to overtake; to catch up with; to hurry; to rush; to try to catch (the bus etc); to drive (cattle etc) forward; to drive (sb) away; to avail oneself of (an opportunity); until

strokes 14
strokes after radical 7
赶不及 趕不及 gan3 bu4 ji2
not enough time (to do sth); too late (to do sth)

赶不上 趕不上 gan3 bu4 shang4
can't keep up with; can't catch up with; cannot overtake

赶超 趕超 gan3 chao1
to overtake

赶车 趕車 gan3 che1
to drive a cart

赶出 趕出 gan3 chu1
to drive away

赶到 趕到 gan3 dao4
to hurry (to some place)

赶得及 趕得及 gan3 de2 ji2
there is still time (to do sth); to be able to do sth in time; to be able to make it

赶赴 趕赴 gan3 fu4
to hurry; to rush

赶工 趕工 gan3 gong1
to work against the clock; to hurry with work to get it done in time

赶集 趕集 gan3 ji2
to go to market; to go to a fair

赶脚 趕腳 gan3 jiao3
to work as a carter or porter; to transport goods for a living (esp. by donkey)

赶紧 趕緊 gan3 jin3
hurriedly; without delay

赶尽杀绝 趕盡殺絕 gan3 jin4 sha1 jue2
to kill to the last one (idiom); to exterminate; to eradicate; ruthless

赶考 趕考 gan3 kao3
to go and take an imperial examination

赶快 趕快 gan3 kuai4
at once; immediately

赶来 趕來 gan3 lai2
to rush over

赶浪头 趕浪頭 gan3 lang4 tou5
to follow the trend

赶路 趕路 gan3 lu4
to hasten on with one's journey; to hurry on

赶忙 趕忙 gan3 mang2
to hurry; to hasten; to make haste

赶明儿 趕明兒 gan3 ming2 er5
(coll.) some day; one of these days

赶跑 趕跑 gan3 pao3
to drive away; to force out; to repel

赶前不赶后 趕前不趕後 gan3 qian2 bu4 gan3 hou4
it's better to hurry at the start than to rush later (idiom)

赶上 趕上 gan3 shang4
to keep up with; to catch up with; to overtake; to chance upon; in time for

赶时髦 趕時髦 gan3 shi2 mao2
to keep up with the latest fashion

赶往 趕往 gan3 wang3
to hurry to (somewhere)

赶鸭子上架 趕鴨子上架 gan3 ya1 zi5 shang4 jia4
lit. to drive a duck onto a perch (idiom); fig. to push sb to do sth way beyond their ability

赶早 趕早 gan3 zao3
as soon as possible; at the first opportunity; the sooner the better; before it's too late

赶走 趕走 gan3 zou3
to drive out; to turn back

轰赶 轟趕 hong1 gan3
to drive away

流星赶月 流星趕月 liu2 xing1 gan3 yue4
lit. a meteor catching up with the moon; swift action (idiom)

你追我赶 你追我趕 ni3 zhui1 wo3 gan3
friendly one-upmanship; to try to emulate

驱赶 驅趕 qu1 gan3
to drive (vehicle); to drive out; to chase away; to herd (people towards a gate)

驱魔赶鬼 驅魔趕鬼 qu1 mo2 gan3 gui3
to exorcise; to drive out evil spirits

迎头赶上 迎頭趕上 ying2 tou2 gan3 shang4
to try hard to catch up

追赶 追趕 zhui1 gan3
to pursue; to chase after; to accelerate; to catch up with; to overtake