to pierce through; to pass through; to be stringed together; string of 1000 cash

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
大满贯 大滿貫 da4 man3 guan4
grand slam

恶贯满盈 惡貫滿盈 e4 guan4 man3 ying2
lit. strung through and filled with evil (idiom); filled with extreme evil; replete with vice; guilty of monstrous crimes

贯彻 貫徹 guan4 che4
to implement; to put into practice; to carry out

贯彻始终 貫徹始終 guan4 che4 shi3 zhong1
to follow through; to carry through to the end

贯穿 貫穿 guan4 chuan1
to run through; a connecting thread from beginning to end; to link

贯串 貫串 guan4 chuan4
to pierce through; to string together

贯连 貫連 guan4 lian2
to link up; to join together; to connect

贯气 貫氣 guan4 qi4
beneficial influence, esp. from one's ancestral graves 墳山|坟山 in fengshui 風水|风水; to confer beneficial influence

贯时 貫時 guan4 shi2

贯通 貫通 guan4 tong1
to link up; to thread together

贯注 貫注 guan4 zhu4
to concentrate

横贯 橫貫 heng2 guan4
horizontal traverse; to cut across; to cross transversally

籍贯 籍貫 ji2 guan4
one's native place; place of ancestry; registered birthplace

家赀万贯 家貲萬貫 jia1 zi1 wan4 guan4
immensely rich

旧贯 舊貫 jiu4 guan4
old system; former rules

局部连贯性 局部連貫性 ju2 bu4 lian2 guan4 xing4
local coherence

连贯 連貫 lian2 guan4
to link up (disparate elements); coherent (narrative, argument etc)

联贯 聯貫 lian2 guan4
variant of 連貫|连贯

罗贯中 羅貫中 luo2 guan4 zhong1
Luo Guanzhong (c. 1330-c. 1400), author of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and other works

满贯 滿貫 man3 guan4
to win every trick in a card game; grand slam; fig. total success

气贯长虹 氣貫長虹 qi4 guan4 chang2 hong2
spirit reaches to the rainbow; full of noble aspiration and daring

全神贯注 全神貫注 quan2 shen2 guan4 zhu4
to concentrate one's attention completely (idiom); with rapt attention

融会贯通 融會貫通 rong2 hui4 guan4 tong1
to master the subject via a comprehensive study of surrounding areas

如雷贯耳 如雷貫耳 ru2 lei2 guan4 er3
lit. like thunder piercing the ear; a well-known reputation (idiom)

条贯 條貫 tiao2 guan4
system; sequence; order; procedures

万贯 萬貫 wan4 guan4
ten thousand strings of cash; very wealthy; millionaire

万贯家财 萬貫家財 wan4 guan4 jia1 cai2
vast wealth

乡贯 鄉貫 xiang1 guan4
one's native place; place of ancestry; registered birthplace

腰缠万贯 腰纏萬貫 yao1 chan2 wan4 guan4
lit. ten thousand strings of cash in money belt (idiom); carrying lots of money; extremely wealthy; loaded

一贯 一貫 yi1 guan4
consistent; constant; from start to finish; all along; persistent

鱼贯 魚貫 yu2 guan4
one after the other; in single file

鱼贯而出 魚貫而出 yu2 guan4 er2 chu1
to file out; to walk out in a line

鱼贯而入 魚貫而入 yu2 guan4 er2 ru4
to walk in in a line

纵贯 縱貫 zong4 guan4
lit. warp string in weaving; fig. vertical or north-south lines; to pass through; to cross lengthwise; to pierce (esp. north-south or top-to-bottom)