to drill; to bore; to get into; to make one's way into; to enter (a hole); to thread one's way through; to study intensively; to dig into; to curry favor for personal gain

an auger; diamond

strokes 27
strokes after radical 19
冲击钻 衝擊鑽 chong1 ji1 zuan4
impact drill; hammer drill

打孔钻 打孔鑽 da3 kong3 zuan4
auger; drill

电钻 電鑽 dian4 zuan4
electric drill

刁钻 刁鑽 diao1 zuan1
crafty; tricky

独立钻石 獨立鑽石 du2 li4 zuan4 shi2
solitaire (puzzle)

风钻 風鑽 feng1 zuan4
pneumatic drill; jackhammer

见缝就钻 見縫就鑽 jian4 feng4 jiu4 zuan1
lit. to squeeze into every crack (idiom); fig. to make the most of every opportunity

精灵宝钻 精靈寶鑽 jing1 ling2 bao3 zuan4
treasure of spirits; Silmarillion or Quenta Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien 托爾金|托尔金

开钻 開鑽 kai1 zuan1
to start drilling

刻苦钻研 刻苦鑽研 ke4 ku3 zuan1 yan2
to study diligently

螺丝钻 螺絲鑽 luo2 si1 zuan4
auger; gimlet; screwdriver (cocktail)

瓶塞钻 瓶塞鑽 ping2 sai1 zuan4

气钻 氣鑽 qi4 zuan4
pneumatic drill

敲钉钻脚 敲釘鑽腳 qiao1 ding1 zuan1 jiao3
to make doubly sure (idiom)

曲柄钻 曲柄鑽 qu1 bing3 zuan4
hand drill with a crank handle

手钻 手鑽 shou3 zuan4
gimlet; hand drill

碎钻 碎鑽 sui4 zuan4
small diamonds; melee (small diamonds used in embellishing mountings for larger gems); splints (sharp-pointed diamond splinters); clatersal (small diamond splints from which diamond powder is produced by crushing)

万头钻动 萬頭鑽動 wan4 tou2 zuan1 dong4
milling crowds

无孔不钻 無孔不鑽 wu2 kong3 bu4 zuan1
lit. leave no hole undrilled (idiom); to latch on to every opportunity

血钻 血鑽 xue4 zuan4
blood diamond; conflict diamond

中石油川东钻探公司 中石油川東鑽探公司 zhong1 shi2 you2 chuan1 dong1 zuan4 tan4 gong1 si1
Chuandong Oil Drilling & Exploration Company (CODEC)

钻版 鑽版 zuan1 ban3
to cut a woodblock (e.g. for printing)

钻洞 鑽洞 zuan1 dong4
to bore

钻粉 鑽粉 zuan1 fen3
residue from drilling; slag hill

钻故纸堆 鑽故紙堆 zuan1 gu4 zhi3 dui1
to dig into piles of outdated writings (idiom); to study old books and papers

钻坚仰高 鑽堅仰高 zuan1 jian1 yang3 gao1
lit. looking up to it, it gets higher; boring into it, it gets harder (idiom) (from Analects); fig. to delve deeply into one's studies; meticulous and diligent study

钻进 鑽進 zuan1 jin4
to get into; to dig into (studies, job etc); to squeeze into

钻劲 鑽勁 zuan1 jin4
application to the task

钻井 鑽井 zuan1 jing3
to drill (e.g. for oil); a borehole

钻井平台 鑽井平台 zuan1 jing3 ping2 tai2
(oil) drilling platform

钻孔 鑽孔 zuan1 kong3
to bore a hole; to drill; drilled hole

钻空子 鑽空子 zuan1 kong4 zi5
lit. to drill a hole; to take advantage of a loophole; to exploit an advantage; to seize the opportunity (esp. to do sth bad)

钻谋 鑽謀 zuan1 mou2
to use influence to get what one wants; to find a way through (esp. corrupt); to succeed by means fair or foul

钻木取火 鑽木取火 zuan1 mu4 qu3 huo3
to drill wood to make fire

钻牛角 鑽牛角 zuan1 niu2 jiao3
lit. honing a bull's horn; fig. to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem; to bash one's head against a brick wall; a wild goose chase; a blind alley; to split hairs; same as idiom 鑽牛角尖|钻牛角尖

钻牛角尖 鑽牛角尖 zuan1 niu2 jiao3 jian1
lit. to penetrate into a bull's horn (idiom); fig. to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem; to bash one's head against a brick wall; a wild goose chase; a blind alley; to split hairs

钻圈 鑽圈 zuan1 quan1
jumping through hoops (as acrobatic show)

钻探 鑽探 zuan1 tan4

钻探机 鑽探機 zuan1 tan4 ji1
drilling machine

钻心 鑽心 zuan1 xin1
to sneak in; to infiltrate; to be piercingly painful; to be unbearable (of pain, itch etc)

钻心虫 鑽心蟲 zuan1 xin1 chong2
boring insect; snout moth's larva (Aphomia gullaris or Plodia interpuncuella or Heliothus armigera etc), major agricultural pest

钻研 鑽研 zuan1 yan2
to study meticulously; to delve into

钻眼 鑽眼 zuan1 yan3
to drill a hole; drilling

钻营 鑽營 zuan1 ying2
toadying for personal gain; to curry favor; to study in great depth

钻戒 鑽戒 zuan4 jie4
diamond ring

钻卡 鑽卡 zuan4 qia3
drill chuck

钻石 鑽石 zuan4 shi2

钻石王老五 鑽石王老五 zuan4 shi2 wang2 lao3 wu3
highly eligible bachelor; desirable male partner

钻头 鑽頭 zuan4 tou2
drill bit

钻压 鑽壓 zuan4 ya1
pressure on a drill bit