small arched door; boudoir; lady's chamber; by ext. women

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
筚门闺窦 篳門閨竇 bi4 men2 gui1 dou4
wicker door, hole window (idiom); fig. wretched hovel; living in poverty

大家闺秀 大家閨秀 da4 jia1 gui1 xiu4
girl from a wealthy family; unmarried daughter of a noble house

闺窗 閨窗 gui1 chuang1
a lady's chamber; boudoir

闺范 閨範 gui1 fan4
lady's demeanor; norms expected of women (in former times)

闺房 閨房 gui1 fang2
lady's chamber; boudoir; harem

闺阁 閨閣 gui1 ge2
lady's chamber

闺阃 閨閫 gui1 kun3
women's quarters

闺门旦 閨門旦 gui1 men2 dan4
young unmarried lady role in Chinese opera

闺蜜 閨蜜 gui1 mi4
(a woman's) best friend; bosom friend; confidante

闺女 閨女 gui1 nv3
maiden; unmarried woman; daughter

闺情 閨情 gui1 qing2
women's love; passion (felt by lady)

闺秀 閨秀 gui1 xiu4
well-bred young lady

黄花闺女 黃花閨女 huang2 hua1 gui1 nv3
maiden; virgin

兰闺 蘭閨 lan2 gui1
a lady's room (honorific)

深闺 深閨 shen1 gui1
lady's private room or bedroom; boudoir

孀闺 孀閨 shuang1 gui1
a widow's chamber (old usage)

香闺 香閨 xiang1 gui1
a woman's rooms