to have a voracious desire for; to covet; greedy; corrupt

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
反贪 反貪 fan3 tan1
anti-corruption (policy)

反贪腐 反貪腐 fan3 tan1 fu3

反贪污 反貪污 fan3 tan1 wu1

好酒贪杯 好酒貪杯 hao3 jiu3 tan1 bei1
good wine taken in excess (idiom); fond of the bottle

桀贪骜诈 桀貪驁詐 jie2 tan1 ao4 zha4
brutal, greedy, arrogant and deceitful (idiom)

起早贪黑 起早貪黑 qi3 zao3 tan1 hei1
to be industrious, rising early and going to bed late

贪杯 貪杯 tan1 bei1
to drink in excess

贪鄙 貪鄙 tan1 bi3
to be avaricious and mean

贪财 貪財 tan1 cai2
to be greedy in getting money

贪馋 貪饞 tan1 chan2
gluttonous; greedy; insatiable; avid

贪吃 貪吃 tan1 chi1
gluttonous; voracious

贪吃鬼 貪吃鬼 tan1 chi1 gui3
glutton; chowhound

贪吃者 貪吃者 tan1 chi1 zhe3

贪得无厌 貪得無厭 tan1 de2 wu2 yan4
avaricious and insatiable (idiom); greedy and never satisfied

贪得无餍 貪得無饜 tan1 de2 wu2 yan4
variant of 貪得無厭|贪得无厌

贪渎 貪瀆 tan1 du2
(of an official) corrupt and negligent of his duty

贪多嚼不烂 貪多嚼不爛 tan1 duo1 jiao2 bu4 lan4
to bite off more than one can chew (idiom)

贪腐 貪腐 tan1 fu3

贪官 貪官 tan1 guan1
corrupt official; grasping functionary; greedy mandarin

贪官污吏 貪官污吏 tan1 guan1 wu1 li4
grasping officials, corrupt mandarins (idiom); abuse and corruption

贪贿无艺 貪賄無藝 tan1 hui4 wu2 yi4
greed for bribes knows no bounds (idiom); unbridled corruption

贪婪 貪婪 tan1 lan2
avaricious; greedy; rapacious; insatiable; avid

贪婪是万恶之源 貪婪是萬惡之源 tan1 lan2 shi4 wan4 e4 zhi1 yuan2
Greed is the root of all evil.

贪婪无厌 貪婪無厭 tan1 lan2 wu2 yan4
avaricious and insatiable (idiom); greedy and never satisfied

贪恋 貪戀 tan1 lian4
to cling to; to be reluctant to give up (sth); to have a fondness for (an indulgence etc)

贪求 貪求 tan1 qiu2
to pursue greedily; to crave

贪求无厌 貪求無厭 tan1 qiu2 wu2 yan4
insatiably greedy (idiom)

贪色 貪色 tan1 se4
greedy for sex; given to lust for women

贪生怕死 貪生怕死 tan1 sheng1 pa4 si3
greedy for life, afraid of death (idiom); craven and cowardly; clinging abjectly to life; only interested in saving one's neck

贪食 貪食 tan1 shi2
greedy; glutton

贪天之功 貪天之功 tan1 tian1 zhi1 gong1
to claim credit for other people's achievements (idiom)

贪图 貪圖 tan1 tu2
to covet; to seek (riches, fame)

贪玩 貪玩 tan1 wan2
to only want to have a good time; to just want to have fun, and to shy away from self-discipline

贪猥无厌 貪猥無厭 tan1 wei3 wu2 yan4
avaricious and insatiable (idiom); greedy and never satisfied

贪污 貪污 tan1 wu1
to be corrupt; corruption; to embezzle

贪污腐败 貪污腐敗 tan1 wu1 fu3 bai4

贪汙腐化 貪汙腐化 tan1 wu1 fu3 hua4

贪小失大 貪小失大 tan1 xiao3 shi1 da4
penny wise and pound foolish (idiom)

贪心 貪心 tan1 xin1

贪心不足 貪心不足 tan1 xin1 bu4 zu2
avaricious and insatiable (idiom); greedy and never satisfied

贪欲 貪慾 tan1 yu4
greed; avarice; rapacious; avid

贪赃枉法 貪贓枉法 tan1 zang1 wang3 fa3
corruption and abuse of the law (idiom); to take bribes and bend the law

贪占 貪占 tan1 zhan4
to misappropriate

贪嘴 貪嘴 tan1 zui3