variant of 缽|钵

small earthenware plate or basin; a monk's alms bowl; Sanskrit paatra

strokes 10
strokes after radical 5
钵头 缽頭 bo1 tou2
earthen bowl (Shanghainese)

钵盂 缽盂 bo1 yu2
alms bowl

继承衣钵 繼承衣缽 ji4 cheng2 yi1 bo1
to take up sb's mantle; to follow in sb's steps

金钵 金缽 jin1 bo1
(gold) alms bowl (of a Buddhist monk)

墨尔钵 墨爾缽 mo4 er3 bo1
see 墨爾本|墨尔本

盆钵 盆缽 pen2 bo1
generic term for pottery

托钵修会 托缽修會 tuo1 bo1 xiu1 hui4
mendicant religious order in Catholicism; Franciscan order

研钵 研缽 yan2 bo1
mortar (bowl for grinding with pestle)

衣钵 衣缽 yi1 bo1
the cassock and alms bowl of a Buddhist master passed on to the favorite disciple (Buddhism); legacy; mantle