to pour wine; to drink wine; to deliberate; to consider

strokes 10
strokes after radical 3
便酌 便酌 bian4 zhuo2
informal dinner

参酌 參酌 can1 zhuo2
to consider (a matter); to deliberate

独酌 獨酌 du2 zhuo2
to drink alone

对酌 對酌 dui4 zhuo2
to sit face-to-face and drink

菲酌 菲酌 fei1 zhuo2
the poor food I offer you (humble); my inadequate hospitality

衡情酌理 衡情酌理 heng2 qing2 zhuo2 li3
to weight the matter and deliberate the reason (idiom); to weigh and consider; to deliberate

衡酌 衡酌 heng2 zhuo2
to weigh and consider; to deliberate; short form of idiom 衡情酌理

江酌之喜 江酌之喜 jiang1 zhuo2 zhi1 xi3
feast at the birth of a child

清酌 清酌 qing1 zhuo2
wine offered to gods in worship

商酌 商酌 shang1 zhuo2
to deliberate

审酌 審酌 shen3 zhuo2
examination; to check and review

小酌 小酌 xiao3 zhuo2
to have a drink; small party

挹酌 挹酌 yi4 zhuo2
to pour out wine

斟酌 斟酌 zhen1 zhuo2
to consider; to deliberate; to fill up a cup to the brim

斟酌决定权 斟酌決定權 zhen1 zhuo2 jue2 ding4 quan2
discretionary power

斟酌字句 斟酌字句 zhen1 zhuo2 zi4 ju4
to measure one's words

酌办 酌辦 zhuo2 ban4
to do as one thinks fit; to handle by taking circumstances into consideration

酌裁 酌裁 zhuo2 cai2
to consider and decide

酌处 酌處 zhuo2 chu3
to use one's own discretion

酌处权 酌處權 zhuo2 chu3 quan2
discretion; discretionary power

酌定 酌定 zhuo2 ding4
to decide after intense deliberation

酌夺 酌奪 zhuo2 duo2
to make a considered decision

酌核 酌核 zhuo2 he2
to verify after consultation

酌加 酌加 zhuo2 jia1
to make considered additions

酌减 酌減 zhuo2 jian3
to make considered reductions; discretionary reduction

酌酒 酌酒 zhuo2 jiu3
to pour wine

酌量 酌量 zhuo2 liang2
to consider; to allow for; to use one's discretion; to measure (food and drink)

酌满 酌滿 zhuo2 man3
to fill up (a wine glass) to the brim

酌情 酌情 zhuo2 qing2
to use discretion; to take circumstances into account; to make allowances pertinent to a situation

酌情办理 酌情辦理 zhuo2 qing2 ban4 li3
to act after full consideration of the actual situation

酌情处理 酌情處理 zhuo2 qing2 chu3 li3
see 酌情辦理|酌情办理

酌收 酌收 zhuo2 shou1
to charge different prices according to the situation; to collect (items) as appropriate

酌献 酌獻 zhuo2 xian4
to honor a deity with wine

酌议 酌議 zhuo2 yi4
to consider and discuss

酌予 酌予 zhuo2 yu3
to give as one sees fit

字斟句酌 字斟句酌 zi4 zhen1 ju4 zhuo2
weighing every word

自酌 自酌 zi4 zhuo2
to enjoy a cup of wine by oneself