hammer; to hammer into shape; weight (e.g. of a steelyard or balance)

variant of 錘|锤

strokes 13
strokes after radical 8
拔钉锤 拔釘錘 ba2 ding1 chui2
claw hammer

包剪锤 包剪錘 bao1 jian3 chui2
rock-paper-scissors (game)

测锤 測錘 ce4 chui2
bob of plumb line

秤锤 秤錘 cheng4 chui2
steelyard weights

锤骨 錘骨 chui2 gu3
malleus or hammer bone of middle ear

锤骨柄 錘骨柄 chui2 gu3 bing3
manubrium of malleus (handle of hammer bone), connecting ossicles 聽小骨|听小骨 to tympanum 鼓膜

锤头鲨 錘頭鯊 chui2 tou2 sha1
a hammerhead shark

锤子 錘子 chui2 zi5

大锤 大錘 da4 chui2

电锤 電錘 dian4 chui2
rotary hammer; hammer drill

钉锤 釘錘 ding1 chui2
nail hammer; claw hammer

纺锤 紡錘 fang3 chui2

雷神之锤 雷神之錘 lei2 shen2 zhi1 chui2
Quake (video game series)

气锤 氣錘 qi4 chui2
pneumatic drill

铅锤 鉛錘 qian1 chui2
bob of a plumbline

千锤百炼 千錘百鍊 qian1 chui2 bai3 lian4
after hard work and numerous revisions (idiom); the vicissitudes of life

琴锤 琴錘 qin2 chui2
mallet; drumstick

手锤 手錘 shou3 chui2
mallet; drumstick

铜锤 銅錘 tong2 chui2
mace (weapon); see 銅錘花臉|铜锤花脸

铜锤花脸 銅錘花臉 tong2 chui2 hua1 lian3
(Chinese opera) tongchui hualian, a military character holding a bronze mace, classified as a jing 淨|净 role

一锤定音 一錘定音 yi1 chui2 ding4 yin1
lit. to fix the tone with a single hammer blow; fig. to make the final decision

一锤子买卖 一錘子買賣 yi1 chui2 zi5 mai3 mai4
a one-off, short-sighted deal; a one-shot, all-out attempt