mist; haze; cloudy sky

strokes 24
strokes after radical 16
霭霭 靄靄 ai3 ai3
luxuriant (growth); numerous; cloudy; misty; snowing heavily

霭滴 靄滴 ai3 di1
mist droplet

慈霭 慈靄 ci2 ai3
kindly and amiable

暮霭 暮靄 mu4 ai3
evening mist

雾霭 霧靄 wu4 ai3

烟霭 煙靄 yan1 ai3
mist and clouds

杳霭 杳靄 yao3 ai3
far and deep

窈霭 窈靄 yao3 ai3
variant of 杳靄|杳霭

于雾霭之中 於霧靄之中 yu2 wu4 ai3 zhi1 zhong1
to be beclouded

云霭 雲靄 yun2 ai3
floating clouds

朝露暮霭 朝露暮靄 zhao1 lu4 mu4 ai3
morning dew, evening mist (idiom); ephemeral; impermanent