surname Zhong

handleless cup; goblet; to concentrate; variant of 鐘|钟

variant of 鍾|钟

strokes 17
strokes after radical 9
老态龙钟 老態龍鍾 lao3 tai4 long2 zhong1
doddering; senile

龙钟 龍鍾 long2 zhong1
decrepit; senile

情有独钟 情有獨鍾 qing2 you3 du2 zhong1
to have a feeling for sth (affection, sympathy, passion etc)

色钟 色鍾 shai3 zhong1
dice cup

甩钟 甩鍾 shuai3 zhong1
dice cup

骰钟 骰鍾 tou2 zhong1
dice cup

钟爱 鍾愛 zhong1 ai4
to treasure; to be very fond of

钟点房 鍾點房 zhong1 dian3 fang2
hourly rate hotel; love hotel

钟情 鍾情 zhong1 qing2
to fall in love; to love sb or sth dearly (lover, or art)

钟万学 鍾萬學 zhong1 wan4 xue2
Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (1966-), Indonesian politician, governor of Jakarta (2014-)

钟繇 鍾繇 zhong1 yao2
Zhong Yao (151-230), minister of Cao Wei 曹魏 and noted calligrapher, said to have developed the regular script 楷書|楷书