to fasten with rivets; (coll.) to exert one's strength

strokes 10
strokes after radical 5
拉铆枪 拉鉚槍 la1 mao3 qiang1
see 鉚釘槍|铆钉枪

铆钉 鉚釘 mao3 ding1

铆钉枪 鉚釘槍 mao3 ding1 qiang1
rivet gun

铆工 鉚工 mao3 gong1
riveter; worker with rivets

铆接 鉚接 mao3 jie1
riveted joint

铆劲儿 鉚勁兒 mao3 jin4 er5
to apply all one's strength in a burst of effort

铆起来 鉚起来 mao3 qi3 lai5
to get enthusiastic; to put in all one's energy

铆上 鉚上 mao3 shang4
to go all out; to rise to

铆足劲儿 鉚足勁兒 mao3 zu2 jin4 er5
to exert all one's strength