body; life; oneself; personally; one's morality and conduct; the main part of a structure or body; pregnant; classifier for sets of clothes: suit, twinset; Kangxi radical 158

strokes 7
strokes after radical 0
安身 安身 an1 shen1
to make one's home; to take shelter

安身立命 安身立命 an1 shen1 li4 ming4
settle down and get on with one's pursuit

八疸身面黄 八疸身面黃 ba1 dan3 shen1 mian4 huang2
eight types of jaundice with yellowing of body and face (TCM)

半身不遂 半身不遂 ban4 shen1 bu4 sui4
paralysis of one side of the body; hemiplegia

半身像 半身像 ban4 shen1 xiang4
half-length photo or portrait; bust

包身工 包身工 bao1 shen1 gong1
indentured laborer

包在我身上 包在我身上 bao1 zai4 wo3 shen1 shang5
leave it to me (idiom); I'll take care of it

本身 本身 ben3 shen1
itself; in itself; per se

蔽身处 蔽身處 bi4 shen1 chu4

遍身 遍身 bian4 shen1
over the whole body

擦身而过 擦身而過 ca1 shen1 er2 guo4
to brush past

藏身 藏身 cang2 shen1
to hide; to go into hiding; to take refuge

藏身处 藏身處 cang2 shen1 chu4
hiding place; hideout; shelter

藏身之处 藏身之處 cang2 shen1 zhi1 chu4
hiding place; hideout

侧身 側身 ce4 shen1
(to stand or move) sideways

厕身 廁身 ce4 shen1
to participate (in sth); to play a humble role in

缠身 纏身 chan2 shen1
(of an illness, debt etc) to plague sb; to preoccupy sb; difficult to get rid of

抄身 抄身 chao1 shen1
to search (a person); to frisk

车身 車身 che1 shen1
body of automobile

陈省身 陳省身 chen2 xing3 shen1
Shiing-Shen Chern (1911-2004), Chinese-American mathematician

赤身 赤身 chi4 shen1

赤身露体 赤身露體 chi4 shen1 lu4 ti3
completely naked

抽身 抽身 chou1 shen1
to get away from; to withdraw; to free oneself

出身 出身 chu1 shen1
to be born of; to come from; family background; class origin

初试身手 初試身手 chu1 shi4 shen1 shou3
to have a try; to try one's hand; initial foray

船身 船身 chuan2 shen1
hull; body of a ship

刺身 刺身 ci4 shen1

打翻身仗 打翻身仗 da3 fan1 shen1 zhang4
to work hard towards a turnaround; to fight to reverse sth

大显身手 大顯身手 da4 xian3 shen1 shou3
(idiom) fully displaying one's capabilities

单身 單身 dan1 shen1
unmarried; single

单身狗 單身狗 dan1 shen1 gou3
(Internet slang) person who is neither married nor in a relationship (used self-deprecatingly)

单身贵族 單身貴族 dan1 shen1 gui4 zu2
fig. unmarried person; single person (especially one who is comfortable financially)

单身汉 單身漢 dan1 shen1 han4
bachelor; unmarried man

单身汪 單身汪 dan1 shen1 wang1
(Internet slang) person who is neither married nor in a relationship (used self-deprecatingly)

刀身 刀身 dao1 shen1
blade (of a knife or sword)

动身 動身 dong4 shen1
to go on a journey; to leave

独身 獨身 du2 shen1
unmarried; single

翻身 翻身 fan1 shen1
to turn over (when lying); (fig.) to free oneself; to emancipate oneself; to bring about a change of one's fortunes

反身 反身 fan3 shen1
to turn around

反身代词 反身代詞 fan3 shen1 dai4 ci2
reflexive pronoun

防身 防身 fang2 shen1
self-protection; to defend oneself

放下身段 放下身段 fang4 xia4 shen1 duan4
to get off one's high horse (idiom); to dispense with posturing (and adopt a more humble or empathetic attitude)

飞身 飛身 fei1 shen1
to move quickly; to vault; flying tackle

飞身翻腾 飛身翻騰 fei1 shen1 fan1 teng2
flying somersault

分身 分身 fen1 shen1
to spare time for a separate task; doppelgänger; sockpuppet (Internet slang)

分身乏术 分身乏術 fen1 shen1 fa2 shu4
to be up to one's ears in work (idiom); to be unable to attend to other things at the same time

粉身碎骨 粉身碎骨 fen3 shen1 sui4 gu3
lit. torn body and crushed bones (idiom); fig. to die horribly; to sacrifice one's life

奋不顾身 奮不顧身 fen4 bu4 gu4 shen1
to dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety (idiom); undaunted by dangers; regardless of perils

伏地挺身 伏地挺身 fu2 di4 ting3 shen1
pushup (exercise)

俯身 俯身 fu3 shen1
to lean over; to bend over; to stoop; to bow

附身 附身 fu4 shen1
to enter a body; to possess

感同身受 感同身受 gan3 tong2 shen1 shou4
to feel as if it had happened to oneself; to sympathize; (polite expression of gratitude for a favor received by a friend etc) I take it as a personal favor

躬身 躬身 gong1 shen1
to bow

弓身 弓身 gong1 shen1
to bend the body at the waist; to bow

孤身 孤身 gu1 shen1
alone; lonely

孤身只影 孤身隻影 gu1 shen1 zhi1 ying3
lit. a lonely body with only a shadow for company; to be all alone (idiom)

鬼压身 鬼壓身 gui3 ya1 shen1
see 鬼壓床|鬼压床

贵族身份 貴族身份 gui4 zu2 shen1 fen4

合身 合身 he2 shen1
well-fitting (of clothes)

护身符 護身符 hu4 shen1 fu2
amulet; protective talisman; charm

护身符子 護身符子 hu4 shen1 fu2 zi5
amulet; protective talisman; charm

化身 化身 hua4 shen1
incarnation; reincarnation; embodiment (of abstract idea); personification

黄袍加身 黃袍加身 huang2 pao2 jia1 shen1
lit. to take the yellow gown (idiom); fig. to be made emperor; to take the crown

浑身 渾身 hun2 shen1
all over; from head to foot

浑身上下 渾身上下 hun2 shen1 shang4 xia4
all over; from head to toe

浑身解数 渾身解數 hun2 shen1 xie4 shu4
to give it your all; to go at it with all you've got; to throw your whole weight behind it; also pr.

跻身 躋身 ji1 shen1
to rise (in society)

机身 機身 ji1 shen1
body of a vehicle or machine; fuselage of a plane

机身宽大 機身寬大 ji1 shen1 kuan1 da4
wide body; wide-bodied (aircraft)

健身 健身 jian4 shen1
to exercise; to keep fit; to work out; physical exercise

剑身 劍身 jian4 shen1
sword blade

健身房 健身房 jian4 shen1 fang2
gym; gymnasium

健身馆 健身館 jian4 shen1 guan3
a gym (health center)

健身室 健身室 jian4 shen1 shi4

孑然一身 孑然一身 jie2 ran2 yi1 shen1
to be all alone in the world

孑身 孑身 jie2 shen1
all by oneself; all alone

洁身自好 潔身自好 jie2 shen1 zi4 hao4
clean-living and honest (idiom); to avoid immorality; to shun evil influence; to mind one's own business and keep out of trouble; to keep one's hands clean

紧身 緊身 jin3 shen1

进身 進身 jin4 shen1
to get oneself promoted to a higher rank

进身之阶 進身之階 jin4 shen1 zhi1 jie1
stepping-stone to greater power or higher rank

净身 凈身 jing4 shen1
to purify one's body (i.e. to get castrated)

净身出户 凈身出戶 jing4 shen1 chu1 hu4
to leave a marriage with nothing (no possessions or property)

净心修身 凈心修身 jing4 xin1 xiu1 shen1
to have an untroubled heart and behave morally (idiom)

可身 可身 ke3 shen1
to fit well (clothes)

空身 空身 kong1 shen1
empty handed (carrying nothing); alone

立身处世 立身處世 li4 shen1 chu3 shi4
the way of one's conduct and interaction in society (idiom)

量身 量身 liang2 shen1
to take sb's measurements; to measure sb up

量身定制 量身定製 liang2 shen1 ding4 zhi4

卖身 賣身 mai4 shen1
to prostitute oneself; to sell oneself into slavery

满身 滿身 man3 shen1
covered all over

满身尘埃 滿身塵埃 man3 shen1 chen2 ai1

毛出在羊身上 毛出在羊身上 mao2 chu1 zai4 yang2 shen1 shang4
lit. wool comes from the sheep's back (idiom); One gets the benefit, but the price has been paid.; Nothing comes for free.

明哲保身 明哲保身 ming2 zhe2 bao3 shen1
a wise man looks after his own hide (idiom); to put one's own safety before matters of principle

泥菩萨过江,自身难保 泥菩薩過江,自身難保 ni2 pu2 sa4 guo4 jiang1 - zi4 shen1 nan2 bao3
like a clay Bodhisattva fording a river, can't guarantee his own safety; unable to save oneself, let alone others

平身 平身 ping2 shen1
(old) to stand up (after kowtowing); You may rise.

破身 破身 po4 shen1
to lose one's virginity

栖身 棲身 qi1 shen1
to stay at; to live in (temporarily)

其自身 其自身 qi2 zi4 shen1
one's own (respective); proprietary

起身 起身 qi3 shen1
to get up; to leave; to set forth

牵一发而动全身 牽一髮而動全身 qian1 yi1 fa4 er2 dong4 quan2 shen1
lit. pull one hair and the whole body moves; fig. a slight change will affect everything else; the butterfly effect

前身 前身 qian2 shen1
forerunner; predecessor; precursor; previous incarnation (Buddhism); jacket front

欠身 欠身 qian4 shen1
to half rise out of one's chair (a polite gesture)

强身 強身 qiang2 shen1
to strengthen one's body; to keep fit; to build up one's health (through exercise, nutrition etc)

切身 切身 qie4 shen1
direct; concerning oneself; personal

亲身 親身 qin1 shen1
personal; oneself

罄身 罄身 qing4 shen1
nudity; nakedness

罄身儿 罄身兒 qing4 shen1 er5
erhua variant of 罄身

全身 全身 quan2 shen1
whole body; em (typography)

全身而退 全身而退 quan2 shen1 er2 tui4
to escape unscathed; to get through in one piece

全身麻醉 全身麻醉 quan2 shen1 ma2 zui4
general anesthetic

全身心 全身心 quan2 shen1 xin1
wholeheartedly; (to devote oneself) heart and soul

全身中毒性毒剂 全身中毒性毒劑 quan2 shen1 zhong1 du2 xing4 du2 ji4
systemic agent; systemic gas; systemic poison

惹火烧身 惹火燒身 re3 huo3 shao1 shen1
stir up the fire and you get burnt (idiom); to get one's fingers burnt; fig. to suffer on account of one's own meddling

热身 熱身 re4 shen1
to warm up (sports); (fig.) to prepare; to get in condition

热身赛 熱身賽 re4 shen1 sai4
exhibition game

人身 人身 ren2 shen1
person; personal; human body

人身安全 人身安全 ren2 shen1 an1 quan2
personal safety

人身攻击 人身攻擊 ren2 shen1 gong1 ji1
personal attack

人身权 人身權 ren2 shen1 quan2
one's personal rights

人身事故 人身事故 ren2 shen1 shi4 gu4
accident causing injury or death

人头蛇身 人頭蛇身 ren2 tou2 she2 shen1
human head, snake's body; cf Nüwa 女娲氏 and Fuxi 伏羲氏 in some versions of mythology

人头狮身 人頭獅身 ren2 tou2 shi1 shen1

人在江湖,身不由己 人在江湖,身不由己 ren2 zai4 jiang1 hu2 - shen1 bu4 you2 ji3
you can't always do as you like; one has to compromise in this world (idiom)

容身 容身 rong2 shen1
to find a place where one can fit in; to make one's home; to seek shelter

柔身术 柔身術 rou2 shen1 shu4
contortion (performance art)

肉身 肉身 rou4 shen1
corporeal body

闪身 閃身 shan3 shen1
to dodge

上半身 上半身 shang4 ban4 shen1
the upper body

上身 上身 shang4 shen1
upper part of the body

舍得一身剐,敢把皇帝拉下马 捨得一身剮,敢把皇帝拉下馬 she3 de5 yi1 shen1 gua3 - gan3 ba3 huang2 di4 la1 xia4 ma3
one who does not fear the death of thousand cuts will dare to unhorse the emperor (proverb); to a fearless person, no fence is high enough

舍身 捨身 she3 shen1
to give one's life

舍身求法 捨身求法 she3 shen1 qiu2 fa3
to abandon one's body in the search for Buddha's truth (idiom)

设身处地 設身處地 she4 shen1 chu3 di4
to put oneself in sb else's shoes

身败名裂 身敗名裂 shen1 bai4 ming2 lie4
to lose one's standing; to have one's reputation swept away; a complete defeat and fall from grace

身板 身板 shen1 ban3
body; physique; physical condition

身板儿 身板兒 shen1 ban3 er5
erhua variant of 身板

身边 身邊 shen1 bian1
at one's side; on hand

身不由己 身不由己 shen1 bu4 you2 ji3
without the freedom to act independently (idiom); involuntary; not of one's own volition; in spite of oneself

身材 身材 shen1 cai2
stature; build (height and weight); figure

身才 身才 shen1 cai2
stature; build (height and weight); figure

身长 身長 shen1 chang2
height (of person); length of clothing from shoulders to bottom (tailor or dressmaker's measure)

身处 身處 shen1 chu3
in (some place); to be in (adversity, a difficult situation, danger, turmoil etc); to find oneself in; placed in; surrounded by

身穿 身穿 shen1 chuan1
to wear; wearing (a uniform)

身段 身段 shen1 duan4
a woman's physique; figure; posture on stage

身法 身法 shen1 fa3
pose or motion of one's body in martial arts

身分 身分 shen1 fen4
variant of 身份; identity; status; capacity; dignity; position; rank

身份 身份 shen1 fen4
identity; status; capacity; dignity; position; rank

身份盗窃 身份盜竊 shen1 fen4 dao4 qie4
identity theft

身份卡 身份卡 shen1 fen4 ka3
identity card; ID card

身份识别卡 身份識別卡 shen1 fen4 shi2 bie2 ka3
identification card; ID card

身份证 身份證 shen1 fen4 zheng4
identity card; ID

身分证 身分證 shen1 fen4 zheng4
identity card; also written 身份證|身份证

身份证号码 身份證號碼 shen1 fen4 zheng4 hao4 ma3
I.D. number

身分证号码 身分證號碼 shen1 fen4 zheng4 hao4 ma3
variant of 身份證號碼|身份证号码; I.D. number

身份证明 身份證明 shen1 fen4 zheng4 ming2
ID card; proof of identity

身负重伤 身負重傷 shen1 fu4 zhong4 shang1
seriously injured

身高 身高 shen1 gao1
(a person's) height

身高马大 身高馬大 shen1 gao1 ma3 da4
tall; huge

身故 身故 shen1 gu4
to die

身后 身後 shen1 hou4
posthumous; one's social background; behind the body

身怀六甲 身懷六甲 shen1 huai2 liu4 jia3
to be pregnant (idiom)

身价 身價 shen1 jia4
social status; price of a slave; price of a person (a sportsman etc); worth; value (of stocks, valuables etc)

身兼 身兼 shen1 jian1
holding two jobs simultaneously

身教 身教 shen1 jiao4
to teach by example

身教胜于言教 身教勝於言教 shen1 jiao4 sheng4 yu2 yan2 jiao4
teaching by example beats explaining in words (idiom); action speaks louder than words

身经百战 身經百戰 shen1 jing1 bai3 zhan4
lit. veteran of a hundred battles (idiom); fig. experienced; seasoned

身量 身量 shen1 liang5
height (of a person); stature; fig. reputation; standing

身披羽毛 身披羽毛 shen1 pi1 yu3 mao2

身强力壮 身強力壯 shen1 qiang2 li4 zhuang4
strong and vigorous; sturdy; robust

身轻如燕 身輕如燕 shen1 qing1 ru2 yan4
as lithe as a swallow (of athlete or beautiful girl)

身躯 身軀 shen1 qu1

身上 身上 shen1 shang5
on the body; at hand; among

身世 身世 shen1 shi4
one's life experience; one's lot; one's past history

身手 身手 shen1 shou3
skill; talent; agility

身态 身態 shen1 tai4
pose; figure; attitude

身体 身體 shen1 ti3
the body; one's health; in person

身体部分 身體部分 shen1 ti3 bu4 fen4
body part

身体检查 身體檢查 shen1 ti3 jian3 cha2
see 體格檢查|体格检查

身体力行 身體力行 shen1 ti3 li4 xing2
to practice what one preaches (idiom)

身体障害 身體障害 shen1 ti3 zhang4 hai4

身体质量指数 身體質量指數 shen1 ti3 zhi4 liang4 zhi3 shu4
body mass index (BMI)

身外之物 身外之物 shen1 wai4 zhi1 wu4
mere worldly possessions

身亡 身亡 shen1 wang2
to die

身为 身為 shen1 wei2
in the capacity of; as

身无分文 身無分文 shen1 wu2 fen1 wen2
penniless (idiom)

身先士卒 身先士卒 shen1 xian1 shi4 zu2
to fight at the head of one's troops; (fig.) to take the lead

身先朝露 身先朝露 shen1 xian1 zhao1 lu4
body will go with the morning dew (idiom); fig. ephemeral and precarious nature of human existence

身陷 身陷 shen1 xian4
to be trapped; to be imprisoned

身陷牢笼 身陷牢籠 shen1 xian4 lao2 long2
fallen into a trap

身陷牢狱 身陷牢獄 shen1 xian4 lao2 yu4
to go to prison; to be imprisoned

身陷囹圄 身陷囹圄 shen1 xian4 ling2 yu3
thrown into prison; behind bars

身心 身心 shen1 xin1
body and mind; mental and physical

身心交病 身心交病 shen1 xin1 jiao1 bing4
worn out in body and soul (idiom)

身心交瘁 身心交瘁 shen1 xin1 jiao1 cui4
worn out in body and soul (idiom)

身心俱疲 身心俱疲 shen1 xin1 ju4 pi2
physically and emotionally exhausted

身心科 身心科 shen1 xin1 ke1

身心爽快 身心爽快 shen1 xin1 shuang3 kuai4

身心障碍 身心障礙 shen1 xin1 zhang4 ai4

身型 身型 shen1 xing2
body shape

身形 身形 shen1 xing2
figure (esp. a woman's)

身影 身影 shen1 ying3
silhouette; figure

身孕 身孕 shen1 yun4
pregnancy; pregnant

身在曹营心在汉 身在曹營心在漢 shen1 zai4 cao2 ying2 xin1 zai4 han4
live in Cao camp but have the heart in Han camp (idiom.); to be somewhere while longing to be somewhere else

身在福中不知福 身在福中不知福 shen1 zai4 fu2 zhong1 bu4 zhi1 fu2
to live in plenty without appreciating it (idiom); not to know when one is well off

身着 身著 shen1 zhuo2
to wear

身子 身子 shen1 zi5
body; pregnancy; health

身子骨 身子骨 shen1 zi5 gu3
posture; upright posture

失身 失身 shi1 shen1
to lose one's virginity; to lose one's chastity

失身分 失身分 shi1 shen1 fen4

狮身人面像 獅身人面像 shi1 shen1 ren2 mian4 xiang4

守身 守身 shou3 shen1
to keep oneself pure; to preserve one's integrity; to remain chaste

守身如玉 守身如玉 shou3 shen1 ru2 yu4
to keep oneself pure; to preserve one's integrity; to remain chaste

瘦身 瘦身 shou4 shen1
to lose weight (intentionally); to slim down; (Tw) to downsize (a business)

束身 束身 shu4 shen1
to bind oneself; submission

树身 樹身 shu4 shen1
tree trunk

束身内衣 束身內衣 shu4 shen1 nei4 yi1

爽身粉 爽身粉 shuang3 shen1 fen3
baby powder; talcum powder

私定终身 私定終身 si1 ding4 zhong1 sheng1
to make a pledge to be married, without parents' approval

死无葬身之地 死無葬身之地 si3 wu2 zang4 shen1 zhi1 di4
to die without a burial site; to die a pauper; a tragic end

搜身 搜身 sou1 shen1
to do a body search; to frisk

塑身 塑身 su4 shen1
body sculpting (weight loss and exercise)

随身 隨身 sui2 shen1
to (carry) on one's person; to (take) with one

随身碟 隨身碟 sui2 shen1 die2
USB flash drive (Tw); see also 閃存盤|闪存盘

随身听 隨身聽 sui2 shen1 ting1
Walkman (trademark); portable stereo

它本身 它本身 ta1 ben3 shen1

探身 探身 tan4 shen1
to lean forward; to lean out (of a window, door etc)

探身子 探身子 tan4 shen1 zi5
to bend forward; to lean out

替身 替身 ti4 shen1
stand-in; substitute; body double; stuntman; scapegoat; fall guy; to stand in for sb else

替身演员 替身演員 ti4 shen1 yan3 yuan2
substitute actor (esp. in fights of theatrical stunts); stuntman

贴身 貼身 tie1 shen1
worn next to the skin; close-fitting; personal (servant etc)

贴身卫队 貼身衛隊 tie1 shen1 wei4 dui4
personal bodyguard

挺身 挺身 ting3 shen1
to straighten one's back

挺身而出 挺身而出 ting3 shen1 er2 chu1
to step forward bravely

童身 童身 tong2 shen1
undefiled body; virginity; virgin

投身 投身 tou2 shen1
to throw oneself into sth

土木身 土木身 tu3 mu4 shen1
one's body as wood and earth; undecorated; unvarnished (truth)

脱不了身 脫不了身 tuo1 bu4 liao3 shen1
busy and unable to get away

脱身 脫身 tuo1 shen1
to get away; to escape (from obligations); to free oneself; to disengage

完璧之身 完璧之身 wan2 bi4 zhi1 shen1
undefiled (girl); virgin; (of computer system) clean; uncorrupted

委身 委身 wei3 shen1
to give oneself wholly to; to put oneself at sb's service; (of a woman) to give one's body to; to marry

纹身 紋身 wen2 shen1

文身 文身 wen2 shen1
to tattoo

无处容身 無處容身 wu2 chu4 rong2 shen1
nowhere to hide

五短身材 五短身材 wu3 duan3 shen1 cai2
(of a person) short in stature

下半身 下半身 xia4 ban4 shen1
lower half of one's body

下身 下身 xia4 shen1
lower part of the body; genitalia; trousers

咸鱼翻身 鹹魚翻身 xian2 yu2 fan1 shen1
lit. the salted fish turns over (idiom); fig. to experience a reversal of fortune

献身 獻身 xian4 shen1
to commit one's energy to; to devote oneself to; to sacrifice one's life for; (coll.) (of a woman) to give one's virginity to

现身 現身 xian4 shen1
to show oneself; to appear; (of a deity) to appear in the flesh

现身说法 現身說法 xian4 shen1 shuo1 fa3
to talk from one's personal experience; to use oneself as an example

凶身 兇身 xiong1 shen1
demon; fiend

修身 修身 xiu1 shen1
to cultivate one's moral character; (fashion) slim-fit; body-hugging

言传身教 言傳身教 yan2 chuan2 shen1 jiao4
to teach by words and example (idiom)

言教不如身教 言教不如身教 yan2 jiao4 bu4 ru2 shen1 jiao4
Explaining in words is not as good as teaching by example (idiom). Action speaks louder than words.

验明正身 驗明正身 yan4 ming2 zheng4 shen1
to identify; to verify sb's identity; identification

羊毛出在羊身上 羊毛出在羊身上 yang2 mao2 chu1 zai4 yang2 shen1 shang4
lit. wool comes from the sheep's back (idiom); One gets the benefit, but the price has been paid.; Nothing comes for free.

养虎伤身 養虎傷身 yang3 hu3 shang1 shen1
Rear a tiger and court disaster. (idiom); fig. if you're too lenient with sb, he will damage you later; to cherish a snake in one's bosom

摇身 搖身 yao2 shen1
lit. to shake one's body; refers to abrupt transformation; same as 搖身一變|摇身一变

摇身一变 搖身一變 yao2 shen1 yi1 bian4
to change shape in a single shake; fig. to take on a new lease of life

一日为师,终身为父 一日為師,終身為父 yi1 ri4 wei2 shi1 - zhong1 shen1 wei2 fu4
lit. teacher for one day, father for ever (idiom)

一身 一身 yi1 shen1
whole body; from head to toe; single person; a suit of clothes

一身汗 一身汗 yi1 shen1 han4
sweating all over

一身两役 一身兩役 yi1 shen1 liang3 yi4
one person taking on two tasks simultaneously

一身是胆 一身是膽 yi1 shen1 shi4 dan3
devoid of fear (idiom); intrepid

一展身手 一展身手 yi1 zhan3 shen1 shou3
to showcase one's (unique) talents; to display one's (individual) prowess

以其人之道,还治其人之身 以其人之道,還治其人之身 yi3 qi2 ren2 zhi1 dao4 - huan2 zhi4 qi2 ren2 zhi1 shen1
to use an opponent's own methods to obtain retribution (idiom, from Song dynasty neo-Confucianist Zhu Xi 朱熹); to get revenge by playing sb back at his own game; to give sb a taste of his own medicine

以身报国 以身報國 yi3 shen1 bao4 guo2
to give one's body for the nation (idiom); to spend one's whole life in the service of the country

以身抵债 以身抵債 yi3 shen1 di3 zhai4
forced labor to repay a debt

以身试法 以身試法 yi3 shen1 shi4 fa3
to challenge the law (idiom); to knowingly violate the law

以身相许 以身相許 yi3 shen1 xiang1 xu3
to give one's heart to; to devote one's life to

以身许国 以身許國 yi3 shen1 xu3 guo2
to dedicate oneself to the cause of one's country (idiom)

以身作则 以身作則 yi3 shen1 zuo4 ze2
to set an example (idiom); to serve as a model

艺不压身 藝不壓身 yi4 bu4 ya1 shen1
see 藝多不壓身|艺多不压身

艺多不压身 藝多不壓身 yi4 duo1 bu4 ya1 shen1
it's always good to have more skills (idiom)

引火烧身 引火燒身 yin3 huo3 shao1 shen1
to invite trouble

隐身 隱身 yin3 shen1
to hide oneself; invisible (person or online status)

隐身草 隱身草 yin3 shen1 cao3
legendary grass conferring invisibility; fig. to conceal oneself or one's plans

隐身草儿 隱身草兒 yin3 shen1 cao3 er5
erhua variant of 隱身草|隐身草

有失身份 有失身份 you3 shi1 shen1 fen4
to be beneath one's dignity

有氧健身操 有氧健身操 you3 yang3 jian4 shen1 cao1

欲火焚身 慾火焚身 yu4 huo3 fen2 shen1
burning with desire

殒身不恤 殞身不恤 yun3 shen1 bu4 xu4
to die without regrets (idiom); to sacrifice oneself without hesitation

在身 在身 zai4 shen1
to possess; to be occupied or burdened with (work, a contract, a lawsuit)

葬身 葬身 zang4 shen1
to bury a corpse; to be buried

澡身浴德 澡身浴德 zao3 shen1 yu4 de2
to bathe the body and cleanse virtue (idiom); to improve oneself by meditation; cleanliness is next to godliness

真身 真身 zhen1 shen1
the real body (of Buddha or a God); true effigy

只身 隻身 zhi1 shen1
alone; by oneself

置身 置身 zhi4 shen1
to place oneself; to stay

置身事外 置身事外 zhi4 shen1 shi4 wai4
not to get involved; to stay out of it

终身 終身 zhong1 shen1
lifelong; all one's life; marriage

终身大事 終身大事 zhong1 shen1 da4 shi4
major turning point of lifelong import (esp. marriage)

终身俸 終身俸 zhong1 shen1 feng4
(Tw) retirement pay; pension

终身监禁 終身監禁 zhong1 shen1 jian1 jin4
life sentence

重身子 重身子 zhong4 shen1 zi5
pregnant; pregnant woman

周身 周身 zhou1 shen1
whole body

柱身 柱身 zhu4 shen1
column shaft (architecture)

转身 轉身 zhuan3 shen1
(of a person) to turn round; to face about; (of a widow) to remarry (archaic)

濯身 濯身 zhuo2 shen1
to keep oneself clean (figurative)

自身 自身 zi4 shen1
itself; oneself; one's own

自身利益 自身利益 zi4 shen1 li4 yi4
one's own interests

自身难保 自身難保 zi4 shen1 nan2 bao3
powerless to defend oneself (idiom); helpless

纵身 縱身 zong4 shen1
to leap; to spring; to throw oneself