zero; nought; zero sign; fractional; fragmentary; odd (of numbers); (placed between two numbers to indicate a smaller quantity followed by a larger one); fraction; (in mathematics) remainder (after division); extra; to wither and fall; to wither

strokes 13
strokes after radical 5
从零开始 從零開始 cong2 ling2 kai1 shi3
to start from scratch

地面零点 地面零點 di4 mian4 ling2 dian3
ground zero

地面零点 地面零點 di4 mian4 ling2 dian3
Ground Zero (refers to the site of the World Trade Center destroyed in 9-11-2001 attack)

雕零 雕零 diao1 ling2
variant of 凋零

凋零 凋零 diao1 ling2
withered; wilted; to wither; to fade; to decay

丁零当啷 丁零噹啷 ding1 ling5 dang1 lang1
ding-a-ling; (onom.) for sound of bell

非零 非零 fei1 ling2

感激涕零 感激涕零 gan3 ji1 ti4 ling2
to shed tears of gratitude (idiom); moved to tears

公共零点 公共零點 gong1 gong4 ling2 dian3
common zeros (of system of equations)

孤苦零丁 孤苦零丁 gu1 ku3 ling2 ding1
variant of 孤苦伶仃

孤零零 孤零零 gu1 ling2 ling2
lone; isolated and without help; all alone; solitary

归零地 歸零地 gui1 ling2 di4
Ground Zero

化整为零 化整為零 hua4 zheng3 wei2 ling2
to break up the whole into pieces (idiom); dealing with things one by one; divide and conquer

畸零 畸零 ji1 ling2
fractional part of a real number; odd fractional remnant; lone person; solitary

鸡零狗碎 雞零狗碎 ji1 ling2 gou3 sui4
in pieces

近零 近零 jin4 ling2
to approach zero (in calculus)

九零后 九零後 jiu3 ling2 hou4
90s generation

绝对零度 絕對零度 jue2 dui4 ling2 du4
absolute zero

零八宪章 零八憲章 ling2 ba1 xian4 zhang1
Charter 08, PRC pro-democracy petition of December 2008

零备件 零備件 ling2 bei4 jian4
spare part; component

零部件 零部件 ling2 bu4 jian4
spare part; component

零吃 零吃 ling2 chi1
(coll.) snack food

零打碎敲 零打碎敲 ling2 da3 sui4 qiao1
to do things in bits and pieces (idiom); piecemeal work

零担 零擔 ling2 dan1
less-than-truck-load freight (LTL) (transportation)

零的 零的 ling2 de5
small change

零等待状态 零等待狀態 ling2 deng3 dai4 zhuang4 tai4
zero wait state (computing)

零点 零點 ling2 dian3
zero (math.)

零点定理 零點定理 ling2 dian3 ding4 li3
Hilbert's zeros theorem (math.); Nullstellensatz

零点能 零點能 ling2 dian3 neng2
zero-point energy (quantum mechanical vacuum effect)

零点五 零點五 ling2 dian3 wu3
zero point five, 0.5; one half

零丁 零丁 ling2 ding1
variant of 伶仃

零度 零度 ling2 du4
zero degree

零工 零工 ling2 gong1
temporary job; odd job

零功率堆 零功率堆 ling2 gong1 lv4 dui1
zero power reactor

零号 零號 ling2 hao4
(slang) bottom (in a homosexual relationship)

零和 零和 ling2 he2
zero-sum (game, in economics etc)

零和博弈 零和博弈 ling2 he2 bo2 yi4
zero-sum game (economics)

零花钱 零花錢 ling2 hua1 qian2
pocket money; allowance

零基础 零基礎 ling2 ji1 chu3
from scratch; from basics

零件 零件 ling2 jian4
part; component

零距离 零距離 ling2 ju4 li2
zero distance; face-to-face

零陵 零陵 ling2 ling2
Lingling district of Yongzhou city 永州市, Hunan

零陵区 零陵區 ling2 ling2 qu1
Lingling district of Yongzhou city 永州市, Hunan

零零星星 零零星星 ling2 ling2 xing1 xing1
odd; piecemeal; fragmentary

零乱 零亂 ling2 luan4
in disorder; a complete mess

零落 零落 ling2 luo4
withered and fallen; scattered; sporadic

零买 零買 ling2 mai3
to buy detail; to buy one at a time

零起点 零起點 ling2 qi3 dian3
from zero; from scratch; beginners' (course); for beginners

零钱 零錢 ling2 qian2
change (of money); small change; pocket money

零敲碎打 零敲碎打 ling2 qiao1 sui4 da3
to do things in bits and pieces (idiom); piecemeal work

零曲率 零曲率 ling2 qu1 lv4
zero curvature; flat

零缺点 零缺點 ling2 que1 dian3
zero defect; faultless; impeccable

零日 零日 ling2 ri4
zero-day (attack, vulnerability etc) (computing)

零日漏洞 零日漏洞 ling2 ri4 lou4 dong4
zero-day vulnerability (computing)

零容忍 零容忍 ling2 rong2 ren3
zero tolerance

零散 零散 ling2 san4

零声母 零聲母 ling2 sheng1 mu3
absence of initial consonant; a Chinese syllable having no initial consonant (starting directly with the medial vowel)

零食 零食 ling2 shi2
between-meal nibbles; snacks

零时 零時 ling2 shi2
midnight; zero hour

零售 零售 ling2 shou4
to retail; to sell individually or in small quantities

零售店 零售店 ling2 shou4 dian4
shop; retail store

零售商 零售商 ling2 shou4 shang1
retailer; shopkeeper; retail merchant

零数 零數 ling2 shu4
the part of a number which is discarded when rounding down

零碎 零碎 ling2 sui4
scattered and fragmentary; scraps; odds and ends

零头 零頭 ling2 tou2
odd; scrap; remainder

零下 零下 ling2 xia4
below zero

零星 零星 ling2 xing1
fragmentary; random; bits and pieces; sporadic

零用 零用 ling2 yong4
incidental expenses; sundries; pocket money

零用金 零用金 ling2 yong4 jin1
petty cash

零用钱 零用錢 ling2 yong4 qian2
pocket money; allowance; spending money

零杂 零雜 ling2 za2
bit and pieces; small odds and ends

零杂儿 零雜兒 ling2 za2 er5
erhua variant of 零雜|零杂

零族 零族 ling2 zu2
lit. zero group; another word for the inert or noble gases 惰性氣體|惰性气体

零嘴 零嘴 ling2 zui3
nibbles; snacks between meals

飘零 飄零 piao1 ling2
to fall and wither (like autumn leaves); (fig.) drifting and homeless

漂零 漂零 piao1 ling2
variant of 飄零|飘零

七零八落 七零八落 qi1 ling2 ba1 luo4
(idiom) everything broken and in disorder

七零八碎 七零八碎 qi1 ling2 ba1 sui4
bits and pieces; scattered fragments

琴剑飘零 琴劍飄零 qin2 jian4 piao1 ling2
floating between zither and sword (idiom); fig. wandering aimlessly with no tenured position

清零 清零 qing1 ling2
(computing) to clear memory; to reset; to zero (a hard drive)

拾零 拾零 shi2 ling2
to pick up bits; to collect scrap material; tidbits; gleanings (used as gossip)

四海飘零 四海飄零 si4 hai3 piao1 ling2
drifting aimlessly all over the place (idiom)

涕零 涕零 ti4 ling2
to shed tears; to weep

一千零一夜 一千零一夜 yi1 qian1 ling2 yi1 ye4
The Book of One Thousand and One Nights

找零 找零 zhao3 ling2
to give change; change money