nail; to follow closely; to keep at sb (to do sth); variant of 盯

to join things together by fixing them in place at one or more points; to nail; to pin; to staple; to sew on

strokes 7
strokes after radical 2
扒钉 扒釘 ba1 ding1

拔钉锤 拔釘錘 ba2 ding1 chui2
claw hammer

板上钉钉 板上釘釘 ban3 shang4 ding4 ding1
that clinches it; that's final; no two ways about it

补钉 補釘 bu3 ding5
variant of 補丁|补丁

长钉 長釘 chang2 ding4

磁钉 磁釘 ci2 ding1
button magnet (to use on whiteboards, refrigerator doors etc)

大头钉 大頭釘 da4 tou2 ding1
tack; thumbtack; push pin

钉钯 釘鈀 ding1 ba3

钉锤 釘錘 ding1 chui2
nail hammer; claw hammer

钉牢 釘牢 ding1 lao2
to clinch (a nail); to nail down

钉螺 釘螺 ding1 luo2

钉耙 釘耙 ding1 pa2

钉梢 釘梢 ding1 shao1
to follow sb; to tail; to shadow; also written 盯梢

钉头 釘頭 ding1 tou2
head of nail

钉子 釘子 ding1 zi5
nail; snag; saboteur

钉子户 釘子戶 ding1 zi5 hu4
householder who refuses to vacate his home despite pressure from property developers

订书钉 訂書釘 ding4 shu1 ding1
staple (stationery)

钉书针 釘書針 ding4 shu1 zhen1
staple; also written 訂書針|订书针

钉死 釘死 ding4 si3
to nail securely; to execute by means of impalement; to crucify

摁钉儿 摁釘兒 en4 ding1 er5

耳钉 耳釘 er3 ding1
stud earring

角钉 角釘 jiao3 ding1
corner bracket (for securing the corner of a picture frame etc); brad

九齿钉耙 九齒釘耙 jiu3 chi3 ding1 pa2
The Nine-Toothed Rake (weapon of Zhu Bajie 豬八戒|猪八戒)

螺钉 螺釘 luo2 ding1

螺丝钉 螺絲釘 luo2 si1 ding1

铆钉 鉚釘 mao3 ding1

铆钉枪 鉚釘槍 mao3 ding1 qiang1
rivet gun

木钉 木釘 mu4 ding1

内六角圆柱头螺钉 內六角圓柱頭螺釘 nei4 liu4 jiao3 yuan2 zhu4 tou2 luo2 ding1
hexagon socket head cap screw

碰钉子 碰釘子 peng4 ding1 zi5
to meet with a rebuff

起钉器 起釘器 qi3 ding1 qi4
staple remover

敲钉钻脚 敲釘鑽腳 qiao1 ding1 zuan1 jiao3
to make doubly sure (idiom)

软钉子 軟釘子 ruan3 ding1 zi5
lit. a soft nail; fig. a tactful retort or rejection

舌钉 舌釘 she2 ding1
tongue ring; tongue piercing

射钉枪 射釘槍 she4 ding1 qiang1
nail gun; stud gun

饰钉 飾釘 shi4 ding1
stud (for decorating clothing, shoes, belts etc)

图钉 圖釘 tu2 ding1

眼中钉 眼中釘 yan3 zhong1 ding1
a thorn in one's side

斩钉截铁 斬釘截鐵 zhan3 ding1 jie2 tie3
lit. to chop the nail and slice the iron (idiom); fig. resolute and decisive; unhesitating; categorical