to play Chinese finger-guessing game

opening; stake all; sacrifice; crack; slit

clear; open; exempt (from); liberal-minded

strokes 17
strokes after radical 10
豁拳 豁拳 hua2 quan2
variant of 划拳

豁出去 豁出去 huo1 chu5 qu5
to throw caution to the wind; to press one's luck; to go for broke

豁达 豁達 huo4 da2
optimistic; sanguine; generous; magnanimous; open-minded

豁免 豁免 huo4 mian3
to exempt; exemption

豁免权 豁免權 huo4 mian3 quan2
immunity from prosecution

豁然 豁然 huo4 ran2
wide and open; a flash of understanding

豁然开朗 豁然開朗 huo4 ran2 kai1 lang3
suddenly opens up to a wide panorama (idiom); to come to a wide clearing; fig. everything becomes clear at once; to achieve speedy enlightenment

外交豁免权 外交豁免權 wai4 jiao1 huo4 mian3 quan2
diplomatic immunity

显豁 顯豁 xian3 huo4
evident; clear and bright

醒豁 醒豁 xing3 huo4
clear; unambiguous