strokes 12
strokes after radical 5
酣畅 酣暢 han1 chang4
unrestrained; cheerful lack of inhibition, esp. for drinking or sleeping; to drink with abandon

酣畅淋漓 酣暢淋漓 han1 chang4 lin2 li2
to one's heart's content (idiom)

酣眠 酣眠 han1 mian2
to sleep soundly; fast asleep

酣睡 酣睡 han1 shui4
to sleep soundly; to fall into a deep sleep

酣饮 酣飲 han1 yin3
to drink one's fill

酣战 酣戰 han1 zhan4
to fight lustily

酣醉 酣醉 han1 zui4
to be dead drunk

酒酣耳热 酒酣耳熱 jiu3 han1 er3 re4
tipsy and merry (idiom)

酒至半酣 酒至半酣 jiu3 zhi4 ban4 han1
to drink until one is half drunk

战酣 戰酣 zhan4 han1
(literary) at the height of the battle