variant of 閑|闲, idle; unoccupied; leisure; free time

variant of 間|间

variant of 間|间

strokes 12
strokes after radical 4
安闲 安閒 an1 xian2
peaceful and carefree; leisurely

吃闲饭 吃閒飯 chi1 xian2 fan4
to live as a parasite; doing nothing to earn one's keep

等闲 等閒 deng3 xian2
ordinary; common; unimportant; idly; for no reason

等闲之辈 等閒之輩 deng3 xian2 zhi1 bei4
(in the negative) (not) to be trifled with

多管闲事 多管閒事 duo1 guan3 xian2 shi4
meddling in other people's business

赋闲 賦閒 fu4 xian2
to stay idle at home; to have resigned from office; to be unemployed; to have been fired; to be on a sabbatical

管闲事 管閒事 guan3 xian2 shi4
to meddle; to be a "nosy Parker"; to be too inquisitive about other people's business

讲闲话 講閒話 jiang3 xian2 hua4
to gossip; to make unfavorable comments

空闲 空閒 kong4 xian2
idle; free time; leisure; unused (place)

气定神闲 氣定神閒 qi4 ding4 shen2 xian2
calm and composed (idiom)

清闲 清閒 qing1 xian2
idle; leisurely

少管闲事 少管閒事 shao3 guan3 xian2 shi4
Mind your own business!; Don't interfere!

偷闲 偷閒 tou1 xian2
to snatch a moment of leisure; to take a break from work

闲扯 閒扯 xian2 che3
to chat; idle talk

闲话 閒話 xian2 hua4
digression; gossip; complaint; scandal

闲晃 閒晃 xian2 huang4
to hang around; to hang out

闲混 閒混 xian2 hun4
to loiter

闲空 閒空 xian2 kong4
idle; free time; leisure

闲口 閒口 xian2 kou3
idle talk

闲来无事 閒來無事 xian2 lai2 wu2 shi4
at leisure; idle; to have nothing to do

闲人 閒人 xian2 ren2
idle person; idler; unconcerned person

闲书 閒書 xian2 shu1
light reading

闲谈 閒談 xian2 tan2
to chat

闲暇 閒暇 xian2 xia2

闲言闲语 閒言閒語 xian2 yan2 xian2 yu3
idle gossip

闲置 閒置 xian2 zhi4
to leave sth forgotten; to set aside; lying idle

消闲 消閒 xiao1 xian2
to spend one's leisure time; to idle away the time

消闲儿 消閒兒 xiao1 xian2 er5
erhua variant of 消閒|消闲

休闲 休閒 xiu1 xian2
leisure; relaxation; not working; idle; to enjoy leisure; to lie fallow

休闲鞋 休閒鞋 xiu1 xian2 xie2
leisure shoes

悠闲 悠閒 you1 xian2
leisurely; carefree; relaxed