to open; to start; to turn on; to boil; to write out (a prescription, check, invoice etc); to operate (a vehicle); carat (gold); abbr. for Kelvin, 開爾文|开尔文; abbr. for 開本|开本, book format

strokes 12
strokes after radical 4
扒开 扒開 ba1 kai1
to pry open or apart; to spread (sth) open with both hands

八开 八開 ba1 kai1

掰开 掰開 bai1 kai1
to pull apart; to pry open with the hands

掰开揉碎 掰開揉碎 bai1 kai1 rou2 sui4
lit. to pull apart and knead to a pulp; fig. to analyze minutely from every angle; to chew sth over

白开水 白開水 bai2 kai1 shui3
plain boiled water

半公开 半公開 ban4 gong1 kai1
semi-overt; more or less open

半开半关 半開半關 ban4 kai1 ban4 guan1
half-open, half closed

半开化 半開化 ban4 kai1 hua4

半开门 半開門 ban4 kai1 men2
half-open door; fig. prostitute

半开门儿 半開門兒 ban4 kai1 men2 er5
erhua variant of 半開門|半开门

保险解开系统 保險解開系統 bao3 xian3 jie3 kai1 xi4 tong3
arming system

比斯开湾 比斯開灣 bi3 si1 kai1 wan1
Bay of Biscay

避开 避開 bi4 kai1
to avoid; to evade; to keep away from

遍地开花 遍地開花 bian4 di4 kai1 hua1
to blossom everywhere; to spring up all over the place; to flourish on a large scale

别开生面 別開生面 bie2 kai1 sheng1 mian4
to start sth new or original (idiom); to break a new path; to break fresh ground

拨开 撥開 bo1 kai1
to push aside; to part; to brush away

擘开 擘開 bo4 kai1
to break open

不开窍 不開竅 bu4 kai1 qiao4
unable to understand; can't get the point

不可开交 不可開交 bu4 ke3 kai1 jiao1
to be awfully (busy etc)

岔开 岔開 cha4 kai1
to diverge; to branch off the road; to change (the subject)

拆开 拆開 chai1 kai1
to dismantle; to disassemble; to open up (sth sealed); to unpick

敞开 敞開 chang3 kai1
to open wide; unrestrictedly

敞开儿 敞開兒 chang3 kai1 er5

吃不开 吃不開 chi1 bu5 kai1
be unpopular; won't work

吃得开 吃得開 chi1 de5 kai1
to be popular; to be getting on well; much in demand

重开 重開 chong2 kai1
to reopen

重新开机 重新開機 chong2 xin1 kai1 ji1
to restart; to reboot

重新开始 重新開始 chong2 xin1 kai1 shi3
to resume; to restart; to start afresh

除开 除開 chu2 kai1
besides; except; to get rid of (sb); (math.) to divide

传开 傳開 chuan2 kai1
(of news) to spread; to get around

从零开始 從零開始 cong2 ling2 kai1 shi3
to start from scratch

错开 錯開 cuo4 kai1
to stagger (times)

打开 打開 da3 kai1
to open; to show (a ticket); to turn on; to switch on

打开话匣子 打開話匣子 da3 kai1 hua4 xia2 zi5
to start talking

打开天窗说亮话 打開天窗說亮話 da3 kai1 tian1 chuang1 shuo1 liang4 hua4
not to mince words; not to beat about the bush

大开 大開 da4 kai1
to open wide

大开斋 大開齋 da4 kai1 zhai1
see 開齋節|开斋节

倒开 倒開 dao4 kai1
to reverse a vehicle; to drive backwards

帝王切开 帝王切開 di4 wang2 qie1 kai1
Cesarean section

点火开关 點火開關 dian3 huo3 kai1 guan1
ignition switch

丢开 丟開 diu1 kai1
to cast or put aside; to forget for a while

洞开 洞開 dong4 kai1
to be wide open

断开 斷開 duan4 kai1
to break; to sever; to turn off (electric switch)

对开 對開 dui4 kai1
running in opposite direction (buses, trains, ferries etc)

躲开 躲開 duo3 kai1
to stay out of (hot water, trouble, awkward situation etc); to avoid (sb)

翻开 翻開 fan1 kai1
to open up

放开 放開 fang4 kai1
to let go; to release

放开手脚 放開手腳 fang4 kai1 shou3 jiao3
to have free rein (idiom)

非洲开发银行 非洲開發銀行 fei1 zhou1 kai1 fa1 yin2 hang2
African Development Bank

分开 分開 fen1 kai1
to separate; to part

封闭性开局 封閉性開局 feng1 bi4 xing4 kai1 ju2
Closed Game; Double Queen Pawn Opening (chess); same as 雙后前兵開局|双后前兵开局

封开 封開 feng1 kai1
Fengkai county in Zhaoqing 肇慶|肇庆, Guangdong

封开县 封開縣 feng1 kai1 xian4
Fengkai county in Zhaoqing 肇慶|肇庆, Guangdong

改革开放 改革開放 gai3 ge2 kai1 fang4
to reform and open to the outside world; refers to Deng Xiaoping's policies from around 1980

隔开 隔開 ge2 kai1
to separate

公共开支 公共開支 gong1 gong4 kai1 zhi1
public expenditure

公开 公開 gong1 kai1
public; to publish; to make public

公开化 公開化 gong1 kai1 hua4
to publicize; openness (of government, PRC equivalent of 'glasnost')

公开赛 公開賽 gong1 kai1 sai4

公开讨论会 公開討論會 gong1 kai1 tao3 lun4 hui4
open forum

公开信 公開信 gong1 kai1 xin4
open letter

公开钥匙 公開鑰匙 gong1 kai1 yao4 shi5
public key (in encryption)

公开指责 公開指責 gong1 kai1 zhi3 ze2
to denounce

狗窦大开 狗竇大開 gou3 dou4 da4 kai1
dog hole wide open (idiom); fig. gap caused by missing teeth (used mockingly)

广开言路 廣開言路 guang3 kai1 yan2 lu4
to encourage the free airing of views (idiom)

滚开 滾開 gun3 kai1
to boil (of liquid); boiling hot; Get out!; Go away!; fuck off (rude)

国家开发银行 國家開發銀行 guo2 jia1 kai1 fa1 yin2 hang2
China Development Bank

花有重开日,人无再少年 花有重開日,人無再少年 hua1 you3 chong2 kai1 ri4 - ren2 wu2 zai4 shao4 nian2
a flower may blossom again, but a person cannot get young again (proverb)

化开 化開 hua4 kai1
to spread out after being diluted or melted; to dissolve into a liquid

豁然开朗 豁然開朗 huo4 ran2 kai1 lang3
suddenly opens up to a wide panorama (idiom); to come to a wide clearing; fig. everything becomes clear at once; to achieve speedy enlightenment

继往开来 繼往開來 ji4 wang3 kai1 lai2
to follow the past and herald the future (idiom); part of a historical transition; forming a bridge between earlier and later stages

溅开 濺開 jian4 kai1

见钱眼开 見錢眼開 jian4 qian2 yan3 kai1
to open one's eyes wide at the sight of profit (idiom); thinking of nothing but personal gain; money-grubbing

揭开 揭開 jie1 kai1
to uncover; to open

解开 解開 jie3 kai1
to untie; to undo; to solve (a mystery)

精诚所加,金石为开 精誠所加,金石為開 jing1 cheng2 suo3 jia1 - jin1 shi2 wei4 kai1
lit. sincerity splits open metal and metal (idiom); if you put your heart to it, you can break up metal and rocks; With a will, you can achieve anything.

精诚所至,金石为开 精誠所至,金石為開 jing1 cheng2 suo3 zhi4 - jin1 shi2 wei4 kai1
lit. sincerity splits open metal and metal (idiom); if you put your heart to it, you can break up metal and rocks; With a will, you can achieve anything.

经济协力开发机构 經濟協力開發機構 jing1 ji4 xie2 li4 kai1 fa1 ji1 gou4
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD); also written 經濟合作與發展組織|经济合作与发展组织

精简开支 精簡開支 jing1 jian3 kai1 zhi1
to reduce spending; to cut spending

锯开 鋸開 ju4 kai1
to saw

军费开支 軍費開支 jun1 fei4 kai1 zhi1
military spending

开拔 開拔 kai1 ba2
to set out (of troops); departure; start date (of military expedition)

开败 開敗 kai1 bai4
to wither and fall

开办 開辦 kai1 ban4
to open; to start (a business etc); to set up

开苞 開苞 kai1 bao1
to deflower

开本 開本 kai1 ben3
book format, similar to in-4°, in-8° etc (a 16开 format is roughly A4); abbr. to 開|开

开笔 開筆 kai1 bi3
to start learning as a poet; to write one's first (poem, essay etc)

开闭幕式 開閉幕式 kai1 bi4 mu4 shi4
opening and closing ceremonies

开伯尔 開伯爾 kai1 bo2 er3
Khyber province of Pakistan; Northwest Frontier province

开伯尔山口 開伯爾山口 kai1 bo2 er3 shan1 kou3
Khyber pass (between Pakistand and Afghanistan)

开埠 開埠 kai1 bu4
to open up a port for trade; to open treaty ports

开步 開步 kai1 bu4
to step forward; to walk

开采 開採 kai1 cai3
to extract (ore or other resource from a mine); to exploit; to mine

开衩 開衩 kai1 cha4
slit (in clothing)

开敞 開敞 kai1 chang3
wide open

开场 開場 kai1 chang3
to begin; to open; to start; beginning of an event

开场白 開場白 kai1 chang3 bai2
prologue of play; opening remarks; preamble (of speeches, articles etc)

开畅 開暢 kai1 chang4
happy and carefree

开车 開車 kai1 che1
to drive a car

开车人 開車人 kai1 che1 ren2
driver; person driving a vehicle

开诚 開誠 kai1 cheng2
to be honest; to show sincerity

开城 開城 kai1 cheng2
Kaesong or Gaeseong city in southwest North Korea, close to the border with South Korea and a special economic zone for South Korean companies

开诚布公 開誠佈公 kai1 cheng2 bu4 gong1
variant of 開誠布公|开诚布公

开诚布公 開誠布公 kai1 cheng2 bu4 gong1
lit. deal sincerely and fairly (idiom); frank and open-minded; plain speaking; Let's talk frankly and openly between ourselves.; to put one's cards on the table

开城市 開城市 kai1 cheng2 shi4
Kaesong or Gaeseong city in southwest North Korea, close to the border with South Korea and a special economic zone for South Korean companies

开诚相见 開誠相見 kai1 cheng2 xiang1 jian4
candid and open (idiom)

开初 開初 kai1 chu1
at the outset; at first; early

开除 開除 kai1 chu2
to expel

开除党籍 開除黨籍 kai1 chu2 dang3 ji2
to expel from the Party

开除学籍 開除學籍 kai1 chu2 xue2 ji2
to expel from school

开船 開船 kai1 chuan2
to set sail

开创 開創 kai1 chuang4
to initiate; to start; to found

开创性 開創性 kai1 chuang4 xing4

开春 開春 kai1 chun1
beginning of spring; the lunar New Year

开打 開打 kai1 da3
(of a sports competition or match) to commence; (of a war or battle) to break out; to perform acrobatic or choreographed fighting (in Chinese opera); to brawl; to come to blows

开大油门 開大油門 kai1 da4 you2 men2
to open the throttle; to accelerate; to let her rip

开单 開單 kai1 dan1
to bill; to open a tab

开裆裤 開襠褲 kai1 dang1 ku4
open pants (for infants before toilet training)

开刀 開刀 kai1 dao1
(of a surgeon) to perform an operation; (of a patient) to have an operation; to decapitate; to behead; to single out as a point of attack

开导 開導 kai1 dao3
to talk sb round; to straighten sth out; to enlighten

开道 開道 kai1 dao4
to clear the way

开倒车 開倒車 kai1 dao4 che1
to drive in reverse; fig. to take a backward step; retrogressive; trying to turn the clock back

开灯 開燈 kai1 deng1
to turn on the light

开地 開地 kai1 di4
to clear land (for cultivation); to open up land

开店 開店 kai1 dian4
to open shop

开吊 開弔 kai1 diao4
to hold memorial service; to hold a funeral

开冻 開凍 kai1 dong4
to thaw; to melt

开动 開動 kai1 dong4
to start; to set in motion; to move; to march; to dig in (eating); to tuck in (eating)

开都河 開都河 kai1 du1 he2
Kaidu River, Xinjiang

开端 開端 kai1 duan1
start; beginning

开恩 開恩 kai1 en1
to give a favor (used of Christian God)

开尔文 開爾文 kai1 er3 wen2
Lord Kelvin 1824-1907, British physicist (William Thomson); Kelvin (temperature scale)

开发 開發 kai1 fa1
to exploit (a resource); to open up (for development); to develop

开发过程 開發過程 kai1 fa1 guo4 cheng2
development process

开发环境 開發環境 kai1 fa1 huan2 jing4
development environment (computer)

开发区 開發區 kai1 fa1 qu1
development zone

开发人员 開發人員 kai1 fa1 ren2 yuan2

开发商 開發商 kai1 fa1 shang1
developer (of real estate, a commercial product etc)

开发银行 開發銀行 kai1 fa1 yin2 hang2
development bank

开发周期 開發周期 kai1 fa1 zhou1 qi1
development cycle; development period; also written 開發週期|开发周期

开发周期 開發週期 kai1 fa1 zhou1 qi1
development cycle; development period

开罚单 開罰單 kai1 fa2 dan1
to issue an infringement notice

开饭 開飯 kai1 fan4
to serve a meal

开方 開方 kai1 fang1
to extract a square root

开房间 開房間 kai1 fang2 jian1
to take a hotel room; to rent a room

开放 開放 kai1 fang4
to bloom; to open; to be open (to the public); to open up (to the outside); to be open-minded; unrestrained by convention; unconstrained in one's sexuality

开放式网络 開放式網絡 kai1 fang4 shi4 wang3 luo4
open network

开放式系统 開放式系統 kai1 fang4 shi4 xi4 tong3
open system(s)

开放系统 開放系統 kai1 fang4 xi4 tong3
open system

开放系统互连 開放系統互連 kai1 fang4 xi4 tong3 hu4 lian2
open systems interconnection; OSI

开放性 開放性 kai1 fang4 xing4

开放源代码 開放源代碼 kai1 fang4 yuan2 dai4 ma3
see 開放源碼|开放源码

开放源码 開放源碼 kai1 fang4 yuan2 ma3
open source (computing)

开放源码软件 開放源碼軟件 kai1 fang4 yuan2 ma3 ruan3 jian4
open source software (OSS)

开封 開封 kai1 feng1
Kaifeng prefecture level city in Henan, old capital of Northern Song, former provincial capital of Henan; old name Bianliang 汴梁

开封地区 開封地區 kai1 feng1 di4 qu1
Kaifeng prefecture in Henan

开封府 開封府 kai1 feng1 fu3
Kaifeng as the capital of Northern Song dynasty

开封市 開封市 kai1 feng1 shi4
Kaifeng prefecture level city in Henan, old capital of Northern Song, former provincial capital of Henan; old name Bianliang 汴梁

开封县 開封縣 kai1 feng1 xian4
Kaifeng county in Kaifeng, Henan

开福 開福 kai1 fu2
Kaifu district of Changsha city 長沙市|长沙市, Hunan

开福区 開福區 kai1 fu2 qu1
Kaifu district of Changsha city 長沙市|长沙市, Hunan

开赴 開赴 kai1 fu4
(of troops) to depart for; to head for

开杆 開桿 kai1 gan3
to tee off (golf); to break (snooker)

开高叉 開高叉 kai1 gao1 cha1
slit dress

开革 開革 kai1 ge2
to fire; to discharge

开工 開工 kai1 gong1
to begin work (of a factory or engineering operation); to start a construction job

开弓不放箭 開弓不放箭 kai1 gong1 bu4 fang4 jian4
lit. to draw the bow without shooting the arrow (idiom); fig. to bluff; to be all talk and no action; false bravado

开弓没有回头箭 開弓沒有回頭箭 kai1 gong1 mei2 you3 hui2 tou2 jian4
lit. once you've shot the arrow, there's no getting it back (idiom); fig. once you started sth, there's no turning back; to have to finish what one started; to be determined to reach one's goals in spite of setbacks

开挂 開掛 kai1 gua4
to cheat in an online game (abbr. for 開外掛|开外挂); (coll.) unbelievably good

开关 開關 kai1 guan1
power switch; to open a gate

开光 開光 kai1 guang1
eye-opening ceremony for a religious idol (Buddhism); to consecrate; to bless; transparent; translucent; haircut; shaving the head or face (humorous); a method of decoration; first light (astronomy)

开锅 開鍋 kai1 guo1
(of a pot) to boil

开国 開國 kai1 guo2
to found a state; to open a closed country

开国功臣 開國功臣 kai1 guo2 gong1 chen2
outstanding founding minister (title given to reward loyal general or vassal of new dynasty or state)

开国元勋 開國元勛 kai1 guo2 yuan2 xun1
variant of 開國元勳|开国元勋, founding figure (of country or dynasty); founding father; fig. also used of company, school etc

开国元勋 開國元勳 kai1 guo2 yuan2 xun1
founding figure (of a country or dynasty); founding father; fig. also used of company or school etc

开河 開河 kai1 he2
to open a river; to dig a canal; to thaw (of river)

开河期 開河期 kai1 he2 qi1
thawing and opening up of frozen river in spring

开黑店 開黑店 kai1 hei1 dian4
lit. to open an inn that kills and robs guests (esp. in traditional fiction); fig. to carry out a scam; to run a protection racket; daylight robbery

开红盘 開紅盤 kai1 hong2 pan2
(of a store) to open for business for the first time in the New Year; (of a business) to be profitable; (of a stock market) to rise; (sport) to win one's first match of a competition

开后门 開後門 kai1 hou4 men2
to open the back door; fig. under the counter; to do a secret or dishonest deal; to let sth in by the back door

开壶 開壺 kai1 hu2
pot of boiling water

开户 開戶 kai1 hu4
to open an account (bank etc)

开花 開花 kai1 hua1
to bloom; to blossom; to flower; fig. to burst open; to feel happy or elated; new development grows out

开花儿 開花兒 kai1 hua1 er5
erhua variant of 開花|开花

开花衣 開花衣 kai1 hua1 yi1
to open a bale of cotton

开化 開化 kai1 hua4
to become civilized; to be open-minded; (of ice) to thaw

开化县 開化縣 kai1 hua4 xian4
Kaihua county in Quzhou 衢州, Zhejiang

开怀 開懷 kai1 huai2
to one's heart's content; without restraint

开荒 開荒 kai1 huang1
to open up land (for agriculture)

开会 開會 kai1 hui4
to hold a meeting; to attend a meeting

开会祈祷 開會祈禱 kai1 hui4 qi2 dao3

开荤 開葷 kai1 hun1
to resume a meat diet; to eat meat again after a period of fasting; fig. novel experience

开火 開火 kai1 huo3
to open fire

开伙 開伙 kai1 huo3
to start providing food; to open today's service in a canteen

开机 開機 kai1 ji1
to start an engine; to boot up (a computer); to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete; to begin shooting a film or TV show

开集 開集 kai1 ji2
open set (math.)

开霁 開霽 kai1 ji4
to clear up (of weather)

开价 開價 kai1 jia4
to quote a price; seller's first offer

开架 開架 kai1 jia4
open shelves (in self-service store or user access library)

开间 開間 kai1 jian1
alcove; bay in a room; unit of length used for rooms, approx. 3.3 meters

开江 開江 kai1 jiang1
Kaijiang county in Dazhou 達州|达州, Sichuan

开疆 開疆 kai1 jiang1
to pioneer a frontier area; to open up new territory

开江县 開江縣 kai1 jiang1 xian4
Kaijiang county in Dazhou 達州|达州, Sichuan

开讲 開講 kai1 jiang3
to begin a lecture; to start on a story

开奖 開獎 kai1 jiang3
to announce the winners in a lottery

开胶 開膠 kai1 jiao1
to come unglued; to come apart

开交 開交 kai1 jiao1
(used with negative) to conclude; (impossible) to end; (can't) finish

开解 開解 kai1 jie3
to straighten out; to explain; to ease sb's anxiety

开戒 開戒 kai1 jie4
to end abstinence; to resume (drinking) after a break; to break (a taboo)

开金 開金 kai1 jin1
carated gold (alloy containing stated proportion of gold)

开襟 開襟 kai1 jin1
buttoned Chinese tunic; unbuttoned (to cool down)

开禁 開禁 kai1 jin4
to lift a ban; to lift a curfew

开酒费 開酒費 kai1 jiu3 fei4
corkage fee

开局 開局 kai1 ju2
opening (chess etc); early stage of game, match, work, activity etc

开卷 開卷 kai1 juan4
to open a book; open-book (exam)

开卷有益 開卷有益 kai1 juan4 you3 yi4
lit. opening a book is profitable (idiom); the benefits of education

开掘 開掘 kai1 jue2
to excavate; to dig out; fig. to investigate (in an archive)

开课 開課 kai1 ke4
school begins; give a course; teach a subject

开垦 開墾 kai1 ken3
to clear a wild area for cultivation; to put under the plow

开口 開口 kai1 kou3
to open one's mouth; to start to talk

开口子 開口子 kai1 kou3 zi5
a dike breaks; fig. to provide facilities (for evil deeds); to open the floodgates

开快车 開快車 kai1 kuai4 che1
an express train sets off; fig. to work in haste; to rush

开矿 開礦 kai1 kuang4
to mine; to open a seam

开旷 開曠 kai1 kuang4
open and vast

开阔 開闊 kai1 kuo4
wide; open (spaces); to open up

开朗 開朗 kai1 lang3
spacious and well-lit; open and clear; (of character) optimistic; cheerful; carefree

开犁 開犁 kai1 li2
to start plowing; to plow the first furrow

开立 開立 kai1 li4
to found or start

开例 開例 kai1 li4
to create a precedent

开镰 開鐮 kai1 lian2
to start the harvest

开脸 開臉 kai1 lian3
(of a bride-to-be) to remove facial hair and trim hairline (old); to carve a face

开裂 開裂 kai1 lie4
to split open; to dehisce (of fruit or cotton bolls, to split open)

开列 開列 kai1 lie4
to make (a list); to list

开溜 開溜 kai1 liu1
to leave in stealth; to slip away

开炉 開爐 kai1 lu2
to open a furnace; to start up a furnace

开鲁 開魯 kai1 lu3
Kailu county in Tongliao 通遼|通辽, Inner Mongolia

开鲁县 開魯縣 kai1 lu3 xian4
Kailu county in Tongliao 通遼|通辽, Inner Mongolia

开路 開路 kai1 lu4
to open up a path; to make one's way through; to construct a road; (electricity) open circuit

开路先锋 開路先鋒 kai1 lu4 xian1 feng1
pioneer; trailbreaker

开锣 開鑼 kai1 luo2
to beat the gong to open a performance

开罗 開羅 kai1 luo2
Cairo, capital of Egypt

开罗大学 開羅大學 kai1 luo2 da4 xue2
Cairo University

开锣喝道 開鑼喝道 kai1 luo2 he4 dao4
to clear a street by banging gongs and shouting loudly (idiom)

开绿灯 開綠燈 kai1 lv4 deng1
to give the green light; to give the go-ahead

开麦拉 開麥拉 kai1 mai4 la1
camera (loanword)

开满 開滿 kai1 man3
to bloom abundantly

开曼群岛 開曼群島 kai1 man4 qun2 dao3
Cayman Islands

开门 開門 kai1 men2
to open a door (lit. and fig.); to open for business

开门红 開門紅 kai1 men2 hong2
a good beginning

开门见山 開門見山 kai1 men2 jian4 shan1
lit. to open the door and see the mountain; fig. to get right to the point (idiom)

开门炮 開門砲 kai1 men2 pao4
firecrackers to open the door on the New Year

开门揖盗 開門揖盜 kai1 men2 yi1 dao4
leaving the door open invites the thief (idiom); to invite disaster by giving evildoers a free hand

开蒙 開蒙 kai1 meng2
(old) (of a child) to begin schooling

开明 開明 kai1 ming2
enlightened; open-minded; enlightenment

开明君主 開明君主 kai1 ming2 jun1 zhu3
enlightened sovereign

开皌 開皌 kai1 mo4
to receive condolences

开幕 開幕 kai1 mu4
to open (a conference); to inaugurate

开幕词 開幕詞 kai1 mu4 ci2
opening speech (at a conference)

开幕典礼 開幕典禮 kai1 mu4 dian3 li3
opening ceremony

开幕式 開幕式 kai1 mu4 shi4
opening ceremony

开拍 開拍 kai1 pai1
to begin shooting (a movie, a scene of a movie etc); to start the bidding (auction); to start a trading session (stock market)

开盘 開盤 kai1 pan2
to commence trading (stock market)

开盘汇率 開盤匯率 kai1 pan2 hui4 lv4
opening exchange rate

开炮 開砲 kai1 pao4
to open fire

开辟 開闢 kai1 pi4
to open up; to set up; to establish

开辟者 開闢者 kai1 pi4 zhe3
pioneer; groundbreaker

开篇 開篇 kai1 pian1
start of literary work; opening song of ballad in Tanci style 彈詞|弹词

开票 開票 kai1 piao4
to open ballot boxes; to count votes; to make out a voucher or invoice etc; to write out a receipt

开平 開平 kai1 ping2
Kaiping county level city in Jiangmen 江門|江门, Guangdong; Kaiping district of Tangshan city 唐山市, Hebei

开屏 開屏 kai1 ping2
(a peacock) spreads its tail

开瓶费 開瓶費 kai1 ping2 fei4
corkage fee

开瓶器 開瓶器 kai1 ping2 qi4
bottle opener

开平区 開平區 kai1 ping2 qu1
Kaiping district of Tangshan city 唐山市, Hebei

开平市 開平市 kai1 ping2 shi4
Kaiping county level city in Jiangmen 江門|江门, Guangdong

开普敦 開普敦 kai1 pu3 dun1
Cape Town (city in South Africa)

开普勒 開普勒 kai1 pu3 le4
Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), German astronomer and formulator of Kepler's laws of planetary motion

开启 開啟 kai1 qi3
to open; to start

开腔 開腔 kai1 qiang1
to speak out; to start speaking

开枪 開槍 kai1 qiang1
to open fire; to shoot a gun

开窍 開竅 kai1 qiao4
to get it straight; to start to understand things properly; enlightenment dawns

开晴 開晴 kai1 qing2
to brighten up

开球 開球 kai1 qiu2
open ball (math.); to start a ball game; to kick off (soccer); to tee off (golf)

开区间 開區間 kai1 qu1 jian1
open interval (in calculus)

开赛 開賽 kai1 sai4
to start a match; the kick-off

开三次方 開三次方 kai1 san1 ci4 fang1
cube root; to extract a cube root

开山 開山 kai1 shan1
to cut into a mountain (to open a mine); to open a monastery

开山鼻祖 開山鼻祖 kai1 shan1 bi2 zu3

开山刀 開山刀 kai1 shan1 dao1

开山祖师 開山祖師 kai1 shan1 zu3 shi1
founding master of a monastery; founder; originator

开设 開設 kai1 she4
to offer (goods or services); to open (for business etc)

开始 開始 kai1 shi3
to begin; beginning; to start; initial

开始比赛 開始比賽 kai1 shi3 bi3 sai4
to start a match; to kick off

开始以前 開始以前 kai1 shi3 yi3 qian2
before the beginning (of sth)

开示 開示 kai1 shi4
to instruct (novices); to preach; to teach; to reveal

开市 開市 kai1 shi4
to open a store for business; to make the first transaction of the day

开释 開釋 kai1 shi4
to release (a prisoner)

开士米 開士米 kai1 shi4 mi3
cashmere (loanword)

开涮 開涮 kai1 shuan4
(coll.) to make fun of (sb); to play tricks on

开水 開水 kai1 shui3
boiled water; boiling water

开司米 開司米 kai1 si1 mi3
cashmere (loanword)

开锁 開鎖 kai1 suo3
to unlock

开台 開臺 kai1 tai2
start of play; opening of theatrical performance

开台锣鼓 開臺鑼鼓 kai1 tai2 luo2 gu3
opening gong; gong strokes announcing start of opera performance

开堂 開堂 kai1 tang2
to open a law court; to set up a mourning hall

开膛手杰克 開膛手傑克 kai1 tang2 shou3 jie2 ke4
Jack the Ripper

开天避地 開天避地 kai1 tian1 bi4 di4
to open the sky and divide the earth; ref. to Pangu 盤古|盘古 in the Chinese creation myth

开天窗 開天窗 kai1 tian1 chuang1
to leave a blank to mark censored area

开天辟地 開天闢地 kai1 tian1 pi4 di4
to split heaven and earth apart (idiom); refers to the Pangu 盤古|盘古 creation myth

开庭 開庭 kai1 ting2
to begin a (judicial) court session

开通 開通 kai1 tong5
to open up (windows for air, ideas for discussion, transport routes etc); open-minded

开头 開頭 kai1 tou2
beginning; to start

开脱 開脫 kai1 tuo1
to exculpate; to absolve; to exonerate

开脱罪责 開脫罪責 kai1 tuo1 zui4 ze2
to absolve sb from guilt; to exonerate; to exculpate

开拓 開拓 kai1 tuo4
to break new ground (for agriculture); to open up (a new seam); to develop (border regions); fig. to open up (new horizons)

开拓性 開拓性 kai1 tuo4 xing4
pioneering; groundbreaking

开拓者 開拓者 kai1 tuo4 zhe3

开挖 開挖 kai1 wa1
to dig out; to excavate; to scoop out

开外 開外 kai1 wai4
over and above (some amount); beyond (budget)

开外挂 開外掛 kai1 wai4 gua4
see 開掛|开挂

开玩笑 開玩笑 kai1 wan2 xiao4
to play a joke; to make fun of; to joke

开往 開往 kai1 wang3
(of a bus, train etc) to leave for; heading for

开味 開味 kai1 wei4
whet the appetite

开胃 開胃 kai1 wei4
to whet the appetite; appetizing; to amuse oneself at sb's expense; to tease

开胃菜 開胃菜 kai1 wei4 cai4
starter; appetizer

开胃酒 開胃酒 kai1 wei4 jiu3
aperitif wine

开悟 開悟 kai1 wu4
to become enlightened (Buddhism)

开戏 開戲 kai1 xi4
to start an opera

开先 開先 kai1 xian1
at first

开线 開線 kai1 xian4
to come unsewn; to split at the seam

开县 開縣 kai1 xian4
Kai county in Wanzhou suburbs of north Chongqing municipality, formerly in Sichuan

开销 開銷 kai1 xiao1
to pay (expenses); expenses; (old) to dismiss (an employee)

开消 開消 kai1 xiao1
variant of 開銷|开销

开小差 開小差 kai1 xiao3 chai1
to be absent-minded; to desert; to abscond from the army; absent without leave (AWOL)

开小会 開小會 kai1 xiao3 hui4
to whisper and chat (instead of listening during a meeting or lecture)

开小灶 開小灶 kai1 xiao3 zao4
to give preferential treatment; to give special attention

开心 開心 kai1 xin1
to feel happy; to rejoice; to have a great time; to make fun of sb

开心果 開心果 kai1 xin1 guo3
pistachio nuts; fig. amusing person

开心颜 開心顏 kai1 xin1 yan2
to rejoice; smiling

开许 開許 kai1 xu3
(literary) to allow; to permit

开学 開學 kai1 xue2
foundation of a University or College; school opening; the start of a new term

开颜 開顏 kai1 yan2
to smile; to beam

开言 開言 kai1 yan2
to start to speak

开筵 開筵 kai1 yan2
to host a banquet

开眼 開眼 kai1 yan3
to open one's eyes; to widen one's horizons

开演 開演 kai1 yan3
(of a play, movie etc) to begin

开眼界 開眼界 kai1 yan3 jie4
broaden, expand one's horizons

开阳 開陽 kai1 yang2
zeta Ursae Majoris in the Big Dipper; Kaiyang county in Guiyang 貴陽|贵阳, Guizhou

开阳县 開陽縣 kai1 yang2 xian4
Kaiyang county in Guiyang 貴陽|贵阳, Guizhou

开药 開藥 kai1 yao4
to prescribe medicine

开业 開業 kai1 ye4
to open a business; to open a practice; open (for business)

开夜车 開夜車 kai1 ye4 che1
to burn the midnight oil; to work late into the night

开业大吉 開業大吉 kai1 ye4 da4 ji2
celebration on opening a business

开议 開議 kai1 yi4
to hold a (business) meeting; to start negotiations

开印 開印 kai1 yin4
to start a print run

开映 開映 kai1 ying4
to start showing a movie

开元 開元 kai1 yuan2
Tang emperor Xuanzong's 唐玄宗 reign name used during the Kaiyuan era (713-741), a peak of Tang prosperity

开原 開原 kai1 yuan2
Kaiyuan county level city in Tieling 鐵嶺|铁岭, Liaoning

开源 開源 kai1 yuan2
to expand one's financial resources; abbr. for 開放源碼|开放源码

开源节流 開源節流 kai1 yuan2 jie2 liu2
lit. to open a water source and reduce outflow (idiom); to increase income and save on spending; to broaden the sources of income and economize on expenditure

开原市 開原市 kai1 yuan2 shi4
Kaiyuan county level city in Tieling 鐵嶺|铁岭, Liaoning

开原县 開原縣 kai1 yuan2 xian4
Kaiyuan county in Tieling 鐵嶺|铁岭, Liaoning

开远 開遠 kai1 yuan3
Kaiyuan county level city in Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous prefecture, Yunnan

开远市 開遠市 kai1 yuan3 shi4
Kaiyuan county level city in Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous prefecture, Yunnan

开运竹 開運竹 kai1 yun4 zhu2
lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana)

开凿 開鑿 kai1 zao2
to cut (a canal, tunnel, well etc)

开斋 開齋 kai1 zhai1
to stop following a vegetarian diet; to break a fast

开斋节 開齋節 kai1 zhai1 jie2
Eid al-Fitr or Feast of Breaking the Fast, celebrated on the last day of Ramadan

开展 開展 kai1 zhan3
to launch; to develop; to unfold; (of an exhibition etc) to open

开战 開戰 kai1 zhan4
to start a war; to make war; to battle against

开绽 開綻 kai1 zhan4
to come unsewn

开站 開站 kai1 zhan4
to put a new bus or railway station into operation

开张 開張 kai1 zhang1
to open a business; first transaction of a business day

开漳圣王 開漳聖王 kai1 zhang1 sheng4 wang2
Sacred King, founder of Zhangzhou, posthumous title of Tang dynasty general Chen Yuanguang (657-711) 陳元光|陈元光

开账 開賬 kai1 zhang4
to make out a bill

开仗 開仗 kai1 zhang4
to start a war; to open hostilities

开征 開徵 kai1 zheng1
to start collecting taxes

开支 開支 kai1 zhi1
expenditures; expenses; to spend money; (coll.) to pay wages

开宗明义 開宗明義 kai1 zong1 ming2 yi4
to declare at the outset (idiom)

开走 開走 kai1 zou3
to go (of car, train etc); to drive off

开足马力 開足馬力 kai1 zu2 ma3 li4
to accelerate at full power (idiom); at full speed; fig. to work as hard as possible

开钻 開鑽 kai1 zuan1
to start drilling

开罪 開罪 kai1 zui4
to offend sb; to give offense; to displease

看开 看開 kan4 kai1
to come to accept an unpleasant fact; to get over sth; to cheer up

拉开 拉開 la1 kai1
to pull open; to pull apart; to space out; to increase

拉开架势 拉開架勢 la1 kai1 jia4 shi5
to assume a fighting stance; (fig.) to take the offensive

拉开序幕 拉開序幕 la1 kai1 xu4 mu4
(fig.) to raise the curtain; to lift the curtain; to be a curtain raiser for

兰开斯特 蘭開斯特 lan2 kai1 si1 te4

兰开夏郡 蘭開夏郡 lan2 kai1 xia4 jun4
Lancashire (English county)

乐开花 樂開花 le4 kai1 hua1
to burst with joy

离不开 離不開 li2 bu5 kai1
inseparable; inevitably linked to

离开 離開 li2 kai1
to depart; to leave

离开故乡 離開故鄉 li2 kai1 gu4 xiang1
to leave one's homeland

离开人世 離開人世 li2 kai1 ren2 shi4
to die; to leave this world

李开复 李開復 li3 kai1 fu4
Kai-Fu Lee (1961-), Taiwanese computer scientist and IT executive, founding president of Google China 2005-2009

联合国开发计划署 聯合國開發計劃署 lian2 he2 guo2 kai1 fa1 ji4 hua4 shu3
United Nations Development Program

撩开 撩開 liao1 kai5
to push aside (clothing, curtain etc) to reveal something; to toss aside

咧开嘴笑 咧開嘴笑 lie3 kai1 zui3 xiao4
to laugh

裂开 裂開 lie4 kai1
to split open

另开 另開 ling4 kai1
to break up; to divide property and live apart; to start on a new (path)

马拉开波 馬拉開波 ma3 la1 kai1 bo1
Maracaibo, Venezuela

茅塞顿开 茅塞頓開 mao2 se4 dun4 kai1
murky darkness suddenly opens (idiom); a sudden flash of insight and all is clear

眉开眼笑 眉開眼笑 mei2 kai1 yan3 xiao4
brows raised in delight, eyes laughing (idiom); beaming with joy; all smiles

门户开放 門戶開放 men2 hu4 kai1 fang4
open door policy; Egyptian President Sadat's infitah policy towards investment and relations with Israel

米开兰基罗 米開蘭基羅 mi3 kai1 lan2 ji1 luo2
Michelangelo (Tw)

米开朗基罗 米開朗基羅 mi3 kai1 lang3 ji1 luo2
Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564), Renaissance painter and sculptor

免开尊口 免開尊口 mian3 kai1 zun1 kou3
keep your thoughts to yourself

鸣锣开道 鳴鑼開道 ming2 luo2 kai1 dao4
to beat the gong to clear the way; (fig.) to pave the way for sth

磨得开 磨得開 mo2 de5 kai1
unembarrassed; without fear of impairing personal relation

磨不开 磨不開 mo4 bu4 kai1
to feel embarrassed

哪壶不开提哪壶 哪壺不開提哪壺 na3 hu2 bu4 kai1 ti2 na3 hu2
lit. mention the pot that doesn't boil (idiom); to touch a sore spot; to talk about sb's weak point

南开 南開 nan2 kai1
Nankai district of Tianjin municipality 天津市

南开大学 南開大學 nan2 kai1 da4 xue2
Nankai University (Tianjin)

南开区 南開區 nan2 kai1 qu1
Hebei district of Tianjin municipality 天津市

脑袋开花 腦袋開花 nao3 dai4 kai1 hua1
to blow one's brain out

拧开 擰開 ning3 kai1
to unscrew; to twist off (a lid); to turn on (a faucet); to switch on (by turning a knob); to turn (a door handle); to wrench apart

挪开 挪開 nuo2 kai1
to move (sth) away

抛开 拋開 pao1 kai1
to throw out; to get rid of

劈开 劈開 pi1 kai1
to cleave; to split open; to spread open (fingers, legs)

皮开肉绽 皮開肉綻 pi2 kai1 rou4 zhan4
flesh lacerated from corporal punishment (idiom)

撇开 撇開 pie1 kai1
to disregard; to leave aside

撇开不谈 撇開不談 pie1 kai1 bu4 tan2
to ignore an issue (idiom)

破开 破開 po4 kai1
to split; to cut open

旗开得胜 旗開得勝 qi2 kai1 de2 sheng4
lit. to win a victory on raising the flag (idiom); fig. to start on sth and have immediate success; success in a single move

起开 起開 qi3 kai5
(dialect) to step aside; Get out of the way!

气动开关 氣動開關 qi4 dong4 kai1 guan1
pneumatic switch

气管切开术 氣管切開術 qi4 guan3 qie1 kai1 shu4
tracheotomy (medicine)

敲开 敲開 qiao1 kai1
to get sth open by tapping or striking it; (figuratively, when followed by sth like ∼的大門|∼的大门) to open the door to ~; to gain access to ~

撬开 撬開 qiao4 kai1
to pry open; to lever open

情窦初开 情竇初開 qing2 dou4 chu1 kai1
first awakening of love (usually of a girl) (idiom)

让开 讓開 rang4 kai1
to get out of the way; to step aside

软件开发 軟件開發 ruan3 jian4 kai1 fa1
software development

软件开发人员 軟件開發人員 ruan3 jian4 kai1 fa1 ren2 yuan2
software developer

若开山脉 若開山脈 ruo4 kai1 shan1 mai4
Arakan Yoma, mountain range in western Myanmar (Burma)

三七开 三七開 san1 qi1 kai1
ratio seventy to thirty; thirty percent failure, seventy percent success

三七开定论 三七開定論 san1 qi1 kai1 ding4 lun4
thirty percent failure, seventy percent success, the official PRC verdict on Mao Zedong

散开 散開 san4 kai1
to separate; to disperse

闪开 閃開 shan3 kai1
to get out of the way

烧开 燒開 shao1 kai1
to boil

伸开 伸開 shen1 kai1
to stretch out

盛开 盛開 sheng4 kai1
blooming; in full flower

首次公开招股 首次公開招股 shou3 ci4 gong1 kai1 zhao1 gu3
initial public offering (IPO)

疏开 疏開 shu1 kai1
to disperse

树上开花 樹上開花 shu4 shang4 kai1 hua1
to deck the tree with false blossoms; to make something of no value appear valuable (idiom)

甩开 甩開 shuai3 kai1
to shake off; to get rid of

甩开膀子 甩開膀子 shuai3 kai1 bang3 zi5
to throw off inhibitions; to go all out

双后前兵开局 雙后前兵開局 shuang1 hou4 qian2 bing1 kai1 ju2
Double Queen Pawn Opening; Closed Game (chess); same as 封閉性開局|封闭性开局

双开 雙開 shuang1 kai1
to strip sb of their Party membership and government job (開除黨籍,開除公職|开除党籍,开除公职)

死猪不怕开水烫 死豬不怕開水燙 si3 zhu1 bu4 pa4 kai1 shui3 tang4
lit. a dead pig doesn't fear scalding water (idiom); fig. to be unaffected (by sth); undaunted

松开 鬆開 song1 kai1
to release; to let go; to loosen; to untie; to come loose

摊开 攤開 tan1 kai1
to spread out; to unfold

天安门开了 天安門開了 tian1 an1 men2 kai1 le5
pants fly is down; the barn door is open

铁树开花 鐵樹開花 tie3 shu4 kai1 hua1
lit. the iron tree blooms (idiom); a highly improbable or extremely rare occurrence

投开票所 投開票所 tou2 kai1 piao4 suo3
polling station

推开 推開 tui1 kai1
to push open (a gate etc); to push away; to reject; to decline

脱开 脫開 tuo1 kai1
to withdraw

挖开 挖開 wa1 kai1
to dig into; to cut a mine into

网开三面 網開三面 wang3 kai1 san1 mian4
to leave the net open on three sides (idiom); let the caged bird fly; to give one's opponent a way out; lenient treatment

网开一面 網開一面 wang3 kai1 yi1 mian4
open the net on one side (idiom); let the caged bird fly; to give one's opponent a way out; lenient treatment

微扰展开 微擾展開 wei1 rao3 zhan3 kai1
perturbative expansion (physics)

温布尔登网球公开赛 溫布爾登網球公開賽 wen1 bu4 er3 deng1 wang3 qiu2 gong1 kai1 sai4
Wimbledon lawn tennis championship

吾尔开希 吾爾開希 wu2 er3 kai1 xi1
Örkesh Dölet (1968-), one of the main leaders of the Beijing student democracy movement of 1989

喜笑颜开 喜笑顏開 xi3 xiao4 yan2 kai1
grinning from ear to ear (idiom); beaming with happiness

掀开 掀開 xian1 kai1
to lift open; to tear open

想不开 想不開 xiang3 bu5 kai1
cannot figure out; to be unable to take a lighter view; to take things too hard; to be depressed; to fret over trifles

想得开 想得開 xiang3 de5 kai1
to not take to heart; to be free of worried thoughts; to adopt a lighthearted perspective; lighthearted

想开 想開 xiang3 kai1
to get over (a shock, bereavement etc); to avoid dwelling on unpleasant things; to accept the situation and move on

小开 小開 xiao3 kai1
(dialect) boss's son; rich man's son; young master

笑逐颜开 笑逐顏開 xiao4 zhu2 yan2 kai1
smile spread across the face (idiom); beaming with pleasure; all smiles; joy written across one's face

心胸开阔 心胸開闊 xin1 xiong1 kai1 kuo4
broad-minded; open-minded

信口开合 信口開合 xin4 kou3 kai1 he2
variant of 信口開河|信口开河

信口开河 信口開河 xin4 kou3 kai1 he2
to speak without thinking (idiom); to blurt sth out

胸廓切开术 胸廓切開術 xiong1 kuo4 qie1 kai1 shu4
thoracotomy (medicine)

羞口难开 羞口難開 xiu1 kou3 nan2 kai1
to be too embarrassed for words (idiom)

寻开心 尋開心 xun2 kai1 xin1
to make fun of; to seek diversion

亚洲开发银行 亞洲開發銀行 ya4 zhou1 kai1 fa1 yin2 hang2
Asian Development Bank

杨开慧 楊開慧 yang2 kai1 hui4
Yang Kaihui (1901-1930), Mao Zedong's second wife

洋浦经济开发区 洋浦經濟開發區 yang2 pu3 jing1 ji4 kai1 fa1 qu1
Yangpu Economic Development Zone, Hainan

一把钥匙开一把锁 一把鑰匙開一把鎖 yi1 ba3 yao4 shi5 kai1 yi1 ba3 suo3
One key opens one lock.; There is a different solution for each problem. (idiom)

一夫当关,万夫莫开 一夫當關,萬夫莫開 yi1 fu1 dang1 guan1 - wan4 fu1 mo4 kai1
one man can hold the pass against ten thousand enemies (idiom)

移开 移開 yi2 kai1
to move away

易开罐 易開罐 yi4 kai1 guan4
(Tw) pull-top can; easy-open can (with ring-pull)

异想天开 異想天開 yi4 xiang3 tian1 kai1
to imagine the wildest thing; to indulge in fantasy

再开 再開 zai4 kai1
to reopen; to start again

择不开 擇不開 zhai2 bu5 kai1
impossible to separate; impossible to disentangle; cannot take time out

展开 展開 zhan3 kai1
to unfold; to carry out; to be in full swing; to launch

展开图 展開圖 zhan3 kai1 tu2
expansion plan; development graph

绽开 綻開 zhan4 kai1
to burst forth

张开 張開 zhang1 kai1
to open up; to spread; to extend

召开 召開 zhao4 kai1
to convene (a conference or meeting); to convoke; to call together

召开会议 召開會議 zhao4 kai1 hui4 yi4
to call a conference; to convene a meeting

睁开 睜開 zheng1 kai1
to open (one's eyes)

支开 支開 zhi1 kai1
to send (sb) away; to change the subject; to open (an umbrella etc)

周转不开 周轉不開 zhou1 zhuan3 bu4 kai1
to have financial difficulties; unable to make ends meet

煮开 煮開 zhu3 kai1
to boil (food)

总开关 總開關 zong3 kai1 guan1
main switch

走开 走開 zou3 kai1
to leave; to walk away; to beat it; to move aside

左右开弓 左右開弓 zuo3 you4 kai1 gong1
lit. to shoot from both sides (idiom); fig. to display ambidexterity; to slap with one hand and then the other, in quick succession; to use both feet equally (football)