to spread; to display; to set up; (old) holder for door-knocker

plank bed; place to sleep; shop; store; (old) relay station

strokes 15
strokes after radical 7
搬铺 搬鋪 ban1 pu4
to arrange (for the dying)

查铺 查鋪 cha2 pu4
to conduct a bed check

床铺 床鋪 chuang2 pu4

打地铺 打地鋪 da3 di4 pu4
to make one's bed on the floor

店铺 店鋪 dian4 pu4
store; shop

吊铺 吊鋪 diao4 pu4
suspended bunk

酒铺 酒鋪 jiu3 pu4
tavern; wine shop

卷铺盖 捲鋪蓋 juan3 pu1 gai4
to pack and quit; to be sacked

卷铺盖走人 捲鋪蓋走人 juan3 pu1 gai4 zou3 ren2
to pack one's things and leave

铺摆 鋪擺 pu1 bai3
to display (goods); to dispose of

铺陈 鋪陳 pu1 chen2
to arrange; to spread out; to narrate in detail; to describe at great length; to elaborate

铺衬 鋪襯 pu1 chen5
patch of cloth

铺床 鋪床 pu1 chuang2
to make a bed; to lay bedding

铺垫 鋪墊 pu1 dian4
to spread out bedding; bedcover

铺放 鋪放 pu1 fang4
to display

铺盖 鋪蓋 pu1 gai4
to spread evenly over

铺盖卷儿 鋪蓋卷兒 pu1 gai4 juan3 er5

铺盖 鋪蓋 pu1 gai5
bedding; bedclothes

铺轨 鋪軌 pu1 gui3
to lay railway track

铺炕 鋪炕 pu1 kang4
to make a bed; to lay bedding

铺路 鋪路 pu1 lu4
to pave (with paving stones); to lay a road; to give a present to sb to ensure success

铺面 鋪面 pu1 mian4
paving; pavement

铺排 鋪排 pu1 pai2
to arrange

铺平 鋪平 pu1 ping2
to spread out (material); to pave (the way, a road etc)

铺砌 鋪砌 pu1 qi4
to pave

铺设 鋪設 pu1 she4
to lay (railroad tracks, carpet, pipeline); to install (wiring, cable); to construct (road, concrete slab)

铺首 鋪首 pu1 shou3
holder for door knocker

铺摊 鋪攤 pu1 tan5
to spread out; to display; to lay out a vendor's stall

铺天盖地 鋪天蓋地 pu1 tian1 gai4 di4
lit. hiding the sky and covering the earth (idiom); fig. earth-shattering; omnipresent; of universal importance

铺叙 鋪敘 pu1 xu4
to explain all the details; complete narrative

铺展 鋪展 pu1 zhan3
to spread out

铺张 鋪張 pu1 zhang1
ostentation; extravagance

铺张浪费 鋪張浪費 pu1 zhang1 lang4 fei4
extravagance and waste (idiom)

铺板 鋪板 pu4 ban3

铺保 鋪保 pu4 bao3
shop's guarantee

铺底 鋪底 pu4 di3
shop fittings

铺户 鋪戶 pu4 hu4
store; shop

铺家 鋪家 pu4 jia1
store; shop

铺捐 鋪捐 pu4 juan1
tax on stores

铺面 鋪面 pu4 mian4
front window; store front

铺面房 鋪面房 pu4 mian4 fang2
store; front room of house serving as shop

铺位 鋪位 pu4 wei4
bunk; berth

铺衍 鋪衍 pu4 yan3
to spread out widely; to disseminate

铺子 鋪子 pu4 zi5
store; shop

肉铺 肉鋪 rou4 pu4
butcher's shop

统铺 統鋪 tong3 pu4
a common bed (to sleep many)

卧铺 臥鋪 wo4 pu4
a bed (on a train); a couchette

五金店铺 五金店鋪 wu3 jin1 dian4 pu4
hardware store

质铺 質鋪 zhi4 pu4
pawn shop

紫坪铺 紫坪鋪 zi3 ping2 pu1
Zipingpu reservoir, Sichuan

紫坪铺大坝 紫坪鋪大壩 zi3 ping2 pu1 da4 ba4
Zipingpu reservoir, Sichuan

紫坪铺水库 紫坪鋪水庫 zi3 ping2 pu1 shui3 ku4
Zipingpu Reservoir, Sichuan