to stay idle; to be unoccupied; not busy; leisure; enclosure

strokes 12
strokes after radical 4
安闲 安閑 an1 xian2
at one's ease; carefree

安闲舒适 安閑舒適 an1 xian2 shu1 shi4
leisurely and free (idiom); carefree and at ease

安闲随意 安閑隨意 an1 xian2 sui2 yi4
leisurely and free (idiom); carefree and at ease

安闲自得 安閑自得 an1 xian2 zi4 de2
feeling comfortably at ease (idiom)

安闲自在 安閑自在 an1 xian2 zi4 zai5
leisurely and free (idiom); carefree and at ease

帮闲 幫閑 bang1 xian2
to hang on to and serve the rich and powerful by literary hack work etc

冬闲 冬閑 dong1 xian2
slack winter season (farming)

躲清闲 躲清閑 duo3 qing1 xian2
to avoid external disturbance in order to idle

防闲 防閑 fang2 xian2
to guard

偷闲 偷閑 tou1 xian2
to snatch a moment of leisure; to take a break from work; also written 偷閒|偷闲

无业闲散 無業閑散 wu2 ye4 xian2 san3
unemployed and idle

闲逛 閑逛 xian2 guang4
to stroll

闲花 閑花 xian2 hua1
wild flower

闲话 閑話 xian2 hua4
variant of 閒話|闲话; digression; gossip; complaint; scandal

闲话家常 閑話家常 xian2 hua4 jia1 chang2
to chat about domestic trivia (idiom)

闲静 閑靜 xian2 jing4
calm; tranquil

闲居 閑居 xian2 ju1
to lead a quiet and peaceful life in retirement; to stay home with nothing to do; to lead a solitary life

闲侃 閑侃 xian2 kan3
to chat idly

闲聊 閑聊 xian2 liao2
to chat; idle gossip

闲聊天 閑聊天 xian2 liao2 tian1
to chat; idle gossip

闲人 閑人 xian2 ren2
variant of 閒人|闲人; idle person; idler; unconcerned person

闲冗 閑冗 xian2 rong3
officials with light duties; supernumeraries

闲散 閑散 xian2 san3
idle; unused; at leisure

闲事 閑事 xian2 shi4
other people's business

闲适 閑適 xian2 shi4
leisurely and comfortable; relaxed

闲谈 閑談 xian2 tan2
variant of 閒談|闲谈

闲暇 閑暇 xian2 xia2
leisure; free time; unoccupied; not in use

闲心 閑心 xian2 xin1
leisurely mood; relaxed frame of mind

闲雅 閑雅 xian2 ya3
elegant; graceful

闲言碎语 閑言碎語 xian2 yan2 sui4 yu3
idle gossip; irrelevant nonsense; slanderous rumor

闲逸 閑逸 xian2 yi4
comfort and leisure

闲杂 閑雜 xian2 za2
(employee) having no fixed duties

闲在 閑在 xian2 zai5
at leisure

闲章 閑章 xian2 zhang1
recreative seal, bearing not the owner's name but a well-known verse or such, and used for artistic purposes on paintings etc

闲职 閑職 xian2 zhi2
sinecure; position with practically no obligations

闲坐 閑坐 xian2 zuo4
to sit around; to sit idly

心安神闲 心安神閑 xin1 an1 shen2 xian2
with one's heart at ease and one's spirit at rest (idiom)

休闲裤 休閑褲 xiu1 xian2 ku4
casual pants

悠闲 悠閑 you1 xian2
variant of 悠閒|悠闲; leisurely

游手好闲 遊手好閑 you2 shou3 hao4 xian2
to idle about

有钱有闲 有錢有閑 you3 qian2 you3 xian2
to have money and time; to be part of the leisure class; the idle rich