blunt; stupid

strokes 12
strokes after radical 4
成败利钝 成敗利鈍 cheng2 bai4 li4 dun4
succeed or fail, sharp or blunt (idiom); advantages and disadvantages; success and failure; You win some, you lose some.

迟钝 遲鈍 chi2 dun4
slow in one's reactions; sluggish (in movement or thought)

钝翅苇莺 鈍翅葦鶯 dun4 chi4 wei3 ying1
(bird species of China) blunt-winged warbler (Acrocephalus concinens)

钝角 鈍角 dun4 jiao3
obtuse angle

鲁钝 魯鈍 lu3 dun4
stupid; slow on the uptake

思想顽钝 思想頑鈍 si1 xiang3 wan2 dun4
blunt thinking; apathy

顽钝 頑鈍 wan2 dun4
blunt (instrument); stupid; thick-headed

味觉迟钝 味覺遲鈍 wei4 jue2 chi2 dun4
amblygeustia; loss of food taste

愚钝 愚鈍 yu2 dun4
stupid; slow-witted