to melt (metal); to cancel or annul; to sell; to spend; to fasten with a bolt; bolt or pin

strokes 12
strokes after radical 7
黯然销魂 黯然銷魂 an4 ran2 xiao1 hun2
overwhelming sadness (idiom); sorrow at parting

包销 包銷 bao1 xiao1
to have exclusive selling rights; to be the sole agent for a production unit or firm

报销 報銷 bao4 xiao1
to submit an expense account; to apply for reimbursement; to write off; to wipe out

病毒式营销 病毒式營銷 bing4 du2 shi4 ying2 xiao1
viral marketing; see also 病毒營銷|病毒营销

病毒性营销 病毒性營銷 bing4 du2 xing4 ying2 xiao1
viral marketing; see also 病毒營銷|病毒营销

病毒营销 病毒營銷 bing4 du2 ying2 xiao1
viral marketing

薄利多销 薄利多銷 bo2 li4 duo1 xiao1
small profit but rapid turnover

不可撤销信用证 不可撤銷信用證 bu4 ke3 che4 xiao1 xin4 yong4 zheng4
irrevocable letter of credit

层压式推销 層壓式推銷 ceng2 ya1 shi4 tui1 xiao1
pyramid scheme

插销 插銷 cha1 xiao1
bolt (for locking a window, cabinet etc); (electrical) plug

产销 產銷 chan3 xiao1
production and marketing

畅销 暢銷 chang4 xiao1
to sell well; best seller; chart-topping

畅销书 暢銷書 chang4 xiao1 shu1
best-seller; best-selling book; blockbuster

撤销 撤銷 che4 xiao1
to repeal; to revoke; (computing) to undo

承销 承銷 cheng2 xiao1
to underwrite (i.e. guarantee financing); underwriting; to sell as agent; consignee

承销店 承銷店 cheng2 xiao1 dian4

承销货物 承銷貨物 cheng2 xiao1 huo4 wu4
goods on consignment

承销价差 承銷價差 cheng2 xiao1 jia4 cha1
underwriting spread

承销利差 承銷利差 cheng2 xiao1 li4 cha1
underwriting spread

承销品 承銷品 cheng2 xiao1 pin3
goods on consignment

承销人 承銷人 cheng2 xiao1 ren2
sales agent; salesman; consignee; underwriter

承销商 承銷商 cheng2 xiao1 shang1
underwriting company; dealership; sales agency

承销团 承銷團 cheng2 xiao1 tuan2
underwriting group

传销 傳銷 chuan2 xiao1
multi-level marketing

促销 促銷 cu4 xiao1
to promote sales

代销 代銷 dai4 xiao1
to sell as agent; to sell on commission (e.g. insurance policies); proxy sale (of stocks)

代销店 代銷店 dai4 xiao1 dian4
outlet; commission shop; agency

抵销 抵銷 di3 xiao1
variant of 抵消

吊销 吊銷 diao4 xiao1
to suspend (an agreement); to revoke

反倾销 反傾銷 fan3 qing1 xiao1

返销粮 返銷糧 fan3 xiao1 liang2
grain bought by the state and resold to areas undergoing a grain shortage

费用报销单 費用報銷單 fei4 yong4 bao4 xiao1 dan1
expense claim form

分销 分銷 fen1 xiao1
distribution; retail store

分销店 分銷店 fen1 xiao1 dian4
retail store

分销商 分銷商 fen1 xiao1 shang1

分销网络 分銷網絡 fen1 xiao1 wang3 luo4
distribution network

供销 供銷 gong1 xiao1
supply and marketing; distribution; supply and sales

供销商 供銷商 gong1 xiao1 shang1
distribution business; supplier

勾销 勾銷 gou1 xiao1
to write off; to cancel

核销 核銷 he2 xiao1
to audit and write off

花销 花銷 hua1 xiao1
to spend (money); expenses

寄销 寄銷 ji4 xiao1
to dispatch; consigned (goods)

枷销 枷銷 jia1 xiao1
yoke; chains; shackles; fetters

缴销 繳銷 jiao3 xiao1
to hand in and cancel

经销 經銷 jing1 xiao1
to sell; to sell on commission; to distribute

经销商 經銷商 jing1 xiao1 shang1
dealer; seller; distributor; broker; agency; franchise (i.e. company); retail outlet

开销 開銷 kai1 xiao1
to pay (expenses); expenses; (old) to dismiss (an employee)

连销店 連銷店 lian2 xiao1 dian4
chain store

内销 內銷 nei4 xiao1
to sell in the domestic market; domestic market

配销 配銷 pei4 xiao1
distribution (of goods for sale)

倾销 傾銷 qing1 xiao1
to dump (goods, products)

热销 熱銷 re4 xiao1
to sell well; hot-selling

赊销 賒銷 she1 xiao1
credit transaction; to sell on account

实报实销 實報實銷 shi2 bao4 shi2 xiao1
to be reimbursed for actual expenses

市场营销 市場營銷 shi4 chang3 ying2 xiao1

适销 適銷 shi4 xiao1
marketable; saleable; appropriate to the market

试销 試銷 shi4 xiao1
trial sale; test marketing

首席营销官 首席營銷官 shou3 xi2 ying2 xiao1 guan1
chief marketing officer (CMO)

榫销 榫銷 sun3 xiao1
dowel; carpenter's pin

摊销 攤銷 tan1 xiao1
to amortize; amortization

统购统销 統購統銷 tong3 gou4 tong3 xiao1
state monopoly of purchasing and marketing

统销 統銷 tong3 xiao1
state marketing monopoly

推销 推銷 tui1 xiao1
to market; to sell

推销员 推銷員 tui1 xiao1 yuan2
sales representative; salesperson

脱销 脫銷 tuo1 xiao1
to sell out; to run out (of supplies); deficient; lack of supplies

外销 外銷 wai4 xiao1
to export; to sell abroad

销案 銷案 xiao1 an4
to close a case; to bring a case to a close (law)

销毁 銷毀 xiao1 hui3
to destroy (by melting or burning); to obliterate

销魂 銷魂 xiao1 hun2
ecstasy; rapture; to feel overwhelming joy or sorrow

销货帐 銷貨帳 xiao1 huo4 zhang4
sales ledger (accountancy)

销假 銷假 xiao1 jia4
to report back after a period of absence

销金窟 銷金窟 xiao1 jin1 ku1
money squandering establishment (e.g. gambling den, brothel etc)

销量 銷量 xiao1 liang4
sales volume

销路 銷路 xiao1 lu4
sale; market; state of the market; sales event

销声匿迹 銷聲匿跡 xiao1 sheng1 ni4 ji4
to vanish without trace (idiom); to lie low

销势 銷勢 xiao1 shi4

销售 銷售 xiao1 shou4
to sell; to market; sales (representative, agreement etc)

销售点 銷售點 xiao1 shou4 dian3
point of sale (POS); checkout; retail outlet

销售额 銷售額 xiao1 shou4 e2
sales figure; total income from sales; turnover

销售时点 銷售時點 xiao1 shou4 shi2 dian3
point of sale

销售时点情报系统 銷售時點情報系統 xiao1 shou4 shi2 dian3 qing2 bao4 xi4 tong3
point of sale system

销铄 銷鑠 xiao1 shuo4
to melt; to eliminate

销行 銷行 xiao1 xing2
to sell; to be on sale; to be sold

销赃 銷贓 xiao1 zang1
to dispose of stolen goods

销帐 銷帳 xiao1 zhang4
to write off; to cancel an account; to draw a line under

销账 銷賬 xiao1 zhang4
to write off; to cancel an item from accounts

销子 銷子 xiao1 zi5
a peg; a pin; dowel

行销 行銷 xing2 xiao1
to sell; marketing

行销诉求 行銷訴求 xing2 xiao1 su4 qiu2
marketing message

一笔勾销 一筆勾銷 yi1 bi3 gou1 xiao1
to write off at one stroke

营销 營銷 ying2 xiao1

远销 遠銷 yuan3 xiao1
to sell to faraway lands

运销 運銷 yun4 xiao1
distribution; transport and sale (of goods)

展销 展銷 zhan3 xiao1
to display and sell (e.g. at a fair); sales exhibition

展销会 展銷會 zhan3 xiao1 hui4
trade fair; sales exhibition

证券代销 證券代銷 zheng4 quan4 dai4 xiao1
proxy sale of securities

支承销 支承銷 zhi1 cheng2 xiao1
fulcrum pin

直销 直銷 zhi2 xiao1
to sell directly; direct sale (by a factory); direct marketing

置入性行销 置入性行銷 zhi4 ru4 xing4 xing2 xiao1
product placement

滞销 滯銷 zhi4 xiao1
to sell poorly; unmarketable; slow-moving (product, inventory etc)

轴承销 軸承銷 zhou2 cheng2 xiao1
pin bearing

主承销商 主承銷商 zhu3 cheng2 xiao1 shang1
lead underwriter

主销 主銷 zhu3 xiao1
kingpin (vehicle part); to focus one's marketing efforts on (a region, product etc)

注销 註銷 zhu4 xiao1
to cancel; to write off