to confer; to bestow; to grant

strokes 12
strokes after radical 8
颁赐 頒賜 ban1 ci4
to award (a prize); to confer on sb; to confer upon by authority

赐福 賜福 ci4 fu2
to bless

赐给 賜給 ci4 gei3
to bestow; to give

赐死 賜死 ci4 si3
to commit suicide on the orders of a sovereign (old)

赐姓 賜姓 ci4 xing4
to bestow a surname (of emperor conferring favor on ethnic group)

赐予 賜予 ci4 yu3
to grant; to bestow

赐与 賜與 ci4 yu3
variant of 賜予|赐予

端木赐 端木賜 duan1 mu4 ci4
Duanmu Ci (520 BC-446 BC), disciple of Confucius, also known as Zi Gong 子貢|子贡

恩赐 恩賜 en1 ci4
favor; to give charity to sb out of pity

赏赐 賞賜 shang3 ci4
to bestow; to confer (a reward for service); a reward

天赐 天賜 tian1 ci4
bestowed by heaven

御赐 御賜 yu4 ci4
to be bestowed, conferred, or granted by the emperor