to pick; to pluck; to collect; to select; to choose; to gather

color; complexion; looks; variant of 彩; variant of 採|采

allotment to a feudal noble

strokes 8
strokes after radical 1
剥采比 剝採比 bo1 cai3 bi3
stripping-to-ore ratio; stripping ratio

采办 採辦 cai3 ban4
to buy on a considerable scale; to purchase; to procure; to stock up

采场 採場 cai3 chang3

采出 採出 cai3 chu1
to extract; to mine

采伐 採伐 cai3 fa2
to fell; to cut

采访 採訪 cai3 fang3
to interview; to gather news; to hunt for and collect; to cover

采访记者 採訪記者 cai3 fang3 ji4 zhe3
investigative reporter

采风 採風 cai3 feng1
to collect local cultural material (recording folk songs, taking photos etc)

采购 採購 cai3 gou4
to procure (for an enterprise etc); to purchase

采购商 採購商 cai3 gou4 shang1

采购员 採購員 cai3 gou4 yuan2
buyer; purchasing agent

采光 採光 cai3 guang1
lighting; day lighting

采果 採果 cai3 guo3
fruit picking

采花 採花 cai3 hua1
to pick flowers; to enter houses at night in order to rape women

采花大盗 採花大盜 cai3 hua1 da4 dao4
lit. flower thief; fig. rapist

采花贼 採花賊 cai3 hua1 zei2
lit. flower thief; fig. rapist

采集 採集 cai3 ji2
to gather; to collect; to harvest

采景 採景 cai3 jing3
to choose a location; to frame a shot (for filming, photography etc)

采掘 採掘 cai3 jue2
to excavate; to extract (ore)

采矿 採礦 cai3 kuang4

采矿场 采礦場 cai3 kuang4 chang3
mining area

采矿业 採礦業 cai3 kuang4 ye4

采兰赠芍 採蘭贈芍 cai3 lan2 zeng4 shao2
lit. pick orchids and present peonies (idiom); fig. presents between lovers

采录 採錄 cai3 lu4
collect and record

采买 採買 cai3 mai3
purchase; buy

采煤 採煤 cai3 mei2
coal mining; coal extraction; coal cutting

采棉机 採棉機 cai3 mian2 ji1
cotton picker

采纳 採納 cai3 na4
to accept; to adopt

采暖 採暖 cai3 nuan3

采取 採取 cai3 qu3
to adopt or carry out (measures, policies, course of action); to take

采取措施 採取措施 cai3 qu3 cuo4 shi1
to adopt measures; to take steps

采取行动 採取行動 cai3 qu3 xing2 dong4
to take action; to adopt policies; to move on some issue

采砂场 採砂場 cai3 sha1 chang3
sandpit; sand quarry

采声 采聲 cai3 sheng1

采食 採食 cai3 shi2
to forage; to gather for eating; to pick and eat

采石场 採石場 cai3 shi2 chang3
stone pit; quarry

采收率 採收率 cai3 shou1 lv4
recovery ratio

采样 採樣 cai3 yang4

采样率 採樣率 cai3 yang4 lv4
sampling rate

采邑 採邑 cai3 yi4
fief; benefice

采用 採用 cai3 yong4
to adopt; to employ; to use

采油 採油 cai3 you2
oil extraction; oil recovery

采择 採擇 cai3 ze2
to choose and use; to adopt (a decision)

采摘 採摘 cai3 zhai1
to pluck; to pick

采证 採證 cai3 zheng4
to collect evidence

采脂 採脂 cai3 zhi1
tree tapping

采制 採制 cai3 zhi4
collect and process

采种 採種 cai3 zhong3
seed collecting

采珠 採珠 cai3 zhu1
to dive for pearls

采珠人 採珠人 cai3 zhu1 ren2
The Pearl Fishers, 1863 opera by Georges Bizet 比才

倒采 倒采 dao4 cai3
variant of 倒彩

盗采 盜採 dao4 cai3
to mine (or harvest, log, trap animals etc) illegally; illegal mining (or logging etc)

多采 多采 duo1 cai3
variant of 多彩

丰采 丰采 feng1 cai3
variant of 風采|风采

风采 風采 feng1 cai3
svelte; elegant manner; graceful bearing

喝采 喝采 he4 cai3
acclaim; cheer

回采 回採 hui2 cai3
stoping (excavating ore using stepped terraces); to extract ore; extraction; to pull back

开采 開採 kai1 cai3
to extract (ore or other resource from a mine); to exploit; to mine

可采 可採 ke3 cai3
(mining) recoverable; workable

可采性 可採性 ke3 cai3 xing4
(mining) workability (of deposits of coal, ore etc)

可采性 可采性 ke3 cai3 xing4
(law) admissibility (of evidence in court)

没精打采 沒精打采 mei2 jing1 da3 cai3
listless; dispirited; washed out; also written 沒精打彩|没精打彩

尼采 尼採 ni2 cai3
Friedrich Nietzsche (1846-1900), German philosopher

神采 神采 shen2 cai3
expression; spirit; vigor

神采飞扬 神采飛揚 shen2 cai3 fei1 yang2
in high spirits (idiom); glowing with health and vigor

神采奕奕 神采奕奕 shen2 cai3 yi4 yi4
in glowing spirits (idiom); bursting with life; radiating health and vigor

文采 文采 wen2 cai3
literary talent; literary grace; rich and bright colors

无精打采 無精打采 wu2 jing1 da3 cai3
dispirited and downcast (idiom); listless; in low spirits; washed out

现场采访 現場採訪 xian4 chang3 cai3 fang3
on-the-spot interview

兴高采烈 興高采烈 xing4 gao1 cai3 lie4
happy and excited (idiom); in high spirits; in great delight

杨采妮 楊采妮 yang2 cai3 ni1
Charlie Young (1974-), Hong Kong actress and singer

应采儿 應採兒 ying1 cai3 er2
Cherrie Ying Choi-Yi (1983-), actress