stolen goods; booty; spoils

variant of 贓|赃

strokes 10
strokes after radical 6
分赃 分贓 fen1 zang1
to share the booty; to divide ill-gotten gains

人赃俱获 人贓俱獲 ren2 zang1 ju4 huo4
(of a thief, smuggler etc) to be caught with stolen or illegal goods; to be caught red-handed

贪赃枉法 貪贓枉法 tan1 zang1 wang3 fa3
corruption and abuse of the law (idiom); to take bribes and bend the law

销赃 銷贓 xiao1 zang1
to dispose of stolen goods

栽赃 栽贓 zai1 zang1
to frame sb (by planting sth on them)

赃官污吏 贓官污吏 zang1 guan1 wu1 li4
grasping officials, corrupt mandarins (idiom); abuse and corruption

赃款 贓款 zang1 kuan3
booty; stolen goods

赃物 贓物 zang1 wu4
booty; stolen property

追赃 追贓 zhui1 zang1
to order the return of stolen goods