frying pan; griddle

clank; clang; sound of metal

strokes 21
strokes after radical 13
饼铛 餅鐺 bing3 cheng1
baking pan

铛铛 鐺鐺 dang1 dang1
(onom.) clang; clank of metal; sound of striking a gong

铛铛车 鐺鐺車 dang1 dang1 che1
(coll.) tram, especially Beijing trams during period of operation 1924-1956; also written 噹噹車|当当车

鼎铛玉石 鼎鐺玉石 ding3 cheng1 yu4 shi2
lit. to use a sacred tripod as cooking pot and jade as ordinary stone (idiom); fig. a waste of precious material; casting pearls before swine

锒铛 鋃鐺 lang2 dang1
iron chains; shackles; (onom.) clank

锒铛入狱 鋃鐺入獄 lang2 dang1 ru4 yu4
lit. to get shackled and thrown in jail (idiom); fig. to be put behind bars; to get jailed

铃铛 鈴鐺 ling2 dang5
little bell