interesting; to interest

strokes 15
strokes after radical 8
凑趣 湊趣 cou4 qu4
to comply in order to please others; to accommodate sb else's taste; to make fun of

打趣 打趣 da3 qu4
to make fun of

逗趣 逗趣 dou4 qu4
to amuse; to make sb laugh; to tease

逗趣儿 逗趣兒 dou4 qu4 er5
to amuse; to make sb laugh; to tease

斗趣儿 鬥趣兒 dou4 qu4 er5
variant of 逗趣兒|逗趣儿

风趣 風趣 feng1 qu4
charm; humor; wit; humorous; witty

感兴趣 感興趣 gan3 xing4 qu4
to be interested

苦趣 苦趣 ku3 qu4
wretched feelings (opposite: 樂趣|乐趣, delight)

乐趣 樂趣 le4 qu4
delight; pleasure; joy

离奇有趣 離奇有趣 li2 qi2 you3 qu4

了无生趣 了無生趣 liao3 wu2 sheng1 qu4
to lose all interest in life (idiom)

没趣 沒趣 mei2 qu4
embarrassing; dull; unsatisfactory

妙趣 妙趣 miao4 qu4
witty; clever; amusing

妙趣横生 妙趣橫生 miao4 qu4 heng2 sheng1
endlessly interesting (idiom); very witty

潘趣酒 潘趣酒 pan1 qu4 jiu3
punch (drink) (loanword)

品趣志 品趣志 pin3 qu4 zhi4
Pinterest (photo-sharing website)

奇趣 奇趣 qi2 qu4
quaint charm

情趣 情趣 qing2 qu4
inclinations and interests; delight; fun; interest; appeal

情趣商店 情趣商店 qing2 qu4 shang1 dian4
adult shop

情趣用品 情趣用品 qing2 qu4 yong4 pin3
adult product; sex toy

趣多多 趣多多 qu4 duo1 duo1
Chips Ahoy! (brand)

趣剧 趣劇 qu4 ju4

趣事 趣事 qu4 shi4
entertaining anecdote; interesting story or incident

趣味 趣味 qu4 wei4
fun; interest; delight; taste; liking; preference

趣闻 趣聞 qu4 wen2
funny news item; interesting anecdote

饶有风趣 饒有風趣 rao2 you3 feng1 qu4
bubbling with humor (idiom); witty and interesting

饶有兴趣 饒有興趣 rao2 you3 xing4 qu4

识趣 識趣 shi2 qu4
tactful; discreet

天趣 天趣 tian1 qu4
natural charm (of writings, works of art etc)

童趣 童趣 tong2 qu4
qualities that delight children (e.g. bold colors in a picture, anthropomorphized characters in a TV show, the physical challenge of playground equipment)

无趣 無趣 wu2 qu4
dull; vapid; colorless

相映成趣 相映成趣 xiang1 ying4 cheng2 qu4
to set each other off nicely

谐趣 諧趣 xie2 qu4
humor; amusing

兴趣 興趣 xing4 qu4
interest (desire to know about sth); interest (thing in which one is interested); hobby

雅趣 雅趣 ya3 qu4
elegant; refined; delicate and charming

意趣 意趣 yi4 qu4
interest; point of particular charm and interest

易趣 易趣 yi4 qu4
eBay (web auction company)

有趣 有趣 you3 qu4
interesting; fascinating; amusing

有兴趣 有興趣 you3 xing4 qu4
interested; interesting

知趣 知趣 zhi1 qu4
to act tactfully; tactful; discreet

旨趣 旨趣 zhi3 qu4
purport; intent

志趣 志趣 zhi4 qu4
inclination; interest

自讨没趣 自討沒趣 zi4 tao3 mei2 qu4
to invite a snub; to court a rebuff