to buy; to purchase

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
并购 併購 bing4 gou4
merger and acquisition (M and A); acquisition; to take over

采购 採購 cai3 gou4
to procure (for an enterprise etc); to purchase

采购商 採購商 cai3 gou4 shang1

采购员 採購員 cai3 gou4 yuan2
buyer; purchasing agent

超额订购 超額訂購 chao1 e2 ding4 gou4
to overbook

超额认购 超額認購 chao1 e2 ren4 gou4
(a share issue is) oversubscribed

代购 代購 dai4 gou4
to buy (on behalf of sb)

导购 導購 dao3 gou4
shopper's guide; shop assistant; sales staff

订购 訂購 ding4 gou4
to place an order; to subscribe

定购 定購 ding4 gou4
to order goods; to place an order

订购者 訂購者 ding4 gou4 zhe3

杠杆收购 杠杆收購 gang4 gan3 shou1 gou4
leveraged buyout (LBO)

购得 購得 gou4 de2
to purchase; to acquire

购货 購貨 gou4 huo4
purchase of goods

购买 購買 gou4 mai3
to purchase; to buy

购买力 購買力 gou4 mai3 li4
purchasing power

购买者 購買者 gou4 mai3 zhe3

购书券 購書券 gou4 shu1 quan4
book token

购物 購物 gou4 wu4

购物车 購物車 gou4 wu4 che1
shopping cart

购物大厦 購物大廈 gou4 wu4 da4 sha4
shopping mall

购物袋 購物袋 gou4 wu4 dai4
shopping bag

购物广场 購物廣場 gou4 wu4 guang3 chang3
shopping mall

购物券 購物券 gou4 wu4 quan4

购物手推车 購物手推車 gou4 wu4 shou3 tui1 che1
shopping cart

购物中心 購物中心 gou4 wu4 zhong1 xin1
shopping center

购置 購置 gou4 zhi4
to purchase

管理层收购 管理層收購 guan3 li3 ceng2 shou1 gou4
management buyout (MBO)

函购 函購 han2 gou4
mail order

回购 回購 hui2 gou4
buyback; repurchase; to buy back

兼并与收购 兼並與收購 jian1 bing4 yu3 shou1 gou4
mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

竞购 競購 jing4 gou4
to bid competitively; to compete to buy (at auction)

乐购 樂購 le4 gou4
Tesco, UK-based supermarket chain

内购 內購 nei4 gou4
buying direct from your company at preferential prices; (gaming) in-app purchase

派购 派購 pai4 gou4
fixed government purchase (esp of farm products)

批量购买 批量購買 pi1 liang4 gou4 mai3
to buy in bulk; bulk buying

抢购 搶購 qiang3 gou4
to buy frenetically; to snap up (bargains, dwindling supplies etc)

认购 認購 ren4 gou4
to undertake to purchase sth; to subscribe (to share issue)

赊购 賒購 she1 gou4
to buy on credit; to delay payment

申购 申購 shen1 gou4
to ask to buy; to bid for purchase

收购 收購 shou1 gou4
to purchase (from various places); to acquire (a company)

收购要约 收購要約 shou1 gou4 yao1 yue1
takeover bid

套购 套購 tao4 gou4
a fraudulent purchase; to buy up sth illegally

特易购 特易購 te4 yi4 gou4
Tesco, British-based supermarket chain

统购 統購 tong3 gou4
state purchasing monopoly; unified government purchase

统购派购 統購派購 tong3 gou4 pai4 gou4
unified government purchase at fixed price (esp of farm products)

统购统销 統購統銷 tong3 gou4 tong3 xiao1
state monopoly of purchasing and marketing

团购 團購 tuan2 gou4
group buying; collective buying; buying by a group of individuals who negotiate a discount for the group

网购 網購 wang3 gou4
Internet shopping; to purchase online

选购 選購 xuan3 gou4
to select and purchase; to buy

优先承购权 優先承購權 you1 xian1 cheng2 gou4 quan2
prior purchase right; right of first refusal (ROFR); preemptive right to purchase

邮购 郵購 you2 gou4
mail order; to purchase by mail

预购 預購 yu4 gou4
advance purchase

争购 爭購 zheng1 gou4
to compete; to fight for; to rush to purchase

追购 追購 zhui1 gou4
a bounty; a reward for capturing an outlaw