old variant of 邪

demonic; iniquitous; nefarious; evil; unhealthy influences that cause disease (Chinese medicine)

strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
辟邪 辟邪 bi4 xie2
to ward off evil spirits; mythical lion-like animal that wards off evil (also called 貔貅)

避邪 避邪 bi4 xie2
to avoid evil spirits

病邪 病邪 bing4 xie2
pathogeny (cause of disease) in TCM; as opposed to vital energy 正氣|正气

谗邪 讒邪 chan2 xie2
lies and slander; malicious calumny

除邪 除邪 chu2 xie2
to guard against evil; to exorcise

风邪 風邪 feng1 xie2
pathogenic influence (TCM)

扶正压邪 扶正壓邪 fu2 zheng4 ya1 xie2
to uphold good and suppress evil (idiom)

改邪归正 改邪歸正 gai3 xie2 gui1 zheng4
to mend one's ways (idiom); to turn over a new leaf

奸邪 奸邪 jian1 xie2
crafty and evil; a treacherous villain

六邪 六邪 liu4 xie2
(TCM) six unhealthy influences causing illness, namely: excessive wind 風|风, cold 寒, heat 暑, damp 濕|湿, dryness 燥, fire 火

偏邪不正 偏邪不正 pian1 xie2 bu4 zheng4
biased; prejudiced (idiom)

弃邪归正 棄邪歸正 qi4 xie2 gui1 zheng4
to give up evil and return to virtue

祛邪 祛邪 qu1 xie2
to exorcise; to drive away evil spirits

驱邪 驅邪 qu1 xie2
to drive out devils; exorcism

祛邪除灾 祛邪除災 qu1 xie2 chu2 zai1
to drive away demons to prevent calamity (idiom)

舍正从邪 捨正從邪 she3 zheng4 cong2 xie2
to be corrupted by evil influences (idiom)

歪风邪气 歪風邪氣 wai1 feng1 xie2 qi4
noxious winds, evil influences (idiom); malignant social trends

歪门邪道 歪門邪道 wai1 men2 xie2 dao4
dishonest practices

无邪 無邪 wu2 xie2
without guilt

消灾避邪 消災避邪 xiao1 zai1 bi4 xie2
to avoid calamities and evil spirits

邪不敌正 邪不敵正 xie2 bu4 di2 zheng4
good will always triumph over evil (idiom)

邪财 邪財 xie2 cai2
windfall; easy money; ill-gotten gains

邪荡 邪蕩 xie2 dang4

邪道 邪道 xie2 dao4
depraved life; evil ways; fornication

邪典电影 邪典電影 xie2 dian3 dian4 ying3
cult film

邪恶 邪惡 xie2 e4
sinister; vicious; wicked; evil

邪恶轴心 邪惡軸心 xie2 e4 zhou2 xin1
the Axis of Evil

邪乎 邪乎 xie2 hu5
extraordinary; severe; exaggerated; overstated; fantastic; incredible

邪教 邪教 xie2 jiao4
evil cult

邪径 邪徑 xie2 jing4
depraved life; evil ways; fornication

邪灵 邪靈 xie2 ling2
evil spirits

邪路 邪路 xie2 lu4
see 邪道

邪门 邪門 xie2 men2
strange; unusual; evil ways; dishonest practices

邪门歪道 邪門歪道 xie2 men2 wai1 dao4
lit. devil's gate, crooked path (idiom); corrupt practices; crooked methods; dishonesty

邪魔 邪魔 xie2 mo2
evil spirit

邪念 邪念 xie2 nian4
wicked idea; evil thought; evil desire

邪气 邪氣 xie2 qi4
evil influence; unhealthy trend; pathogeny (cause of disease) in TCM; as opposed to vital energy 正氣|正气

邪术 邪術 xie2 shu4

邪说 邪說 xie2 shuo1
harmful teachings; evil doctrine

邪祟 邪祟 xie2 sui4
evil spirit

邪知邪见 邪知邪見 xie2 zhi1 xie2 jian4
false wisdom and erroneous views (Buddhism)

妖邪 妖邪 yao1 xie2
evil monster

正邪 正邪 zheng4 xie2
opposition between vital energy 正氣|正气 and pathogeny 邪氣|邪气 (TCM)

正邪相争 正邪相爭 zheng4 xie2 xiang1 zheng1
term in TCM describing the progress of disease as an opposition between vital energy 正氣|正气 and pathogeny 邪氣|邪气

中邪 中邪 zhong4 xie2
to be possessed; to be bewitched