wrist or pocket watch

strokes 16
strokes after radical 8
表带 錶帶 biao3 dai4
watchband; watch strap

表蒙子 錶蒙子 biao3 meng2 zi5
watch glass; crystal

表盘 錶盤 biao3 pan2
variant of 表盤|表盘; watch face

表针 錶針 biao3 zhen1
hand of a clock

打表 打錶 da3 biao3
to run the meter (in a taxi)

对表 對錶 dui4 biao3
to set or synchronize a watch

怀表 懷錶 huai2 biao3
pocket watch

名表 名錶 ming2 biao3
famous watch (i.e. expensive brand of wristwatch)

欧米茄表公司 歐米茄錶公司 ou1 mi3 jia1 biao3 gong1 si1
Omega SA, Swiss luxury watchmaker

跑表 跑錶 pao3 biao3

手表 手錶 shou3 biao3
wrist watch

钟表 鐘錶 zhong1 biao3

转速表 轉速錶 zhuan4 su4 biao3
tachometer; RPM gauge