to go; to visit (e.g. another country); to attend (a banquet etc)

strokes 9
strokes after radical 2
绑赴市曹 綁赴市曹 bang3 fu4 shi4 cao2
to bind up and take to the market (idiom); to take a prisoner to the town center for execution

奔赴 奔赴 ben1 fu4
to rush to; to hurry to

单刀赴会 單刀赴會 dan1 dao1 fu4 hui4
lit. to go among enemies with only one's sword (idiom); fig. to go alone into enemy lines

调赴 調赴 diao4 fu4
to dispatch (troops to the front)

赴华 赴華 fu4 hua2
to visit China

赴会 赴會 fu4 hui4
to go to a meeting

赴考 赴考 fu4 kao3
to go and sit an examination

赴任 赴任 fu4 ren4
to travel to take up a new post

赴死 赴死 fu4 si3
to meet death

赴台 赴臺 fu4 tai2
to visit Taiwan

赴汤蹈火 赴湯蹈火 fu4 tang1 dao3 huo3
to go through water and tread on fire (idiom); not afraid of any difficulty

赴宴 赴宴 fu4 yan4
to attend a banquet

赴阴曹 赴陰曹 fu4 yin1 cao2
to enter hell

赴约 赴約 fu4 yue1
to keep an appointment

赶赴 趕赴 gan3 fu4
to hurry; to rush

共赴 共赴 gong4 fu4
joint participation; to go together

开赴 開赴 kai1 fu4
(of troops) to depart for; to head for

慷慨赴义 慷慨赴義 kang1 kai3 fu4 yi4
heroically sacrificing one's life (idiom); to sacrifice oneself fervently to the cause

命赴黄泉 命赴黃泉 ming4 fu4 huang2 quan2
to visit the Yellow Springs; to die

努力以赴 努力以赴 nu3 li4 yi3 fu4
to use one's best efforts to do sth (idiom)

前赴后继 前赴後繼 qian2 fu4 hou4 ji4
to advance dauntlessly in wave upon wave (idiom)

全力以赴 全力以赴 quan2 li4 yi3 fu4
to do at all costs; to make an all-out effort

违利赴名 違利赴名 wei2 li4 fu4 ming2
to renounce profit and seek fame (idiom); to abandon greed for reputation; to choose fame over fortune

远赴 遠赴 yuan3 fu4
to travel to (a distant place)

走马赴任 走馬赴任 zou3 ma3 fu4 ren4
to ride to take up an official appointment (idiom); to take on a job with alacrity; to undertake a task