leopard; panther

strokes 10
strokes after radical 3
斑海豹 斑海豹 ban1 hai3 bao4
spotted seal (Phoca largha)

豹猫 豹貓 bao4 mao1
leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis)

豹拳 豹拳 bao4 quan2
Bao Quan - "Leopard Fist" - Martial Art

豹子 豹子 bao4 zi5

豺狼虎豹 豺狼虎豹 chai2 lang2 hu3 bao4
jackals, wolves, tigers and panthers (idiom); animals who are dangerous to man and cattle; fierce and cruel people

吃熊心豹子胆 吃熊心豹子膽 chi1 xiong2 xin1 bao4 zi5 dan3
to eat bear heart and leopard gall (idiom); to pluck up some courage

管中窥豹 管中窺豹 guan3 zhong1 kui1 bao4
lit. to see a leopard through a narrow tube (idiom); fig. to miss the big picture

海豹 海豹 hai3 bao4
seal (zoology)

海豹部队 海豹部隊 hai3 bao4 bu4 dui4
United States Navy SEALs

海豹科 海豹科 hai3 bao4 ke1
Phocidae, family within Carnivora including seal

花豹 花豹 hua1 bao4

捷豹 捷豹 jie2 bao4
Jaguar (car brand)

金钱豹 金錢豹 jin1 qian2 bao4

窥豹 窺豹 kui1 bao4
lit. to see one spot on a leopard; fig. a restricted view

窥豹一斑 窺豹一斑 kui1 bao4 yi1 ban1
lit. see one spot on a leopard (idiom); fig. a restricted view

猎豹 獵豹 lie4 bao4

鹿豹座 鹿豹座 lu4 bao4 zuo4
Camelopardalis (constellation)

美洲豹 美洲豹 mei3 zhou1 bao4

全豹 全豹 quan2 bao4
the full picture (i.e. the whole situation); panorama

西门豹 西門豹 xi1 men2 bao4
Xi Menbao (active around 422 BC), statesman, general and hydraulic engineer of Wei state 魏國|魏国

象海豹 象海豹 xiang4 hai3 bao4
elephant seal

雪豹 雪豹 xue3 bao4
snow leopard

俞文豹 俞文豹 yu2 wen2 bao4
Yu Wenbao (lived around 1240), prolific Song dynasty poet

远东豹 遠東豹 yuan3 dong1 bao4
Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis)

云豹 雲豹 yun2 bao4
clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa)