frost; white powder or cream spread over a surface; frosting; (skin) cream

strokes 17
strokes after radical 9
白霜 白霜 bai2 shuang1
hoar frost

饱经风霜 飽經風霜 bao3 jing1 feng1 shuang1
weather-beaten; having experienced the hard ship of life

冰霜 冰霜 bing1 shuang1
moral integrity; austerity

除霜 除霜 chu2 shuang1
to defrost; defrosting

防晒霜 防曬霜 fang2 shai4 shuang1
suntan lotion; sunscreen cream

风霜 風霜 feng1 shuang1
wind and frost; fig. hardships

风中烛,瓦上霜 風中燭,瓦上霜 feng1 zhong1 zhu2 - wa3 shang4 shuang1
lit. like a candle in the wind, or frost on the roof (idiom); fig. (of sb's life) feeble; hanging on a thread

隔离霜 隔離霜 ge2 li2 shuang1
pre-makeup cream; makeup base; foundation primer

各人自扫门前雪,莫管他家瓦上霜 各人自掃門前雪,莫管他家瓦上霜 ge4 ren2 zi4 sao3 men2 qian2 xue3 - mo4 guan3 ta1 jia1 wa3 shang4 shuang1
sweep the snow from your own door step, don't worry about the frost on your neighbor's roof (idiom)

护手霜 護手霜 hu4 shou3 shuang1
hand cream; hand lotion

金鸡纳霜 金雞納霜 jin1 ji1 na4 shuang1
quinine powder

冷若冰霜 冷若冰霜 leng3 ruo4 bing1 shuang1
as cold as ice and frost (idiom, usually of woman); icy manner; frigid

面霜 面霜 mian4 shuang1
facial cream (cosmetics)

砒霜 砒霜 pi1 shuang1
white arsenic; arsenic trioxide As2O3

秋菊傲霜 秋菊傲霜 qiu1 ju2 ao4 shuang1
the autumn chrysanthemum braves the frost (idiom)

秋霜 秋霜 qiu1 shuang1
autumn frost; fig. white hair as sign of old age

润肤霜 潤膚霜 run4 fu1 shuang1

霜白 霜白 shuang1 bai2

霜晨 霜晨 shuang1 chen2
frosty morning

霜冻 霜凍 shuang1 dong4
frost; frost damage (to crop)

霜害 霜害 shuang1 hai4
frostbite; frost damage (to crop)

霜花 霜花 shuang1 hua1
frost forming a pattern on a surface; rime

霜降 霜降 shuang1 jiang4
Shuangjiang or Frost Descends, 18th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 23rd October-6th November

霜露 霜露 shuang1 lu4
frost and dew; fig. difficult conditions

霜淇淋 霜淇淋 shuang1 qi2 lin2
soft ice-cream

霜天 霜天 shuang1 tian1
freezing weather; frosty sky

霜条 霜條 shuang1 tiao2

霜雪 霜雪 shuang1 xue3
frost and snow; (fig.) snowy white (hair); adversity

霜灾 霜災 shuang1 zai1
frost damage (to crop)

无霜期 無霜期 wu2 shuang1 qi1
frost-free period

雪上加霜 雪上加霜 xue3 shang4 jia1 shuang1
to add hail to snow (idiom); one disaster on top of another; to make things worse in a bad situation

眼霜 眼霜 yan3 shuang1
eye cream

早霜 早霜 zao3 shuang1
early frost