to hasten; to hurry; to walk fast; to approach; to tend towards; to converge

strokes 12
strokes after radical 5
大势所趋 大勢所趨 da4 shi4 suo3 qu1
general trend; irresistible trend

渐趋 漸趨 jian4 qu1
to become more and more; to gradually become

趋奉 趨奉 qu1 feng4
to fawn on; to kiss up to

趋附 趨附 qu1 fu4
to ingratiate oneself

趋化作用 趨化作用 qu1 hua4 zuo4 yong4
chemotaxis (movement of leukocytes under chemical stimulus)

趋缓 趨緩 qu1 huan3
to slow down; to ease up; to abate; slowdown; downturn

趋吉避凶 趨吉避凶 qu1 ji2 bi4 xiong1
to seek luck and avoid calamity (idiom)

趋近 趨近 qu1 jin4
to approach (a numerical value); to converge to a limit (in calculus); convergence

趋冷 趨冷 qu1 leng3
a cold tendency; a freeze (in relations)

趋冷气候 趨冷氣候 qu1 leng3 qi4 hou4
cooling; a cold spell

趋力 趨力 qu1 li4
driving force

趋时 趨時 qu1 shi2
to follow fashion

趋势 趨勢 qu1 shi4
trend; tendency

趋同 趨同 qu1 tong2
to converge

趋向 趨向 qu1 xiang4
direction; trend; to incline

趋炎附势 趨炎附勢 qu1 yan2 fu4 shi4
to curry favor (idiom); playing up to those in power; social climbing

趋于 趨於 qu1 yu2
to tend towards

趋之若鹜 趨之若鶩 qu1 zhi1 ruo4 wu4
to rush like ducks (idiom); the mob scrabbles madly for sth unobtainable; an unruly crowd on a wild goose chase

日趋 日趨 ri4 qu1
(increasing) day by day; (more critical) with every passing day; gradually

日趋严重 日趨嚴重 ri4 qu1 yan2 zhong4
more critical with every passing day

上升趋势 上升趨勢 shang4 sheng1 qu1 shi4
an upturn; an upward trend

上扬趋势 上揚趨勢 shang4 yang2 qu1 shi4
upward trend; rising tendency

一步一趋 一步一趨 yi1 bu4 yi1 qu1
see 亦步亦趨|亦步亦趋

亦步亦趋 亦步亦趨 yi4 bu4 yi4 qu1
to blindly follow suit (idiom); to imitate slavishly; to do what everyone else is doing

益趋 益趨 yi4 qu1
increasingly; more and more