to present; to bequeath

strokes 12
strokes after radical 5
彤管贻 彤管貽 tong2 guan3 yi2
presents between lovers

养痈贻患 養癰貽患 yang3 yong1 yi2 huan4
lit. to foster an ulcer and bequeath a calamity (idiom); tolerating budding evil can only lead to disaster; to cherish a viper in one's bosom

贻贝 貽貝 yi2 bei4

贻范古今 貽範古今 yi2 fan4 gu3 jin1
to leave an example for all generations

贻害 貽害 yi2 hai4
to have bad consequences

贻害无穷 貽害無窮 yi2 hai4 wu2 qiong2
to have disastrous consequences

贻人口实 貽人口實 yi2 ren2 kou3 shi2
to make oneself an object of ridicule

贻误 貽誤 yi2 wu4
to affect adversely; to delay or hinder; to waste (an opportunity); to mislead

贻笑 貽笑 yi2 xiao4
to be ridiculous; to make a fool of oneself

贻笑大方 貽笑大方 yi2 xiao4 da4 fang1
to make a fool of oneself; to make oneself a laughing stock

贻笑方家 貽笑方家 yi2 xiao4 fang1 jia1
a novice making a fool of himself; to make oneself ridiculous before experts

贻燕 貽燕 yi2 yan4
to leave peace for the future generations

自贻伊戚 自貽伊戚 zi4 yi2 yi1 qi1
to create trouble for oneself (idiom)