3
solution; method to settle an issue

解决争端 解決爭端 jie3 jue2 zheng1 duan1
to settle a dispute

解开 解開 jie3 kai1
to untie; to undo; to solve (a mystery)

解渴 解渴 jie3 ke3
to quench

解扣 解釦 jie3 kou4
lit. to unbutton; fig. to solve a dispute

解缆 解纜 jie3 lan3
to untie a mooring rope

解离 解離 jie3 li2
dissociation; to break up a chemical compound into its elements

解离性人格疾患 解離性人格疾患 jie3 li2 xing4 ren2 ge2 ji2 huan4
dissociative identity disorder; multiple personality disorder

解理 解理 jie3 li3
cleavage (splitting of minerals such as slate along planes)

解理方向 解理方向 jie3 li3 fang1 xiang4
direction of cleavage (e.g. of slate)

解理面 解理面 jie3 li3 mian4
cleavage plane (e.g. of slate)

解铃还须系铃人 解鈴還須繫鈴人 jie3 ling2 hai2 xu1 xi4 ling2 ren2
lit. whoever hung the bell on the tiger's neck must untie it (idiom); fig. whoever started the trouble should end it

解铃还需系铃人 解鈴還需繫鈴人 jie3 ling2 hai2 xu1 xi4 ling2 ren2
variant of 解鈴還須繫鈴人|解铃还须系铃人

解铃系铃 解鈴繫鈴 jie3 ling2 xi4 ling2
see 解鈴還須繫鈴人|解铃还须系铃人

解码 解碼 jie3 ma3
to decode; to decipher

解码器 解碼器 jie3 ma3 qi4

解闷 解悶 jie3 men4
to relieve boredom or melancholy; a diversion

解谜 解謎 jie3 mi2
to solve the riddle

解密 解密 jie3 mi4
to declassify; (computing) to decrypt; to decipher

解免 解免 jie3 mian3
to avoid (difficulties); to open up a siege

解民倒悬 解民倒懸 jie3 min2 dao4 xuan2
lit. to rescue the people from hanging upside down (idiom, from Mencius); to save the people from dire straits

解囊 解囊 jie3 nang2
lit. to loosen one's purse; fig. to give generously to help others

解聘 解聘 jie3 pin4
to dismiss an employee; to sack

解剖 解剖 jie3 pou1
to dissect (an animal); to analyze; anatomy

解剖麻雀 解剖麻雀 jie3 pou1 ma2 que4
lit. to dissect a sparrow; fig. a preliminary test on a small sample

解剖室 解剖室 jie3 pou1 shi4
a dissecting room

解剖学 解剖學 jie3 pou1 xue2

解劝 解勸 jie3 quan4
to soothe; to pacify; to mollify; to mediate (in a dispute etc)

解热 解熱 jie3 re4
to relieve fever

解散 解散 jie3 san4
to dissolve; to disband

解深密经 解深密經 jie3 shen1 mi4 jing1
Sandhinir mokcana vyuha sutra, a yogic text on awareness and meditation, translated as the Wisdom of Buddha

解释 解釋 jie3 shi4
explanation; to explain; to interpret; to resolve

解释器 解釋器 jie3 shi4 qi4
interpreter (computing)

解释执行 解釋執行 jie3 shi4 zhi2 xing2
interpreted (computer)

解手 解手 jie3 shou3
to relieve oneself (i.e. use the toilet); to solve

解说 解說 jie3 shuo1
to explain; to comment

解说词 解說詞 jie3 shuo1 ci2
a commentary

解说员 解說員 jie3 shuo1 yuan2

解酸药 解酸藥 jie3 suan1 yao4
to relieve acidity; anti-acid

解锁 解鎖 jie3 suo3
to unlock; to release

解题 解題 jie3 ti2
to solve problems; to explicate

解体 解體 jie3 ti3
to break up into components; to disintegrate; to collapse; to crumble

解调 解調 jie3 tiao2
demodulation; to demodulate

解痛 解痛 jie3 tong4
to relieve pain; analgesic

解脱 解脫 jie3 tuo1
to untie; to free; to absolve of; to get free of; to extirpate oneself; (Buddhism) to free oneself of worldly worries

解围 解圍 jie3 wei2
to lift a siege; to help sb out of trouble or embarrassment

解悟 解悟 jie3 wu4
to dispel doubts

解吸 解吸 jie3 xi1
to de-absorb; to get a chemical out of solution

解析 解析 jie3 xi1
to analyze; to resolve; (math.) analysis; analytic

解析度 解析度 jie3 xi1 du4
resolution (of image, monitor etc)

解析函数 解析函數 jie3 xi1 han2 shu4
(math.) an analytic function (of a complex variable)

解析函数论 解析函數論 jie3 xi1 han2 shu4 lun4
(math.) complex analytic function theory

解析几何 解析幾何 jie3 xi1 ji3 he2
analytic geometry; coordinate geometry

解析几何学 解析幾何學 jie3 xi1 ji3 he2 xue2
analytic geometry; coordinate geometry

解像度 解像度 jie3 xiang4 du4
resolution (of images, monitors, scanners etc)

解像力 解像力 jie3 xiang4 li4
resolving power (of a lens etc)

解小手 解小手 jie3 xiao3 shou3
(coll.) to urinate

解压 解壓 jie3 ya1
decompression (in digital technology); to extract data from a compressed file

解压缩 解壓縮 jie3 ya1 suo1
to decompress; decompression (esp. computer)

解严 解嚴 jie3 yan2
to lift restrictions (such as curfew or martial law)

解药 解藥 jie3 yao4

解颐 解頤 jie3 yi2
to smile; to laugh

解疑 解疑 jie3 yi2
to dispel doubts; to remove ambiguities

解约 解約 jie3 yue1
to terminate an agreement; to cancel a contract

解职 解職 jie3 zhi2
to dismiss from office; to discharge; to sack

解元 解元 jie4 yuan2
first-placed candidate in the provincial imperial examinations (old)

近似解 近似解 jin4 si4 jie3
approximate solution

开解 開解 kai1 jie3
to straighten out; to explain; to ease sb's anxiety

慷慨解囊 慷慨解囊 kang1 kai3 jie3 nang2
to contribute generously (idiom); help sb generously with money; to give generously to charity

可解 可解 ke3 jie3
soluble (i.e. can be solved)

宽解 寬解 kuan1 jie3
to relieve anxieties

宽衣解带 寬衣解帶 kuan1 yi1 jie3 dai4
to undress

困惑不解 困惑不解 kun4 huo4 bu4 jie3
to feel perplexed

理解 理解 li3 jie3
to comprehend; to understand; comprehension; understanding

理解力 理解力 li3 jie3 li4
ability to grasp ideas; understanding

谅解 諒解 liang4 jie3
to understand; to make allowances for; understanding

聊以解闷 聊以解悶 liao2 yi3 jie3 men4

了解 瞭解 liao3 jie3
to understand; to realize; to find out

了解 了解 liao3 jie3
to understand; to realize; to find out

裂解 裂解 lie4 jie3
pyrolysis; splitting (chemistry)

迷惑不解 迷惑不解 mi2 huo4 bu4 jie3
to feel puzzled

难分难解 難分難解 nan2 fen1 nan2 jie3
to become caught up in an irresolvable situation (idiom)

难解 難解 nan2 jie3
hard to solve; hard to dispel; hard to understand; hard to undo

难解难分 難解難分 nan2 jie3 nan2 fen1
hard to untie, hard to separate (idiom); inextricably involved; locked in battle

难以理解 難以理解 nan2 yi3 li3 jie3
hard to understand; incomprehensible

农奴解放日 農奴解放日 nong2 nu2 jie3 fang4 ri4
Serf Liberation Day (PRC)

排解 排解 pai2 jie3
to mediate; to reconcile; to make peace; to intervene

排难解纷 排難解紛 pai2 nan4 jie3 fen1
to remove perils and solve disputes (idiom); to reconcile differences

排忧解难 排憂解難 pai2 you1 jie3 nan4
to resolve a difficult situation and leave worries behind (idiom)

破解 破解 po4 jie3
to break (a bond, constraint etc); to explain; to unravel; to decipher; to decode

剖解 剖解 pou1 jie3
to dissect; to analyze

剖解图 剖解圖 pou1 jie3 tu2
cutaway diagram

奇解 奇解 qi2 jie3
singular solution (to a math. equation)

且听下回分解 且聽下回分解 qie3 ting1 xia4 hui2 fen1 jie3
to listen to the next chapter for an explanation

求解 求解 qiu2 jie3
to require a solution; to seek to solve (an equation)

曲解 曲解 qu1 jie3

诠解 詮解 quan2 jie3
to explain (a text)

劝解 勸解 quan4 jie3
conciliation; mediation; to mollify; to propitiate; to reconcile

禳解 禳解 rang2 jie3
to pray the gods for the avoidance of a misfortune

热解 熱解 re4 jie3
thermal cleavage (i.e. sth splits when heated)

人民解放军 人民解放軍 ren2 min2 jie3 fang4 jun1
People's Liberation Army

人体解剖 人體解剖 ren2 ti3 jie3 pou1
human anatomy

人体解剖学 人體解剖學 ren2 ti3 jie3 pou1 xue2
human anatomy

溶解 溶解 rong2 jie3
to dissolve

熔解 熔解 rong2 jie3

融解 融解 rong2 jie3
to melt; molten; fig. to understand thoroughly

溶解度 溶解度 rong2 jie3 du4

溶解性 溶解性 rong2 jie3 xing4
soluble; solubility

散心解闷 散心解悶 san4 xin1 jie3 men4
to divert one's mind from boredom (idiom)

桑地诺民族解放阵线 桑地諾民族解放陣線 sang1 di4 nuo4 min2 zu2 jie3 fang4 zhen4 xian4
Sandinista National Liberation Front

善解人意 善解人意 shan4 jie3 ren2 yi4
to be good at understanding others (idiom)

尚未解决 尚未解決 shang4 wei4 jie3 jue2
unsolved; as yet unsettled

生物降解 生物降解 sheng1 wu4 jiang4 jie3

尸体解剖 屍體解剖 shi1 ti3 jie3 pou1
autopsy; postmortem

纾解 紓解 shu1 jie3
to relieve; to ease (pressure); to alleviate; to remove; to get rid of

疏解 疏解 shu1 jie3
to mediate; to mitigate; to ease; to relieve

数值解 數值解 shu4 zhi2 jie3
numerical solution

水解 水解 shui3 jie3
hydrolysis (chemical reaction with water)

说文解字 說文解字 shuo1 wen2 jie3 zi4
Shuowen Jiezi, the original Han dynasty Chinese character dictionary with 10,516 entries, authored by Xu Shen 許慎|许慎 in 2nd century

说文解字注 說文解字註 shuo1 wen2 jie3 zi4 zhu4
Commentary on Shuowen Jiezi (1815) by Duan Yucai 段玉裁

死结难解 死結難解 si3 jie2 nan2 jie3
enigmatic knot hard to untie (idiom); thorny problem; intractable difficulty

索解 索解 suo3 jie3
to seek an answer; to look for an explanation; to explain; explanation

泰米尔伊拉姆猛虎解放组织 泰米爾伊拉姆猛虎解放組織 tai4 mi3 er3 yi1 la1 mu3 meng3 hu3 jie3 fang4 zu3 zhi1
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

糖酵解 糖酵解 tang2 jiao4 jie3
glycolysis (anaerobic metabolism of glucose)

特解 特解 te4 jie3
particular solution (to a math. equation)

题解 題解 ti2 jie3
notes; key (to exercises)

调解 調解 tiao2 jie3
to mediate; to bring parties to an agreement

调制解调器 調制解調器 tiao2 zhi4 jie3 tiao2 qi4

听力理解 聽力理解 ting1 li4 li3 jie3
listening comprehension

图解 圖解 tu2 jie3
illustration; diagram; graphical representation; to explain with the aid of a diagram

图解说明 圖解說明 tu2 jie3 shuo1 ming2
explanatory diagram

土崩瓦解 土崩瓦解 tu3 beng1 wa3 jie3
to collapse; to fall apart

瓦解 瓦解 wa3 jie3
to collapse; to disintegrate; to crumble

瓦解冰泮 瓦解冰泮 wa3 jie3 bing1 pan4
complete disintegration

维恩图解 維恩圖解 wei2 en1 tu2 jie3
Venn diagram

维基解密 維基解密 wei2 ji1 jie3 mi4

未解 未解 wei4 jie3
unsolved (problem)

未解决 未解決 wei4 jie3 jue2
unsolved; as yet unsettled

未解之谜 未解之謎 wei4 jie3 zhi1 mi2
unsolved mystery

误解 誤解 wu4 jie3
to misunderstand; to misread; misunderstanding

西藏百万农奴解放纪念日 西藏百萬農奴解放紀念日 xi1 zang4 bai3 wan4 nong2 nu2 jie3 fang4 ji4 nian4 ri4
Serf Liberation Day (PRC)

详解 詳解 xiang2 jie3
to explain in detail; detailed answer; full solution (to a math problem)

消愁解闷 消愁解悶 xiao1 chou2 jie3 men4
lit. to eliminate worry and dispel melancholy (idiom); diversion from boredom; to dispel depression or melancholy; to relieve stress; a relaxing pass-time

消解 消解 xiao1 jie3
to eliminate; to dispel; resolution

小解 小解 xiao3 jie3
to urinate; to empty one's bladder

解痉剂 解痙劑 xie4 jing4 ji4
antispasmodic (pharm.)

解数 解數 xie4 shu4
talent; ability; capability; martial arts technique; Taiwan pr.

解廌 解廌 xie4 zhi4
variant of 獬豸

押解 押解 ya1 jie4
to send away under escort (criminals, goods etc)

一知半解 一知半解 yi1 zhi1 ban4 jie3
lit. to know one and understand half (idiom); a smattering of knowledge; dilettante; amateur

疑难解答 疑難解答 yi2 nan2 jie3 da2
trouble shooting; solution to difficulties

易理解 易理解 yi4 li3 jie3
easy to grasp; easily understood

因式分解 因式分解 yin1 shi4 fen1 jie3

迎刃而解 迎刃而解 ying2 ren4 er2 jie3
lit. (bamboo) splits when it meets the knife's edge (idiom); fig. easily solved

冤家宜解不宜结 冤家宜解不宜結 yuan1 jia1 yi2 jie3 bu4 yi2 jie2
It is better to squash enmity rather than keeping it alive (proverb)

远水不解近渴 遠水不解近渴 yuan3 shui3 bu4 jie3 jin4 ke3
lit. distant water does not cure present thirst; fig. urgent need; a slow remedy does not address immediate needs

远未解决 遠未解決 yuan3 wei4 jie3 jue2
far from solved

阅读理解 閱讀理解 yue4 du2 li3 jie3
reading comprehension

枝解 枝解 zhi1 jie3
variant of 肢解

支解 支解 zhi1 jie3
variant of 肢解

肢解 肢解 zhi1 jie3
to dismember; (fig.) to break into parts

知觉解体 知覺解體 zhi1 jue2 jie3 ti3
perceptual separability

中国人民解放军 中國人民解放軍 zhong1 guo2 ren2 min2 jie3 fang4 jun1
Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA)

中国人民解放军海军 中國人民解放軍海軍 zhong1 guo2 ren2 min2 jie3 fang4 jun1 hai3 jun1
Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN)

中国人民解放军空军 中國人民解放軍空軍 zhong1 guo2 ren2 min2 jie3 fang4 jun1 kong1 jun1
People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF)

中苏解决悬案大纲协定 中蘇解決懸案大綱協定 zhong1 su1 jie3 jue2 xuan2 an4 da4 gang1 xie2 ding4
the treaty of 1923 normalizing relations between the Soviet Union and the Northern Warlord government of China

周期解 週期解 zhou1 qi1 jie3
periodic solution (math.)

注解 註解 zhu4 jie3
to annotate; annotation; comment; interpretation; to explain with notes; explanatory note

自我解嘲 自我解嘲 zi4 wo3 jie3 chao2
to refer to one's foibles or failings with self-deprecating humor