to repeat; repetition; again; re-; classifier: layer

heavy; serious; to attach importance to

strokes 9
strokes after radical 2
安土重迁 安土重遷 an1 tu3 zhong4 qian1
to hate to leave a place where one has lived long; to be attached to one's native land and unwilling to leave it

安重根 安重根 an1 zhong4 gen1
An Jung-geun or Ahn Joong-keun (1879-1910), Korean independence activist, famous as assassin of Japanese prime minister ITŌ Hirobumi 伊藤博文 in 1909

八重奏 八重奏 ba1 chong2 zou4
octet (musical ensemble)

包括内置配重 包括內置配重 bao1 kuo4 nei4 zhi4 pei4 zhong4
integrated weights (diving)

保重 保重 bao3 zhong4
to take care of oneself

笨重 笨重 ben4 zhong4
heavy; cumbersome; unwieldy

比重 比重 bi3 zhong4
proportion; specific gravity

必有重谢 必有重謝 bi4 you3 zhong4 xie4
(we) will be very grateful (if …)

避重就轻 避重就輕 bi4 zhong4 jiu4 qing1
to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial; to keep silent about major charges while admitting minor ones

病重 病重 bing4 zhong4
seriously ill

并重 並重 bing4 zhong4
to lay equal stress on; to pay equal attention to

波美比重计 波美比重計 bo1 mei3 bi3 zhong4 ji4
Baume hydrometer

不知轻重 不知輕重 bu4 zhi1 qing1 zhong4
lit. not knowing what's important (idiom); no appreciation of the gravity of things; naive; doesn't know who's who; no sense of priorities

惨重 慘重 can3 zhong4

侧重 側重 ce4 zhong4
to place particular emphasis on

侧重点 側重點 ce4 zhong4 dian3
main point; emphasis

超重 超重 chao1 zhong4
overweight (baggage, freight)

超重氢 超重氫 chao1 zhong4 qing1
tritium; 3H; radioactive isotope of hydrogen having 2 neutrons in its nucleus, so atomic weight 3

沉重 沉重 chen2 zhong4
heavy; hard; serious; critical

沉重打击 沉重打擊 chen2 zhong4 da3 ji1
to hit hard

称重 稱重 cheng1 zhong4
to weigh

承重 承重 cheng2 zhong4
to sustain; to bear the weight (of the upper storeys in architecture); load-bearing

承重孙 承重孫 cheng2 zhong4 sun1
eldest grandson (to sustain upper storeys of ancestor worship)

吃重 吃重 chi1 zhong4
(of a role) arduous; important; (a vehicle's) loading capacity

持重 持重 chi2 zhong4
prudent; cautious; to be in charge of ritual ceremonies; to hold an important office

重版 重版 chong2 ban3
to republish

重瓣 重瓣 chong2 ban4
double petal; double valve

重编 重編 chong2 bian1
(of a dictionary etc) revised edition

重操旧业 重操舊業 chong2 cao1 jiu4 ye4
to resume one's old trade (idiom)

重插 重插 chong2 cha1
to replug; to disconnect and reconnect (from a plug, port, connection etc)

重查 重查 chong2 cha2
to investigate again; to reopen a case

重重 重重 chong2 chong2
layer upon layer; one after another

重出江湖 重出江湖 chong2 chu1 jiang1 hu2
(of a person) to return to the fray after a period of inactivity; to jump back into the thick of things; (of sth that was once popular) to be resurrected; to make a comeback

重蹈 重蹈 chong2 dao3
to repeat; to follow the same road as

重蹈覆辙 重蹈覆轍 chong2 dao3 fu4 zhe2
to follow the track of an overturned cart; to repeat a disastrous policy

重点 重點 chong2 dian3
to recount (e.g. results of election); to re-evaluate

重叠 重疊 chong2 die2
to overlap; to superimpose; to telescope; to run together; to duplicate; one over another; superposition; an overlap; redundancy; reduplication (in Chinese grammar, e.g. 散散步 to have a stroll)

重迭 重迭 chong2 die2
variant of 重疊|重叠

重定向 重定向 chong2 ding4 xiang4
to redirect

重睹天日 重睹天日 chong2 du3 tian1 ri4
to see the light again (idiom); delivered from oppression

重返 重返 chong2 fan3
to return to

重访 重訪 chong2 fang3
to revisit

重逢 重逢 chong2 feng2
to meet again; to be reunited; reunion

重复 重覆 chong2 fu4
variant of 重複|重复

重复 重複 chong2 fu4
to repeat; to duplicate

重复法 重複法 chong2 fu4 fa3
repetition; duplication; reduplication; anadiplosis

重复节 重複節 chong2 fu4 jie2
repeated segment (networking)

重复启动效应 重複啟動效應 chong2 fu4 qi3 dong4 xiao4 ying4
repetition priming effect

重复使力伤害 重複使力傷害 chong2 fu4 shi3 li4 shang1 hai4
repetitive strain injury (RSI)

重复性 重覆性 chong2 fu4 xing4

重复语境 重複語境 chong2 fu4 yu3 jing4
duplicate context

重构 重構 chong2 gou4
to reconstruct; reconstruction; (computing) refactoring

重估 重估 chong2 gu1

重估后 重估後 chong2 gu1 hou4
after revaluation

重合 重合 chong2 he2
to match up; to coincide

重回 重回 chong2 hui2
to return

重婚 重婚 chong2 hun1

重婚罪 重婚罪 chong2 hun1 zui4

重混 重混 chong2 hun4
remix (music)

重获 重獲 chong2 huo4
recovery; to recover

重建 重建 chong2 jian4
to rebuild; to reestablish; reconstruction; rebuilding

重见天日 重見天日 chong2 jian4 tian1 ri4
to see the light again (idiom); delivered from oppression

重结晶 重結晶 chong2 jie2 jing1
to recrystallize

重九 重九 chong2 jiu3
the Double Ninth Festival (9th day of the 9th lunar month)

重聚 重聚 chong2 ju4
to meet again

重开 重開 chong2 kai1
to reopen

重来 重來 chong2 lai2
to start over; to do sth all over again

重历旧游 重歷舊遊 chong2 li4 jiu4 you2
to revisit; to return to a previously visited spot

重楼 重樓 chong2 lou2
multi-storied building

重峦叠嶂 重巒疊嶂 chong2 luan2 die2 zhang4
range upon range of mountains (idiom)

重码 重碼 chong2 ma3
repeated code; coincident code (i.e. two characters or words having the same encoding)

重码词频 重碼詞頻 chong2 ma3 ci2 pin2
frequency of coincident codes

重评 重評 chong2 ping2
to reevaluate; to reassess

重启 重啟 chong2 qi3
to reopen; to restart

重起炉灶 重起爐竈 chong2 qi3 lu2 zao4
to start over from scratch (idiom)

重庆 重慶 chong2 qing4
Chongqing city (Chungking), formerly in Sichuan province, a municipality since 1997, short name 渝

重庆大学 重慶大學 chong2 qing4 da4 xue2
Chongqing University

重庆科技学院 重慶科技學院 chong2 qing4 ke1 ji4 xue2 yuan4
Chongqing Science and Technology University

重庆市 重慶市 chong2 qing4 shi4
Chongqing city, formerly in Sichuan province, a municipality since 1997, short name 渝

重设 重設 chong2 she4
to reset

重申 重申 chong2 shen1
to reaffirm; to reiterate

重审 重審 chong2 shen3
to re-investigate; to investigate and reconsider a judgment

重生 重生 chong2 sheng1

重拾 重拾 chong2 shi2
to pick up (a theme etc); to regain (confidence); to revive (a custom, friendship etc)

重述 重述 chong2 shu4
to repeat; to restate; to recapitulate

重塑 重塑 chong2 su4
to reconstruct (an art object); to remodel

重算 重算 chong2 suan4
to recalculate; to reckon again

重孙 重孫 chong2 sun1

重孙女 重孫女 chong2 sun1 nv3

重孙子 重孫子 chong2 sun1 zi5

重沓 重沓 chong2 ta4
redundant; to pile up

重弹 重彈 chong2 tan2
to replay string instrument; fig. to harp on the same string; to raise the same old topic again

重碳酸钙 重碳酸鈣 chong2 tan4 suan1 gai4
calcium bicarbonate Ca(HCO3)2

重碳酸盐 重碳酸鹽 chong2 tan4 suan1 yan2

重提 重提 chong2 ti2
to raise the same topic

重提旧事 重提舊事 chong2 ti2 jiu4 shi4
to raise the same old topic again; to hark back

重围 重圍 chong2 wei2
to redouble a siege

重温 重溫 chong2 wen1
to learn sth over again; to review; to brush up; to revive (memories, friendship etc)

重温旧梦 重溫舊夢 chong2 wen1 jiu4 meng4
to revive old dreams (idiom); to relive past experiences

重温旧业 重溫舊業 chong2 wen1 jiu4 ye4
to resume one's old trade (idiom)

重文 重文 chong2 wen2
repetitious passage; multiple variants of Chinese characters

重屋 重屋 chong2 wu1
lit. multiple roof; building of several stories

重五 重五 chong2 wu3
Dragon Boat Festival (5th day of 5th lunar month)

重午 重午 chong2 wu3
Dragon Boat Festival (5th day of 5th lunar month)

重现 重現 chong2 xian4
to reappear

重现江湖 重現江湖 chong2 xian4 jiang1 hu2
see 重出江湖

重霄 重霄 chong2 xiao1
ninth heaven; Highest Heaven

重新 重新 chong2 xin1
again; once more; re-

重新开机 重新開機 chong2 xin1 kai1 ji1
to restart; to reboot

重新开始 重新開始 chong2 xin1 kai1 shi3
to resume; to restart; to start afresh

重新评价 重新評價 chong2 xin1 ping2 jia4
a re-evaluation; to re-assess

重新启动 重新啟動 chong2 xin1 qi3 dong4
to reboot; to restart

重新审视 重新審視 chong2 xin1 shen3 shi4
a re-examination; to have another look at sth

重新统一 重新統一 chong2 xin1 tong3 yi1

重新造林 重新造林 chong2 xin1 zao4 lin2

重新装修 重新裝修 chong2 xin1 zhuang1 xiu1
refurbishment; renovation

重新做人 重新做人 chong2 xin1 zuo4 ren2
to start a new life; to make a fresh start

重修 重修 chong2 xiu1
to reconstruct; to repair; to revamp; to revise; to retake a failed course

重修旧好 重修舊好 chong2 xiu1 jiu4 hao3
to make friends again; to renew old cordial relations

重演 重演 chong2 yan3
a repeat performance; repeat occurrence (e.g. of a disaster)

重眼皮 重眼皮 chong2 yan3 pi2
double eyelid; epicanthal fold of upper eyelid (characteristic of Asian people)

重眼皮儿 重眼皮兒 chong2 yan3 pi2 er5
double eyelid; epicanthal fold of upper eyelid (characteristic of Asian people)

重阳 重陽 chong2 yang2
Double Ninth or Yang Festival; 9th day of 9th lunar month

重洋 重洋 chong2 yang2
seas and oceans

重阳节 重陽節 chong2 yang2 jie2
Double Ninth or Yang Festival; 9th day of 9th lunar month

重样 重樣 chong2 yang4
same; similar; same type

重译 重譯 chong2 yi4
to translate again (i.e. to redo the same translation); to translate repeatedly from one language to the next (so multiplying errors)

重印 重印 chong2 yin4
to reprint

重影 重影 chong2 ying3
overlapping images; double exposure of photo (e.g. due to fault or motion of camera); double vision

重映 重映 chong2 ying4
to reshow (a film); second screening

重又 重又 chong2 you4
once again

重造 重造 chong2 zao4
to reconstruct

重整旗鼓 重整旗鼓 chong2 zheng3 qi2 gu3
lit. to reorganize flags and drums (idiom); to regroup after a setback; to prepare for new initiatives; to attempt a comeback

重正化 重正化 chong2 zheng4 hua4
to renormalize; renormalization

重制 重製 chong2 zhi4
to make a copy; to reproduce; to remake (a movie)

重置 重置 chong2 zhi4
to reset; reset; replacement

重奏 重奏 chong2 zou4
musical ensemble of several instruments (e.g. duet 二重奏 or trio 三重奏)

重足而立 重足而立 chong2 zu2 er2 li4
rooted to the spot (idiom); too terrified to move

重组 重組 chong2 zu3
to reorganize; to recombine; recombination

次重量级 次重量級 ci4 zhong4 liang4 ji2
middle heavyweight (boxing etc)

德高望重 德高望重 de2 gao1 wang4 zhong4
a person of virtue and prestige; a person of good moral standing and reputation

动词重叠 動詞重疊 dong4 ci2 chong2 die2
verb reduplication

多重 多重 duo1 chong2
multi- (faceted, cultural, ethnic etc)

多重国籍 多重國籍 duo1 chong2 guo2 ji2
dual nationality

多重结局 多重結局 duo1 chong2 jie2 ju2
alternate ending; multiple endings

多重性 多重性 duo1 chong2 xing4

二重 二重 er4 chong2
double; repeated twice

二重唱 二重唱 er4 chong2 chang4

二重根 二重根 er4 chong2 gen1
a double root of an equation

二重母音 二重母音 er4 chong2 mu3 yin1

二重下标 二重下標 er4 chong2 xia4 biao1
double subscript; doubly indexed

二重性 二重性 er4 chong2 xing4
dualism; two sided; double nature

二重奏 二重奏 er4 chong2 zou4
duet (in music)

繁重 繁重 fan2 zhong4
heavy; burdensome; heavy-duty; arduous; onerous

非词重复测验 非詞重復測驗 fei1 ci2 chong2 fu4 ce4 yan4
nonword repetition test

功高望重 功高望重 gong1 gao1 wang4 zhong4
high merit and worthy prospects (idiom)

故地重游 故地重遊 gu4 di4 chong2 you2
to revisit old haunts (idiom); down memory lane

故伎重演 故伎重演 gu4 ji4 chong2 yan3
to repeat an old stratagem; up to one's old tricks

贵重 貴重 gui4 zhong4

国家重点实验室 國家重點實驗室 guo2 jia1 zhong4 dian3 shi2 yan4 shi4
State Key Laboratories (university laboratories in PRC supported by the central government)

国家重点学科 國家重點學科 guo2 jia1 zhong4 dian3 xue2 ke1
National Key Disciplines (disciplines recognized as important and supported by PRC central government, including medicine, science, chemistry, engineering, commerce and law)

过重 過重 guo4 zhong4
overweight (luggage)

荷重 荷重 he4 zhong4
weight load; load capacity

厚重 厚重 hou4 zhong4
thick; heavy; thickset (body); massive; generous; extravagant; profound; dignified

花有重开日,人无再少年 花有重開日,人無再少年 hua1 you3 chong2 kai1 ri4 - ren2 wu2 zai4 shao4 nian2
a flower may blossom again, but a person cannot get young again (proverb)

缓急轻重 緩急輕重 huan3 ji2 qing1 zhong4
slight or important, urgent or non-urgent (idiom); to deal with important matters first; sense of priority; also written 輕重緩急|轻重缓急

积重难返 積重難返 ji1 zhong4 nan2 fan3
ingrained habits are hard to overcome (idiom); bad old practices die hard

加重 加重 jia1 zhong4
to make heavier; to emphasize; (of an illness etc) to become more serious; to aggravate (a bad situation); to increase (a burden, punishment etc)

加重语气 加重語氣 jia1 zhong4 yu3 qi4
to give emphasis; with emphasis

借重 借重 jie4 zhong4
to rely on sb for support

净重 淨重 jing4 zhong4
net weight

敬重 敬重 jing4 zhong4
to respect deeply; to revere; to esteem

久别重逢 久別重逢 jiu3 bie2 chong2 feng2
to meet again after a long period of separation

九重霄 九重霄 jiu3 chong2 xiao1
ninth heaven; Highest Heaven

九九重阳 九九重陽 jiu3 jiu3 chong2 yang2
Double Ninth or Yang Festival; 9th day of 9th lunar month

旧地重游 舊地重遊 jiu4 di4 chong2 you2
to revisit old haunts (idiom); down memory lane

旧调重弹 舊調重彈 jiu4 diao4 chong2 tan2
replaying the same old tunes (idiom); conservative, unoriginal and discredited; to keep harping on about the same old stuff

旧景重现 舊景重現 jiu4 jing3 chong2 xian4
evocation of the past

举重 舉重 ju3 zhong4
to lift weights; weight-lifting (sports)

举足轻重 舉足輕重 ju3 zu2 qing1 zhong4
to play a critical role (idiom); influential

卷土重来 卷土重來 juan3 tu3 chong2 lai2
lit. to return in a swirl of dust (idiom); fig. to regroup and come back even stronger; to make a comeback

看重 看重 kan4 zhong4
to regard as important; to care about

苦难深重 苦難深重 ku3 nan4 shen1 zhong4
deep grief; extensive sorrow

老成持重 老成持重 lao3 cheng2 chi2 zhong4
old and wise; experienced and knowledgeable

老调重弹 老調重彈 lao3 diao4 chong2 tan2
to play the same old tune (idiom); unoriginal

李重茂 李重茂 li3 chong2 mao4
Li Chongmao, personal name of fifth Tang emperor Shang 唐殤帝|唐殇帝 (c. 695-715), reigned 710

礼轻情意重 禮輕情意重 li3 qing1 qing2 yi4 zhong4
goose feather sent from afar, a trifling present with a weighty thought behind it (idiom); It's not the gift that counts, but the thought behind it.

礼轻人意重 禮輕人意重 li3 qing1 ren2 yi4 zhong4
slight present but weighty meaning (idiom); It's not the present the counts, it's the thought behind it.

礼轻人意重,千里送鹅毛 禮輕人意重,千里送鵝毛 li3 qing1 ren2 yi4 zhong4 - qian1 li3 song4 e2 mao2
goose feather sent from afar, a slight present but weighty meaning (idiom); It's not the present the counts, it's the thought behind it.

量体重 量體重 liang2 ti3 zhong4
to weigh (body weight)

隆重 隆重 long2 zhong4
grand; prosperous; ceremonious; solemn

毛重 毛重 mao2 zhong4
gross weight

名重识暗 名重識暗 ming2 zhong4 shi2 an4
of great reputation but shallow in knowledge (idiom)

凝重 凝重 ning2 zhong4
dignified; grave (expression); imposing (attitude); heavy (atmosphere); (music etc) deep and resounding

浓墨重彩 濃墨重彩 nong2 mo4 zhong4 cai3
thick and heavy in colors; to describe sth in colorful language with attention to detail (idiom)

浓重 濃重 nong2 zhong4
dense; thick; strong; rich (colors); heavy (aroma); deep (friendship); profound (effect)

皮重 皮重 pi2 zhong4
tare weight

偏重 偏重 pian1 zhong4
to stress in a prejudiced way; to emphasize sth unduly

破镜重圆 破鏡重圓 po4 jing4 chong2 yuan2
a shattered mirror put back together (idiom); (of marriage) to pick up the pieces and start anew; for a separated couple to reconcile and reunite

起重葫芦 起重葫蘆 qi3 chong2 hu2 lu5
hoist pulley

起重机 起重機 qi3 zhong4 ji1

器重 器重 qi4 zhong4
to regard sth as valuable; to think highly of (a younger person, a subordinate etc)

千里送鹅毛,礼轻情意重 千里送鵝毛,禮輕情意重 qian1 li3 song4 e2 mao2 - li3 qing1 qing2 yi4 zhong4
goose feather sent from afar, a trifling present with a weighty thought behind it (idiom); It's not the gift that counts, but the thought behind it.

千里送鹅毛,礼轻人意重 千里送鵝毛,禮輕人意重 qian1 li3 song4 e2 mao2 - li3 qing1 ren2 yi4 zhong4
goose feather sent from afar, a slight present but weighty meaning (idiom); It's not the present the counts, it's the thought behind it.

轻重 輕重 qing1 zhong4
severity (of the case); degree of seriousness; whether sth is slight or serious

轻重倒置 輕重倒置 qing1 zhong4 dao4 zhi4
to invert the importance of things (i.e. stress the unimportant and neglect the important); lacking a sense of perspective; to put the cart before the horse

轻重缓急 輕重緩急 qing1 zhong4 huan3 ji2
slight or important, urgent or non-urgent (idiom); to deal with important matters first; sense of priority

轻重主次 輕重主次 qing1 zhong4 zhu3 ci4
to invert the importance of things (i.e. stress the incidental and neglect the main point); lacking a sense of perspective; to put the cart before the horse

去皮重 去皮重 qu4 pi2 zhong4
to tare

全国重点文物保护单位 全國重點文物保護單位 quan2 guo2 zhong4 dian3 wen2 wu4 bao3 hu4 dan1 wei4
Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level

权重 權重 quan2 zhong4
weight (i.e. importance attached to sth)

忍辱负重 忍辱負重 ren3 ru3 fu4 zhong4
to endure humiliation as part of an important mission (idiom); to suffer in silence

任重 任重 ren4 zhong4
a load; a heavy burden

任重道远 任重道遠 ren4 zhong4 dao4 yuan3
a heavy load and a long road; fig. to bear heavy responsibilities through a long struggle (cf Confucian Analects, 8.7)

日趋严重 日趨嚴重 ri4 qu1 yan2 zhong4
more critical with every passing day

日月重光 日月重光 ri4 yue4 chong2 guang1
the sun and moon shine once more; fig. things get back to normal after an upheaval

如释重负 如釋重負 ru2 shi4 zhong4 fu4
as if relieved from a burden (idiom); to have a weight off one's mind

三重 三重 san1 chong2
Sanchong or Sanch'ung city in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan; Mie Prefecture in central Japan

三重 三重 san1 chong2

三重市 三重市 san1 chong2 shi4
Sanchong or Sanch'ung city in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan

三重县 三重縣 san1 chong2 xian4
Mi'e prefecture in central Japan

三重奏 三重奏 san1 chong2 zou4
trio (musical ensemble)

山峦重叠 山巒重疊 shan1 luan2 chong2 die2
overlapping ranges of high mountains (idiom)

善自保重 善自保重 shan4 zi4 bao3 zhong4
take good care of yourself!

身负重伤 身負重傷 shen1 fu4 zhong4 shang1
seriously injured

深重 深重 shen1 zhong4
very serious; grave; profound

慎重 慎重 shen4 zhong4
cautious; careful; prudent

慎重其事 慎重其事 shen4 zhong4 qi2 shi4
to treat a matter with due consideration (idiom)

失重 失重 shi1 zhong4

首重 首重 shou3 zhong4
to emphasize; to give the most weight to; to rank first

疏财重义 疏財重義 shu1 cai2 zhong4 yi4
distributing money, supporting virtue (idiom); fig. to give generously in a public cause

双重 雙重 shuang1 chong2

双重标准 雙重標準 shuang1 chong2 biao1 zhun3
double standard

双重国籍 雙重國籍 shuang1 chong2 guo2 ji2
dual citizenship

四重奏 四重奏 si4 chong2 zou4
quartet (musical ensemble)

体重 體重 ti3 zhong4
body weight

体重计 體重計 ti3 zhong4 ji4
weighing scale

体重器 體重器 ti3 zhong4 qi4
scales (to measure body weight)

头重 頭重 tou2 zhong4
disequilibrium; top-heavy; heaviness in the head (medical condition)

头重脚轻 頭重腳輕 tou2 zhong4 jiao3 qing1
top-heavy; fig. unbalance in organization or political structure

推重 推重 tui1 zhong4
to esteem; to think highly of; to accord importance to; to revere

驮重 馱重 tuo2 zhong4
pack (animal)

威重 威重 wei1 zhong4
august; majestic

危重 危重 wei1 zhong4
critically ill

危重病人 危重病人 wei1 zhong4 bing4 ren2
critically ill patient

为重 為重 wei2 zhong4
to attach most importance to

稳重 穩重 wen3 zhong4
steady; earnest; staid

问鼎轻重 問鼎輕重 wen4 ding3 qing1 zhong4
lit. to inquire whether the tripods are light or heavy (idiom); a laughable attempt to seize power

无足轻重 無足輕重 wu2 zu2 qing1 zhong4

小起重机 小起重機 xiao3 qi3 zhong4 ji1

心重 心重 xin1 zhong4
overanxious; neurotic

严重 嚴重 yan2 zhong4
grave; serious; severe; critical

严重关切 嚴重關切 yan2 zhong4 guan1 qie4
serious concern

严重后果 嚴重後果 yan2 zhong4 hou4 guo3
grave consequence; serious repercussion

严重急性呼吸系统综合症 嚴重急性呼吸系統綜合症 yan2 zhong4 ji2 xing4 hu1 xi1 xi4 tong3 zong1 he2 zheng4
severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)

严重破坏 嚴重破壞 yan2 zhong4 po4 huai4
serious damage

严重危害 嚴重危害 yan2 zhong4 wei1 hai4
severe harm; critical danger

严重问题 嚴重問題 yan2 zhong4 wen4 ti2
serious problem

严重性 嚴重性 yan2 zhong4 xing4

一言为重 一言為重 yi1 yan2 wei2 zhong4
each word carries weight; a promise must be kept (idiom)

倚重 倚重 yi3 zhong4
to rely heavily upon

雍重 雍重 yong1 zhong4

语重心长 語重心長 yu3 zhong4 xin1 chang2
meaningful and heartfelt words (idiom); sincere and earnest wishes

远渡重洋 遠渡重洋 yuan3 du4 chong2 yang2
to travel across the oceans

载重 載重 zai4 zhong4
load; carrying capacity

载重量 載重量 zai4 zhong4 liang4
dead weight; weight capacity of a vehicle

载重能力 載重能力 zai4 zhong4 neng2 li4
weight-carrying capacity

增重粉 增重粉 zeng1 zhong4 fen3
gainer (supplement)

珍重 珍重 zhen1 zhong4
precious; extremely valuable; (honorific) Please take good care of yourself!

蒸气重整 蒸氣重整 zheng1 qi4 chong2 zheng3
steam reforming (chemistry)

郑重 鄭重 zheng4 zhong4
serious; solemn

郑重其事 鄭重其事 zheng4 zhong4 qi2 shi4
serious about the matter

至关重要 至關重要 zhi4 guan1 zhong4 yao4
extremely important; vital; crucial; essential

中国船舶重工集团公司 中國船舶重工集團公司 zhong1 guo2 chuan2 bo2 zhong4 gong1 ji2 tuan2 gong1 si1
China Ship Scientific Research Center (CSSRC)

重案 重案 zhong4 an4
major case; serious crime

重办 重辦 zhong4 ban4
to punish severely

重磅 重磅 zhong4 bang4
heavyweight; serious

重臂 重臂 zhong4 bi4
actuator (arm of a lever); lever; actuating arm

重兵 重兵 zhong4 bing1
massive military force

重病 重病 zhong4 bing4
serious illness

重病特护 重病特護 zhong4 bing4 te4 hu4
intensive care

重病特护区 重病特護區 zhong4 bing4 te4 hu4 qu1
intensive care department (of hospital)

重臣 重臣 zhong4 chen2
important minister; major figure in government

重惩 重懲 zhong4 cheng2
to punish severely

重创 重創 zhong4 chuang1
to inflict heavy losses; to inflict serious damage

重挫 重挫 zhong4 cuo4
devastating setback; slump (in stock market etc); crushing defeat; to cause a serious setback; to plummet

重大 重大 zhong4 da4
great; important; major; significant

重担 重擔 zhong4 dan4
heavy burden; difficult task; great responsibility

重地 重地 zhong4 di4
important place; strategic location

重点 重點 zhong4 dian3
important point; main point; focus; key (project etc); to focus on; to put the emphasis on

重典 重典 zhong4 dian3
important classic text; cruel torture; severe punishment

重读 重讀 zhong4 du2
stress (on a syllable)

重度 重度 zhong4 du4
serious; severe

重罚 重罰 zhong4 fa2
to punish severely

重罚不用 重罰不用 zhong4 fa2 bu4 yong4
do not punish severely (and do not reward too generously)

重犯 重犯 zhong4 fan4
serious criminal; felon

重负 重負 zhong4 fu4
heavy load; heavy burden (also fig. of tax)

重工 重工 zhong4 gong1
heavy industry

重工业 重工業 zhong4 gong1 ye4
heavy industry; manufacturing

重核 重核 zhong4 he2
heavy nucleus

重荷 重荷 zhong4 he4
heavy load; heavy burden

重话 重話 zhong4 hua4
harsh words

重活 重活 zhong4 huo2
heavy job

重活儿 重活兒 zhong4 huo2 er5
erhua variant of 重活

重活化剂 重活化劑 zhong4 huo2 hua4 ji4

重击 重擊 zhong4 ji1
bang; thump

重机关枪 重機關槍 zhong4 ji1 guan1 qiang1
also written 重機槍|重机枪; heavy machine gun

重机枪 重機槍 zhong4 ji1 qiang1
heavy machine gun

重价 重價 zhong4 jia4
high price

重剑 重劍 zhong4 jian4
épée (fencing)

重金 重金 zhong4 jin1
huge money; extremely rich; very expensive

重金属 重金屬 zhong4 jin1 shu3
heavy metal

重晶石 重晶石 zhong4 jing1 shi2
barite (geology)

重口味 重口味 zhong4 kou3 wei4
(slang) intense; hardcore

重辣 重辣 zhong4 la4
very spicy

重离子 重離子 zhong4 li2 zi3
heavy ion (physics)

重利 重利 zhong4 li4
high interest; huge profit; to value money highly

重力 重力 zhong4 li4

重力场 重力場 zhong4 li4 chang3
gravitational field

重利轻义 重利輕義 zhong4 li4 qing1 yi4
to value material gain over righteousness

重力异常 重力異常 zhong4 li4 yi4 chang2
gravitational anomaly (geology)

重量 重量 zhong4 liang4

重量单位 重量單位 zhong4 liang4 dan1 wei4
unit of weight

重量吨 重量噸 zhong4 liang4 dun1
dead weight ton

重量级 重量級 zhong4 liang4 ji2
heavyweight (boxing etc)

重量轻质 重量輕質 zhong4 liang4 qing1 zhi4
to value quantity over quality

重码 重碼 zhong4 ma3
weight code

重名 重名 zhong4 ming2
renowned; a great name

重男轻女 重男輕女 zhong4 nan2 qing1 nv3
lit. to value males and belittle females (idiom)

重农 重農 zhong4 nong2
to stress the importance of agriculture (in ancient philosophy)

重判 重判 zhong4 pan4
major punishment (law)

重炮 重砲 zhong4 pao4
heavy artillery

重器 重器 zhong4 qi4

重氢 重氫 zhong4 qing1
heavy hydrogen (isotope); deuterium

重任 重任 zhong4 ren4
heavy responsibility

重色轻友 重色輕友 zhong4 se4 qing1 you3
paying more attention to a lover than friends (idiom); to value sex over friendship

重伤 重傷 zhong4 shang1
seriously hurt; serious injury

重商主义 重商主義 zhong4 shang1 zhu3 yi4

重身子 重身子 zhong4 shen1 zi5
pregnant; pregnant woman

重视 重視 zhong4 shi4
to attach importance to sth; to value

重视教育 重視教育 zhong4 shi4 jiao4 yu4
to stress education

重水 重水 zhong4 shui3
heavy water (chemistry)

重水反应堆 重水反應堆 zhong4 shui3 fan3 ying4 dui1
heavy water reactor (HWR)

重水生产 重水生產 zhong4 shui3 sheng1 chan3
heavy water production

重听 重聽 zhong4 ting1
hard of hearing

重头戏 重頭戲 zhong4 tou2 xi4
opera rich in singing and dancing; the most important part or highlight (of a project, plan etc)

重托 重托 zhong4 tuo1
great trust

重望 重望 zhong4 wang4
renowned; prestigious; great hopes; expectations

重文轻武 重文輕武 zhong4 wen2 qing1 wu3
to value letters and belittle arms (idiom); to stress civil matters and neglect the military; to prefer the pen to the sword

重武器 重武器 zhong4 wu3 qi4
heavy weapon

重物 重物 zhong4 wu4
heavy object

重孝 重孝 zhong4 xiao4
mourning dress

重心 重心 zhong4 xin1
center of gravity; central core; main part

重型 重型 zhong4 xing2
heavy; heavy duty; large caliber

重形式轻内容 重形式輕內容 zhong4 xing2 shi4 qing1 nei4 rong2
heavy on form, light on substance; to stress form at the expense of content

重压 重壓 zhong4 ya1
high pressure; bearing a heavy weight

重要 重要 zhong4 yao4
important; significant; major

重要性 重要性 zhong4 yao4 xing4

重义轻利 重義輕利 zhong4 yi4 qing1 li4
to value righteousness rather than material gain (idiom)

重音 重音 zhong4 yin1
accent (of a word); stress (on a syllable)

重音节 重音節 zhong4 yin1 jie2
accented syllable; stress

重用 重用 zhong4 yong4
to put in an important position

重油 重油 zhong4 you2
heavy oil

重于泰山 重於泰山 zhong4 yu2 tai4 shan1
heavier than Mt Tai (idiom); fig. extremely serious matter

重元素 重元素 zhong4 yuan2 su4
heavy element (such as uranium)

重灾 重災 zhong4 zai1
severe disaster

重灾区 重災區 zhong4 zai1 qu1
area particularly hard-hit by a disaster; disaster area

重载 重載 zhong4 zai4
heavy load (on a truck)

重责 重責 zhong4 ze2
heavy responsibility; serious criticism

重者 重者 zhong4 zhe3
more serious case; in extreme cases

重镇 重鎮 zhong4 zhen4
strategic town

重症 重症 zhong4 zheng4
acute (of medical condition); grave

重症监护 重症監護 zhong4 zheng4 jian1 hu4
intensive care

重中之重 重中之重 zhong4 zhong1 zhi1 zhong4
of the utmost importance; of highest priority

重重 重重 zhong4 zhong4
heavily; severely

重子 重子 zhong4 zi3
baryon (physics)

重罪 重罪 zhong4 zui4
serious crime; felony

注重 注重 zhu4 zhong4
to pay attention to; to emphasize

庄重 莊重 zhuang1 zhong4
grave; solemn; dignified

着重 著重 zhuo2 zhong4
to put emphasis on; to stress

着重号 著重號 zhuo2 zhong4 hao4
Chinese underdot (punct. used for emphasis, sim. to Western italics)

自重 自重 zi4 zhong4
to conduct oneself with dignity; to be dignified; deadweight

总重 總重 zong3 zhong4
gross weight; total weight

尊重 尊重 zun1 zhong4
to esteem; to respect; to honor; to value; eminent; serious; proper