to inspect; to review; to read; to peruse; to go through; to experience

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
参阅 參閱 can1 yue4
to consult; to refer to; to read (instructions)

查阅 查閱 cha2 yue4
to consult; to refer to; to look sth up in a reference source

传阅 傳閱 chuan2 yue4
to read and pass on; to pass on for perusal

点阅率 點閱率 dian3 yue4 lv4
click-through rate (for websites or online advertisements)

调阅 調閱 diao4 yue4
to access (a document); to consult

订阅 訂閱 ding4 yue4
subscription; to subscribe to

定阅 定閱 ding4 yue4
variant of 訂閱|订阅

翻阅 翻閱 fan1 yue4
to thumb through; to flip through (a book)

检阅 檢閱 jian3 yue4
to inspect; to review (troops etc); military review

校阅 校閱 jiao4 yue4
to check through (a document); to proofread; to review (troops)

借阅 借閱 jie4 yue4
to borrow books to read

聚合资讯订阅 聚合資訊訂閱 ju4 he2 zi1 xun4 ding4 yue4
RSS (news feeds)

批阅 批閱 pi1 yue4
to read through to evaluate; to referee

披阅 披閱 pi1 yue4
to peruse; to browse

评阅 評閱 ping2 yue4
to read and appraise

审阅 審閱 shen3 yue4
to review or peruse

阅兵 閱兵 yue4 bing1
to review troops; military parade

阅兵式 閱兵式 yue4 bing1 shi4
military parade

阅读 閱讀 yue4 du2
to read; reading

阅读广度 閱讀廣度 yue4 du2 guang3 du4
reading span

阅读理解 閱讀理解 yue4 du2 li3 jie3
reading comprehension

阅读器 閱讀器 yue4 du2 qi4
reader (software)

阅读时间 閱讀時間 yue4 du2 shi2 jian1
viewing time

阅读障碍 閱讀障礙 yue4 du2 zhang4 ai4

阅读装置 閱讀裝置 yue4 du2 zhuang1 zhi4
electronic reader (e.g. for barcodes, RFID tags etc)

阅卷 閱卷 yue4 juan4
to grade exam papers

阅览 閱覽 yue4 lan3
to read

阅览室 閱覽室 yue4 lan3 shi4
reading room

阅历 閱歷 yue4 li4
to experience; experience

阅世 閱世 yue4 shi4
to see the world

阅听人 閱聽人 yue4 ting1 ren2
audience (Tw)

阅微草堂笔记 閱微草堂筆記 yue4 wei1 cao3 tang2 bi3 ji4
Notes on a Minutely Observed Thatched Hut by Ji Yun 紀昀|纪昀, novel of the supernatural; The Thatched Study of Close Scrutiny