a hoe; to hoe or dig; to weed; to get rid of

strokes 15
strokes after radical 7
锄草 鋤草 chu2 cao3
to hoe; to weed

锄地 鋤地 chu2 di4
to hoe; to weed the soil

锄奸 鋤奸 chu2 jian1
to weed out the traitors

锄犁 鋤犁 chu2 li2

锄强扶弱 鋤強扶弱 chu2 qiang2 fu2 ruo4
to root out the strong and support the weak (idiom); to rob the rich and give to the poor

锄头 鋤頭 chu2 tou5

鹤嘴锄 鶴嘴鋤 he4 zui3 chu2

诛锄 誅鋤 zhu1 chu2
to uproot; to eradicate (traitors)

诛锄异己 誅鋤異己 zhu1 chu2 yi4 ji3
to wipe out dissenters; to exterminate those who disagree