to ferment; to brew; to make honey (of bees); to lead to; to form gradually; wine; stuffed vegetables (cooking method)

strokes 24
strokes after radical 17
佳丽酿 佳麗釀 jia1 li4 niang2
Carignan (grape type)

佳酿 佳釀 jia1 niang4
excellent wine

酒酿 酒釀 jiu3 niang4
sweet fermented rice; glutinous rice wine

酿成 釀成 niang4 cheng2
to form gradually; to lead to

酿酒 釀酒 niang4 jiu3
to brew wine

酿酒业 釀酒業 niang4 jiu3 ye4
brewing industry; wine industry

酿酶 釀酶 niang4 mei2
zymase (enzyme in yeast involved in fermentation)

酿母菌 釀母菌 niang4 mu3 jun1

酿热物 釀熱物 niang4 re4 wu4
biological fuel (such as horse dung)

酿造 釀造 niang4 zao4
to brew; to make (wine, vinegar, soybean paste etc) by fermentation

酿造学 釀造學 niang4 zao4 xue2

私酿 私釀 si1 niang4
to brew alcoholic drinks illegally

甜酒酿 甜酒釀 tian2 jiu3 niang4
fermented rice

酝酿 醞釀 yun4 niang4
(of alcohol) to ferment; (of a crisis) to be brewing; to mull over (an issue); to hold exploratory discussions