to give as a present; to repel; to bestow an honorary title after death (old)

strokes 19
strokes after radical 12
采兰赠芍 採蘭贈芍 cai3 lan2 zeng4 shao2
lit. pick orchids and present peonies (idiom); fig. presents between lovers

奉赠 奉贈 feng4 zeng4
(honorific) to present; to give as a present

获赠 獲贈 huo4 zeng4
to receive; to be given; to be presented with

敬赠 敬贈 jing4 zeng4
to present respectfully; with (sb's) compliments; complimentary

捐赠 捐贈 juan1 zeng4
to contribute (as a gift); to donate; benefaction

捐赠盈余 捐贈盈餘 juan1 zeng4 ying2 yu2
surplus from donation (accountancy)

捐赠者 捐贈者 juan1 zeng4 zhe3
donor; contributor

馈赠 饋贈 kui4 zeng4
present (a gift)

临别赠言 臨別贈言 lin2 bie2 zeng4 yan2
words of advice on parting

损赠 損贈 sun3 zeng4
to donate; donation

遗赠 遺贈 yi2 zeng4
to bequeath

赠品 贈品 zeng4 pin3
gift; complimentary item; freebie; giveaway

赠芍 贈芍 zeng4 shao2
to give peonies; fig. exchange of gifts between lovers

赠送 贈送 zeng4 song4
to present as a gift

赠予 贈予 zeng4 yu3
to give a present; to accord (a favor); to grant

赠与 贈與 zeng4 yu3
variant of 贈予|赠予

赠与者 贈與者 zeng4 yu3 zhe3

转赠 轉贈 zhuan3 zeng4
to pass on a present

追赠 追贈 zhui1 zeng4
to give to the departed; to confer (a title) posthumously