to wake up; to be awake; to become aware; to sober up; to come to

strokes 16
strokes after radical 9
半梦半醒 半夢半醒 ban4 meng4 ban4 xing3
half-awake; half-asleep

吵醒 吵醒 chao3 xing3
to wake sb up with a noise

发人深醒 發人深醒 fa1 ren2 shen1 xing3
variant of 發人深省|发人深省

唤醒 喚醒 huan4 xing3
to wake sb; to rouse

恍然醒悟 恍然醒悟 huang3 ran2 xing3 wu4
a sudden realisation; to realise sth in a flash

昏迷不醒 昏迷不醒 hun1 mi2 bu4 xing3
to remain unconscious

叫醒 叫醒 jiao4 xing3
to awaken; to wake sb up; to rouse

叫醒服务 叫醒服務 jiao4 xing3 fu2 wu4
morning call; wake-up call (hotel service)

惊醒 驚醒 jing1 xing3
to rouse; to be woken by sth; to wake with a start; to sleep lightly

警醒 警醒 jing3 xing3
to be alert

酒醒 酒醒 jiu3 xing3
to sober up

觉醒 覺醒 jue2 xing3
to awaken; to come to realize; awakened to the truth; the truth dawns upon one; scales fall from the eyes; to become aware

灵醒 靈醒 ling2 xing3
(of senses, mind etc) alert; keen; clear-minded

猛醒 猛醒 meng3 xing3
to realise suddenly; to wake up to the truth

弄醒 弄醒 nong4 xing3
to wake sb up

清醒 清醒 qing1 xing3
clear-headed; sober; awake

睡醒 睡醒 shui4 xing3
to wake up; awake; conscious

苏醒 甦醒 su1 xing3
to come to; to awaken; to regain consciousness

提神醒脑 提神醒腦 ti2 shen2 xing3 nao3
to refresh and clear the mind (idiom); invigorating; bracing

提醒 提醒 ti2 xing3
to remind; to call attention to; to warn of

提醒物 提醒物 ti2 xing3 wu4

醒豁 醒豁 xing3 huo4
clear; unambiguous

醒酒 醒酒 xing3 jiu3
to dissipate the effects of alcohol; to sober up

醒来 醒來 xing3 lai2
to waken

醒面 醒麵 xing3 mian4
to let the dough rest (after mixing it)

醒目 醒目 xing3 mu4
eye-grabbing (headline); striking (illustration)

醒世恒言 醒世恆言 xing3 shi4 heng2 yan2
Stories to Awaken the World, vernacular short stories by Feng Menglong 馮夢龍|冯梦龙 published in 1627

醒悟 醒悟 xing3 wu4
to come to oneself; to come to realize; to come to see the truth; to wake up to reality

一觉醒来 一覺醒來 yi1 jiao4 xing3 lai2
to wake up from a sleep