to explain; to release; Buddha (abbr. for 釋迦牟尼|释迦牟尼); Buddhism

strokes 20
strokes after radical 13
爱不忍释 愛不忍釋 ai4 bu4 ren3 shi4
to love sth too much to part with it (idiom)

爱不释手 愛不釋手 ai4 bu4 shi4 shou3
to love sth too much to part with it (idiom); to fondle admiringly

保释 保釋 bao3 shi4
to release on bail; to bail

杯酒释兵权 杯酒釋兵權 bei1 jiu3 shi4 bing1 quan2
to dismiss military hierarchy using wine cups; cf Song founding Emperor Song Taizu 宋太祖 holds a banquet in 961 and persuades his senior army commanders to go home to their provinces

冰释 冰釋 bing1 shi4
to dispel (enmity, misunderstandings etc); to vanish (of misgivings, differences of opinion); thaw (in relations)

冰释前嫌 冰釋前嫌 bing1 shi4 qian2 xian2
to forget previous differences; to bury the hatchet

阐释 闡釋 chan3 shi4
to explain; to expound; to interpret; elucidation

涣然冰释 渙然冰釋 huan4 ran2 bing1 shi4
to melt away (idiom); to dissipate; to vanish

获释 獲釋 huo4 shi4
freed (from prison); to obtain release

假释 假釋 jia3 shi4

交保释放 交保釋放 jiao1 bao3 shi4 fang4
to release sb on bail

解释 解釋 jie3 shi4
explanation; to explain; to interpret; to resolve

解释器 解釋器 jie3 shi4 qi4
interpreter (computing)

解释执行 解釋執行 jie3 shi4 zhi2 xing2
interpreted (computer)

尽释前嫌 盡釋前嫌 jin4 shi4 qian2 xian2
to forget former enmity (idiom)

开释 開釋 kai1 shi4
to release (a prisoner)

略释 略釋 lve4 shi4
a brief explanation; to summarize

取保释放 取保釋放 qu3 bao3 shi4 fang4
to be released on bail (law)

诠释 詮釋 quan2 shi4
to interpret; to comment and explain; to annotate; to perform (i.e. interpret a theatrical role); to decode; interpretation; annotation

诠释学 詮釋學 quan2 shi4 xue2

诠释资料 詮釋資料 quan2 shi4 zi1 liao4

热释光 熱釋光 re4 shi4 guang1

如释重负 如釋重負 ru2 shi4 zhong4 fu4
as if relieved from a burden (idiom); to have a weight off one's mind

释出 釋出 shi4 chu1
to release; to make available; to liberate; disengagement

释除 釋除 shi4 chu2
to dispel (doubts)

释典 釋典 shi4 dian3
Buddhist doctrine; sutras

释读 釋讀 shi4 du2
to read and interpret ancient texts; to decipher

释放 釋放 shi4 fang4
to release; to set free; to liberate (a prisoner); to discharge

释放出狱 釋放出獄 shi4 fang4 chu1 yu4
to release from jail

释怀 釋懷 shi4 huai2
to release (tension); relief (from suspense); to dispel (usu. with negative, unable to forget)

释回 釋回 shi4 hui2
to release from custody

释迦 釋迦 shi4 jia1
Sakya (name of a north Indian tribe); abbr. for 釋迦牟尼|释迦牟尼 Sakyamuni Buddha; sugar apple

释迦佛 釋迦佛 shi4 jia1 fo2
Sakyamuni Buddha (Sanskrit: sage of the Sakya); Siddhartha Gautama (563-485 BC), the historical Buddha and founder of Buddhism

释迦牟尼 釋迦牟尼 shi4 jia1 mou2 ni2
Siddhartha Gautama (563-485 BC), the historical Buddha and founder of Buddhism; Sakyamuni Buddha (Sanskrit: sage of the Sakya)

释迦牟尼佛 釋迦牟尼佛 shi4 jia1 mou2 ni2 fo2
Sakyamuni Buddha (Sanskrit: sage of the Sakya); Siddhartha Gautama (563-485 BC), the historical Buddha and founder of Buddhism

释教 釋教 shi4 jiao4

释经 釋經 shi4 jing1
exegesis; explanation of classic text

释卷 釋卷 shi4 juan4
to stop reading

释名 釋名 shi4 ming2
"Shiming", late Han dictionary, containing 1502 entries, using puns on the pronunciation of headwords to explain their meaning

释念 釋念 shi4 nian4
(literary) to be reassured; not to worry

释然 釋然 shi4 ran2
relieved; at ease; feel relieved

释手 釋手 shi4 shou3
to let go; to loosen one's grip; to put sth down

释俗 釋俗 shi4 su2
to explain in simple terms

释文 釋文 shi4 wen2
interpreting words; to explain the meaning of words in classic texts; to decipher an old script

释嫌 釋嫌 shi4 xian2
to forget bad feelings; to mend a relationship

释疑 釋疑 shi4 yi2
to dispel doubts; to clear up difficulties

释义 釋義 shi4 yi4
the meaning of sth; an explanation of the meaning of words or phrases; definition; an interpretation (of doctrine); religious doctrine

释尊 釋尊 shi4 zun1
another name for Sakyamuni 釋迦牟尼佛|释迦牟尼佛, the historical Buddha

手不释卷 手不釋卷 shou3 bu4 shi4 juan4
lit. always with a book in hand (idiom); fig. (of a student or scholar) diligent and hardworking

稀释 稀釋 xi1 shi4
to dilute

消释 消釋 xiao1 shi4
to dispel (doubts); to clear up (misunderstanding)

训释 訓釋 xun4 shi4
to explain; to interpret; interpretation

真释 真釋 zhen1 shi4
true explanation; genuine reason

注释 注釋 zhu4 shi4
marginal notes; annotation; to annotate; to add comments to text