(small) bell

strokes 10
strokes after radical 5
彩铃 彩鈴 cai3 ling2
caller ring-back tone (CRBT); ring-back tone (RBT)

车铃 車鈴 che1 ling2
bicycle bell

扯铃 扯鈴 che3 ling2
diabolo; Chinese yo-yo

床铃 床鈴 chuang2 ling2
baby mobile; crib mobile

电话铃声 電話鈴聲 dian4 hua4 ling2 sheng1
(telephone) ring; ringing

电铃 電鈴 dian4 ling2
electric bell

叮铃 叮鈴 ding1 ling2

梵哑铃 梵啞鈴 fan4 ya3 ling2
violin (loanword)

杠铃 槓鈴 gang4 ling2

红铃虫 紅鈴蟲 hong2 ling2 chong2
pink bollworm; Pectinophora gassypiella

壶铃 壺鈴 hu2 ling2
kettlebell, girya

回铃音 回鈴音 hui2 ling2 yin1
ringback tone

解铃还需系铃人 解鈴還需繫鈴人 jie3 ling2 hai2 xu1 xi4 ling2 ren2
variant of 解鈴還須繫鈴人|解铃还须系铃人

解铃还须系铃人 解鈴還須繫鈴人 jie3 ling2 hai2 xu1 xi4 ling2 ren2
lit. whoever hung the bell on the tiger's neck must untie it (idiom); fig. whoever started the trouble should end it

解铃系铃 解鈴繫鈴 jie3 ling2 xi4 ling2
see 解鈴還須繫鈴人|解铃还须系铃人

金铃子 金鈴子 jin1 ling2 zi5
chinaberry (Melia azedarach)

警铃 警鈴 jing3 ling2
alarm bell

来电答铃 來電答鈴 lai2 dian4 da2 ling2
(Tw) ringback tone (heard by the originator of a telephone call)

铃铛 鈴鐺 ling2 dang5
little bell

铃鼓 鈴鼓 ling2 gu3
tambourine (musical instrument); bell and drum

铃兰 鈴蘭 ling2 lan2
lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis)

铃木 鈴木 ling2 mu4
Suzuki (Japanese surname)

铃声 鈴聲 ling2 sheng1
ring; ringtone; bell stroke; tintinnabulation

马兜铃科 馬兜鈴科 ma3 dou1 ling2 ke1
Aristolochiaceae (birthwort family of flowering plants, including ginger)

马兜铃酸 馬兜鈴酸 ma3 dou1 ling2 suan1
aristolochic acid

马铃薯 馬鈴薯 ma3 ling2 shu3

马铃薯泥 馬鈴薯泥 ma3 ling2 shu3 ni2
mashed potato

门铃 門鈴 men2 ling2

棉铃 棉鈴 mian2 ling2
cotton boll (fruit)

闹铃 鬧鈴 nao4 ling2
alarm (clock)

闹铃时钟 鬧鈴時鐘 nao4 ling2 shi2 zhong1
alarm clock

铜铃 銅鈴 tong2 ling2
bell made of copper or bronze

五十铃 五十鈴 wu3 shi2 ling2

哑铃 啞鈴 ya3 ling2
dumbbell (weight)

掩耳盗铃 掩耳盜鈴 yan3 er3 dao4 ling2
lit. to cover one's ears whilst stealing a bell; to deceive oneself; to bury one's head in the sand (idiom)

转铃 轉鈴 zhuan4 ling2
bicycle bell (with revolving cap)

转铃儿 轉鈴兒 zhuan4 ling2 er5
erhua variant of 轉鈴|转铃