strokes 10
strokes after radical 5
白旄黄钺 白旄黃鉞 bai2 mao2 huang2 yue4
white banner and yellow battle-ax (idiom); refers to military expedition

不避斧钺 不避斧鉞 bu4 bi4 fu3 yue4
not trying to avoid the battle-ax (idiom); not afraid of dying in combat; not afraid of being executed

刀锯斧钺 刀鋸斧鉞 dao1 ju4 fu3 yue4
knife, saw, ax and hatchet (idiom); facing torture and execution

斧钺汤镬 斧鉞湯鑊 fu3 yue4 tang1 huo4
battle-ax and boiling cauldron (idiom); facing torture and execution

斧钺之诛 斧鉞之誅 fu3 yue4 zhi1 zhu1
to die by battle-ax (idiom); to be executed