to erect; vertical; vertical stroke (in Chinese characters)

strokes 15
strokes after radical 8
横眉竖眼 橫眉豎眼 heng2 mei2 shu4 yan3
to scowl fiercely; to glare

横七竖八 橫七豎八 heng2 qi1 shu4 ba1
in disorder; at sixes and sevens (idiom)

横三竖四 橫三豎四 heng2 san1 shu4 si4
in disorder; in a tremendous mess

横竖劲儿 橫豎勁兒 heng2 shu4 jin4 er5
firmness of determination

横竖 橫豎 heng2 shu5

横说竖说 橫說豎說 heng2 shuo1 shu4 shuo1
to explain sth over and over again; to repeat

横躺竖卧 橫躺豎臥 heng2 tang3 shu4 wo4
to lie down all over the place; exhausted and in disarray

横挑鼻子竖挑眼 橫挑鼻子豎挑眼 heng2 tiao1 bi2 zi5 shu4 tiao1 yan3
to pick on sth incessantly (idiom); to criticize right and left

竖笔 豎筆 shu4 bi3
vertical stroke (in Chinese characters)

竖钩 豎鉤 shu4 gou1
vertical stroke with a hook at the end (in Chinese characters)

竖立 豎立 shu4 li4
to erect; to set upright; to stand

竖起 豎起 shu4 qi3
to erect (a tent etc); to prick up (one's ears); to raise (one's eyebrows); to stick up (one's thumb); to turn up (one's collar); (of a bird) to puff up (one's feathers)

竖起大拇指 豎起大拇指 shu4 qi3 da4 mu5 zhi3
to give a thumbs-up; to express one's approval

竖起耳朵 豎起耳朵 shu4 qi3 er3 duo5
to prick up one's ears; to strain to hear sth

竖琴 豎琴 shu4 qin2

竖式 豎式 shu4 shi4
standing; vertical

竖弯钩 豎彎鉤 shu4 wan1 gou1
乚 stroke in Chinese characters

竖折 豎折 shu4 zhe2
(downwards-starting right angle character stroke)

竖直 豎直 shu4 zhi2
vertical; to erect; to set upright; vertical stroke in Chinese characters; young servant (old)

阉竖 閹豎 yan1 shu4
eunuch (contemptuous appellation)