money; paper money; variant of 抄

strokes 9
strokes after radical 4
钞票 鈔票 chao1 piao4
paper money; a bill (e.g. 100 yuan)

假钞 假鈔 jia3 chao1
counterfeit money; forged note

美钞 美鈔 mei3 chao1
US dollar bill; greenback

冥钞 冥鈔 ming2 chao1
false paper money burned as an offering to the dead

破钞 破鈔 po4 chao1
to spend money

钱钞 錢鈔 qian2 chao1

伪钞 偽鈔 wei3 chao1
counterfeit currency

验钞机 驗鈔機 yan4 chao1 ji1
a device used to check money and detect counterfeit bills

验钞器 驗鈔器 yan4 chao1 qi4
money counter and counterfeit detection machine

印钞票 印鈔票 yin4 chao1 piao4
printing money

运钞车 運鈔車 yun4 chao1 che1
armored car (for transporting valuables)

纸钞 紙鈔 zhi3 chao1